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Home Ragdoll Cat 20 Reasons Why Ragdoll Cats Are Amazing Pets

20 Reasons Why Ragdoll Cats Are Amazing Pets

by Dina

Are Ragdoll Cats Good Pets?Ragdoll cats are very popular as pets because they are such a wonderful breed. Ever wondered why exactly? Well, the list is long.

Ragdolls are beautiful inside out. With bright blue eyes and a luxurious coat, these cats are appealing based on their appearances. Look deeper and you’ll find that Ragdolls have many positive personality traits too. They are gentle, friendly, affectionate, loyal and so much more.

Keep on reading for 20 reasons why Ragdoll cats are amazing pets!

1. Ragdoll cats are beautiful – Let´s start with the obvious

This point may sound a little shallow but good looks are a bonus, right?

Ragdoll cats are simply gorgeous! As mentioned, Ragdolls have bright blue eyes – at least, all of those that are considered a “true” breed. Accompanied by rounded cheeks, the faces of Ragdolls can easily be described as sweet.

The coat of a Ragdoll is soft, fluffy and has a pointed coloring. This means that the cat’s body has a darker color in certain areas such as the face, ears, legs, and tail.

Even so, the appearance of Ragdolls can still vary greatly as they come in various patterns and colors.

The four main patterns for Ragdolls are mitted, colorpoint, bi-color and van, and these patterns can be adorned in colors like blue, chocolate, seal, cream, lilac and red.

To elaborate on the patterns, mitted Ragdolls have white feet or “boots”, just as the name suggests.

Colorpoint ragdolls have a single color but with pointed markings in a darker shade of this same color, while bi-colored Ragdolls tend to have more white in non-pointed areas. In the van pattern, usually only the ears, tail, and a few other areas show darker colors.

With so many potential permutations, your beautiful Ragdoll will certainly be unique in its appearances.

2. Ragdoll cats are big and so cuddly

Are you a fan of big cats?

Ragdoll cats are on the heavier side of the scale. Adult males weigh about 15 to 20 pounds (6.8 to 9 kilograms) while adult females weigh around 10 to 15 pounds (4.5 to 6.8 kilograms). This makes them larger than the already plus-sized Maine Coons.

Don’t mistake Ragdolls to be overweight, though! They can be overweight if they overeat, but this breed just tends to be bigger than your average housecat.

Ragdolls are slow-maturing. They can take up to four years before they finally reach full maturity and stop growing. However, the weight of kittens will more or less stabilise after 8 to 16 months.

The main perk of having a large cat is their cuddle factor. Ragdolls really score on this one. Combined with their personality (more on that later), they make the perfect “teddy bears” to snuggle with on the sofa or on the bed.

3. Ragdoll cats are incredibly affectionate

Ragdolls are the kind of cats to get if you want to feel loved. Ever been rejected endlessly by a cat? Rest assured that Ragdolls won't do that to you.

These cats are social creatures that love the company of humans. They are usually not aloof and they would rather be near people than alone. Even more, they love human interactions.

They enjoy being stroked and petted, and in exchange, they would give you their attention and affection.

Ragdolls are the type that would happily sit on your lap and sleep close to your body. Being laid-back, you'll usually find them lazing around the house but ever-ready to join in with your daily activities.

4. Ragdoll cats are loyal family members

While Ragdolls are tolerant of strangers, they usually develop a strong and special bond only with the kind owners who care for them. These cats would actively seek out their favorite people and accompany them around the house.

It's not unusual to see Ragdolls trailing behind their owners from room to room. Neither is it unusual to see a Ragdoll waiting by the door to greet someone. It's almost as if Ragdolls are capable of expressing their appreciation to people!

Just check out this heart-warming video of a Ragdoll called Finn who showed clear enthusiasm in welcoming its soldier owner home. Such is the dog-like loyalty of these cute felines!

5. Ragdoll cats are highly intelligent

Some cats are more intelligent than others, and Ragdolls are known to be very intelligent kitties. To prove this point, Ragdolls are able to learn simple tricks. For example, they can be taught to play fetch or come when called by the name.

Some have even been trained to walk on a leash! (By the way, we show you how you can train your Ragdoll cat to walk on a leash here!)

Ragdoll cats also smart enough to communicate in ways that humans can somehow understand. If they are very hungry, they won't hesitate to vocalize with a sweet meow.

If they want to be let out of the room, they might repeatedly paw or hurl their bodies against the door. When a Ragdoll cat wants attention, it might come and sit right in front of you, giving no care that it's restricting your access to your laptop or books.

6. Looking for a quiet cat? Go for a Ragdoll cat!

For those who live in shared spaces or in an apartment building, the noise level of cats can be a big consideration.

In this aspect, Ragdoll cats are angels! They make their presence known to you without making a din. When they vocalize, they usually only do so to ask for food. More talkative cats might start to chatter when they get excited.

Otherwise, they would barely let out a meow. So don't be surprised if your long-time neighbors won't realize that you have a cat! In fact, you should be worried if your Ragdoll cat is meowing all the time as you can read in our article here.

One downside to having a quiet kitty is that Ragdolls might not vocalize when it's in pain or in distress. Hence, it's the responsibility of Ragdoll owners to check for other signs that their cat might need help.

7. Picking up a Ragdoll cat? No Problem!

Have you ever wondered how the Ragdoll breed derived its name?

These kitties have a tendency to go limp when they are carried – just like a ragdoll. Hence, they are sometimes described as “floppy cats”.

However, do note that not all Ragdolls go floppy when you carry them. This trait could even be regarded as a stereotype. However, most ragdolls are still easy to carry around as they will not protest or scramble away when carried.

8. Ragdoll cats are perfect lap cats

As mentioned previously, Ragdolls like to sit (or even sleep) on people's laps. They are happy to laze on you for hours as you watch the TV. They might even start to knead, showing you how contented they feel.

9. Ragdoll cats are gentle

Ragdoll cats have a gentle nature. They rarely extend their claws even if you accidentally frighten them. It's almost as if they are forgiving. These are the kind of cats that you never have to be afraid of.

They are always calm, laid-back, and just as sweet as their little voices.

Truly, Ragdoll cats are a gentle giant!

10. They are docile – Here is what this means

On top of being gentle, Ragdolls are also docile. You can get an inkling of this by the way they go limp when carried. Submissive is a good description of Ragdolls.

They would oblige with what you have in store for them, whether you want to tickle them silly or tuck them in bed.

This characteristic also makes Ragdolls extra cuddly as these cats will not reject your advances.

This leads us to the next point:

11. Ragdoll cats love children

Being gentle and docile, Ragdoll cats are good with children. These fine family pets are unlikely to cause any harm to children, even babies.

Instead, they would even play along to a child's whims and fancies by joining in with teatime parties and dress-up games.

Therefore, if you're searching for a cat breed to make an addition to your household, Ragdolls are a top option. While caring for a Ragdoll, kids can learn to be patient, responsible and respectful.

Of course, before this happens, your child must understand that Ragdolls need to be treated gently at all times.

This would set the groundwork for a good relationship to develop between the child and the Ragdoll.

12. Ragdoll cats love to play

Another reason why Ragdolls are good with children is the playful nature of these kitties. If you have a playful child, then he/she has met a match!

While Ragdoll cats might appear to be lazy and inactive most of the time, they do have a playful streak that will emerge from time to time.

Interactive games are great for Ragdolls. Apart from the classic game of fetch, a Ragdoll will most certainly love chasing around a cat-mice or the feathers attached to the end of a rope.

On top of that, you could also get puzzle toy games which give cats food treats as a reward for completing a puzzle. These stimulating games would certainly keep a Ragdoll entertained when they are feeling playful.

As play is an integral part of a cat's mental and physical well-being, cat owners should try to set aside time to play with their Ragdoll cat each day. Our article on 5 great ways to play with your Ragdoll cat will help you with that! Read it here!

Ragdoll Cats are awesome family members

13. Ragdoll cats are the perfect indoor cats

If you prefer to have a cat that spends most of its time lounging indoors with you, then Ragdolls would be it. These dependent kitties are more than happy to be kept indoors.

In fact, it is highly recommended that Ragdolls are kept indoors for various reasons.

Firstly, their docile nature means that they don't quite have a fighting instinct. Therefore, they might not know how to defend themselves when attacked by other cats. Other dangers include dogs, foxes, and coyotes.

Ragdolls would also be exposed to moving vehicles and prone to catching diseases outdoors. On top of that, Ragdolls are vulnerable as a “catnapping” victim due to their friendly nature and pretty appearances.

If your Ragdoll cat seems keen to explore the world outside, it is still okay to give them access to an enclosed yard or to train them to walk on a leash so they can be supervised while outdoors. If you really want to let your Ragdoll cat outside, read our article on that here first.

14. Ragdolls aren´t big jumpers

If you ask a Ragdoll to pick between the floor and a high viewpoint, the former will win. Ragdolls are known to be “floor cats”, meaning they prefer being on lower grounds.

Therefore, while Ragdolls may run around the house, cat owners will not find these cats hidden at the top of their wardrobe, clawing their way up curtains, or causing destruction by knocking items off the mantelpiece.

15. Ragdoll cats don’t need tedious grooming

You might have the assumption that the coat of Ragdoll cats requires a lot of care. This is not true. You'll find that a Ragdoll cat's coat stays silky with just a bit of grooming.

This is because while Ragdolls have long guard hairs, they do not have a thick undercoat – and the undercoat is the layer that has a tendency to mat when not brushed regularly.

A twice-weekly combing session using a wide-toothed steel comb and a soft bristle brush would suffice to keep a Ragdoll looking tip-top. They do not require slicker brushes or any form of stiff brushes.

A Ragdoll's brushing session can be seen as a preventative measure to steer clear of tangles and to get rid of loose fur.

It would also save your home furniture from getting coated with Ragdoll fur, especially during the shedding seasons of spring and fall.

Still, grooming a Ragdoll cat should be done dutifully as it prevents hygiene problems and even health problems! Our Ragdoll cat grooming guide will help you with that. Read it here!

16. Ragdoll cats love water

A trait that makes them extra loveable, Ragdoll cats tend to have a fascination with water! Just the sound of water can cause them to come running.

You might find a Ragdoll cat flicking its paws under the tap, or in the bathroom when you turn on the shower.

As gross as it sounds, it's not unusual to see a Ragdoll cat drinking out of the toilet bowl.

To prevent this, and also to pamper your cat, you can get a water fountain as the water in it will taste fresher than water that has been going stale in a bowl.

Given that Ragdoll cats love water, you can rest assured that it won't be difficult to give your Ragdoll cat a bath when their coat needs a round of washing. Their docile personality helps to make the bathing session easier too!

17. Ragdoll cats get along well with other cats

Ragdolls thrive in a multi-cat household as they are friendly and non-territorial.

These kitties will gladly welcome friends in the same house – as long as the new member is friendly too, of course.

Other cat-friendly breeds that are likely to get along well with Ragdolls would be:

  • Birman cats
  • Scottish Fold cats
  • Siberian cats
  • Maine Coons

Of course, cat owners still need to follow proper introduction techniques to ensure that both cats are able to get used to each other's presence.

If you have a Ragdoll cat and want to get a second cat or if you have a cat and want to get a Ragdoll as a second cat, we highly recommend you to read our two articles that will help you to do that without any problems:

18. Ragdoll cats get along well with dogs

Are you thinking of adopting a Ragdoll into a house with a dog? Or are you thinking of adopting a dog to live alongside your Ragdoll?

Luckily, Ragdoll cats can get along well with cat-friendly dogs.

Dog breeds that fall into this category include:

  • Beagle
  • Bulldog
  • Collie
  • Golden Retriever
  • Papillon
  • Pug

These are the dogs that are known to be sociable enough to actually make friends with a cat! If you're keen to witness a blossoming cat-dog friendship, this is your chance.

There are also dogs that have been socialized to leave cats alone. Dogs that can follow cues like “stay” or “leave it” could also coexist peacefully with Ragdolls.

It's best to examine the personality of your Ragdoll and the dog in question to determine the suitability of the two creatures in living together.Ragdoll Cats Are Very Loving

19. Ragdoll cats have low health risks

Unlike cat breeds like the Persian, Munchkin, and Sphynx, whose inbreeding have made them prone to heart diseases, joint problems and digestive issues, Ragdoll cats are considered to be very healthy in general.

Still, they can be inflicted with obesity due to overeating combined with a sedentary lifestyle. They could also suffer from urinary tract infections, polycystic kidney disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

So while you don't have to worry too much about a Ragdoll cat's health, it's still good to schedule regular check-ups at the vet and to look out for any signs that your Ragdoll cat is unwell.

20. Ragdoll cats have an interesting history

To conclude this piece, let's go back in time and delve into the history of Ragdoll cats. By understanding this, you might come to appreciate the awesomeness of Ragdolls even more than you already have.

Ragdoll cats are quite a recent breed.

It emerged in Riverside California in the 1960s when a lady named Ann Baker bred a white female Angora cat with a male cat that looks like a Sacred Cat of Burma to produce a litter of kittens, of which selected cats were bred further to produce what is now known as the Ragdoll.

The products of Ann's breeding – Ragdoll cats – had remarkable traits such as a striking appearance, a non-matting coat, and good temperament.

Are you overwhelmed by the many reasons why Ragdolls make amazing pets?

Well, now's a good time to remind you that not all Ragdolls are the same.

While most Ragdolls tend to subscribe to the personality characteristics mentioned above, your Ragdoll might have its own quirkiness! So go ahead and enjoy the journey of discovery as you get to know your own Ragdoll cat inside out.

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