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About Us

by Pierre

Purr Craze is dedicated to improving your relationship with your cats.

Our mission is to enable you and your cats to live a happier and healthier life. We provide actionable information to cat owners worldwide, tailored to your specific breed of cat.

  • Build a truly unique and special bond with your cat(s).
  • Provide the best care for your cat from kittens to seniors.
  • Find the right toys and tools for your environment for your cats to live an enriched life.

Our Team

This site is managed and written by passionate cat owners.

I'm Elaine, the owner of Purr Craze. I've cared for cats of all ages, from bottle-fed orphaned kittens to senior cats. I'm based in Denver, CO, and currently share my life with my blue mink ragdoll kitten, Hugo.

Hugo is a feisty runt kitten with his own plan for the world. A world in which he is king, of course. He thrives despite many initial medical challenges and now loves walking with his harness and exploring the great outdoors. Learn more about his shenanigans here at Purr Craze.

Purr Craze was founded by Pierre, an animal lover who was inspired by his own experiences with cats to help others.

His cat, Maze, is the inspiration for the Maine Coon articles you'll find on this site. She's a friendly cat that loves to be held and cuddle all day.

Our Editorial Process

You can count on our content to guide you through your relationship with your cat(s).

We have produced over 250 articles and guides to help cat owners live better lives with their furry friends. All of our articles are produced by in-house staff writers in conjunction with industry experts including veterinarians and animal behavioral therapists. Where possible, we also interview professionals to bring you the latest insights.

We strive to keep our content updated frequently and every article is updated at least annually to ensure you see the latest guidance and freshest data/statistics.

Any questions? Please contact us here.

PurrCraze Team


Katrina, a devoted cat enthusiast, brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to Purr Craze.

With years of caring for cats of all breeds and ages, she specializes in creating engaging, informative content that helps cat owners forge stronger bonds with their pets. Her expertise shines through in every guide and story, making her a trusted source for cat care advice.

Recent Posts by Katrina:


Rachel is a dynamic pet care expert and writer at Purr Craze, where she combines her love for cats with her flair for innovative solutions to enhance the lives of cats and their owners. With a background in veterinary science and a knack for writing relatable, actionable content, Rachel is a beacon for those seeking to enrich their relationship with their feline companions.

Recent Posts by Rachel:


As the heart and soul behind Purr Craze, Pierre shares his life with his girlfriend Barbara and their two beloved cats, Maze, a majestic Maine Coon, and Gigetta, a spirited house cat. With a deep passion for feline welfare and a wealth of personal experiences, he's committed to helping cat owners navigate the joys and challenges of cat care through practical advice and engaging stories.

Connect with me on FacebookFollow me on Twitter
Recent Posts by Pierre:


Living with Pierre and their cats, Maze and Gigetta, Barbara brings a personal touch to Purr Craze with her engaging stories and advocacy for cat welfare. Her writing not only entertains but also educates, highlighting the importance of compassionate care and understanding in forging deep connections with our feline friends.

Recent Posts by Barbara:


Dina combines her love for travel, writing, and cats to create captivating content for Purr Craze. As a globetrotter with a knack for storytelling, she provides unique insights into traveling with cats and discovering cat-friendly destinations worldwide. Her experiences offer invaluable advice for fellow cat enthusiasts looking to embark on adventures with their pets.

Recent Posts by Dina:


DeAndra brings a vibrant energy to Purr Craze with her creative flair and deep passion for feline welfare. As a content creator with a heart for storytelling, she crafts engaging articles that not only inform but also inspire cat owners to build a more understanding and loving relationship with their pets. Her commitment to promoting cat health and happiness shines through in every piece of content she produces.

Recent Posts by DeAndra:


Simi, with her expert knowledge in cat behavior and a talent for clear, empathetic communication, is an invaluable asset to Purr Craze. Her writing demystifies the complexities of cat behavior, offering readers practical tips and insights to enhance their relationship with their feline companions. Her dedication to improving cat welfare and owner understanding is evident in every article she crafts.

Recent Posts by Simi:


Kate, a seasoned veterinary nurse with a heart full of love for all cats, brings a wealth of practical knowledge and compassion to Purr Craze. Her background in veterinary care and personal experiences as a cat owner allow her to offer deeply informed and empathetic advice on health, nutrition, and wellness for felines of all ages.

Recent Posts by Kate:

About Us

Purr Craze aims to strengthen the bond between cats and owners by providing breed-specific advice for a happier, healthier life, from kittenhood to senior years, and by recommending the best care, toys, and tools for an enriched living environment.

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