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Home Cat FAQ Why Your Sphynx Cat Is Getting Hair – What You Should Do

Why Your Sphynx Cat Is Getting Hair – What You Should Do

by Simi

Why is my sphynx cat getting hair?Hang around a Sphynx cat long enough and you get used to their suede-like skin, but see hair and you start to ask, “Why is my Sphynx getting hair?”-and the answer may surprise you.

Why is my Sphynx getting hair? No matter the climate you live in, a Sphynx will grow a little fuzzy hair as part of their preparation for winter. If a sphynx is not spayed or neutered, hormone changes that result in hair growth may also occur. It can happen to any Sphynx at any time.

This is the basic reason why your Sphynx may have a case of the fuzzies. However, it’s nothing to be alarmed about- please keep reading to understand why.

Your Sphynx Has Hair

As a Sphynx owner or prospective owner, it has probably come to your attention that the Sphynx is not actually totally hairless.

Much like us humans, the Sphynx has what is known as Vellus hairs, or sparse, very fine hairs.  They also feature a soft, touchably fluffy down that makes their skin a pleasure to pet. If you look closely enough, you will see that your Sphynx has hair on his toes, nose, and even the tail.

You should also know that the hairless gene is non-dominant, or as science calls it, recessive. This means that if your Sphynx were to mate with a non-Sphynx, their offspring would most likely have hair-only one quarter of their offspring would be without hair.

But My Cat is Growing Hair!

We once heard the story of two Sphynx brothers, both aged five, who loved going into their owner’s garden. They preferred to use the bathroom outdoors as some cats do.

However, one brother grew a crop of curly hair, especially around his back and tail, while the other was hairless as the day he was born. The owner wondered about the reason for this, and perhaps you have had the same concern.

While the owner did not mention the type of climate she lived in, the answer was that the repeated exposure to cold temps could very well have triggered a response in the body to keep warm by growing a bit of a coat.

A related breed known as the Mexican Hairless Cat had a similar story: this breed would grow a line of fur going down the back that would also cover the tail during times of cold weather.

Hairless Cats Are A Result of a Mutated Gene

It is also important to consider the science behind hairless breeds: Hairless cats are a result of a mutated gene. Cats without hair have been found in litters of cats for a long time, and so the Sphynx and other hairless breeds had some hairy relatives a while back.

Ultimately, it will be Mother Nature who decides what happens when it comes to your Sphynx. The hair may stay on for a long time, or it may come and go just as hairy cats get their summer and winter coats. The experience will vary from cat to cat.

Sphynx is suddenly getting hair

A Sphynx Munchkin – The Bambino Cat

How Can I Care for My “Hairy” Sphynx? What You Should Do!

Do not think that just because your Sphynx has a bit of hair he or she is immune to the cold. You should still do your part to make sure your “hairless” hairy kitty still has the cold-weather gear necessary to keep warm.

Us humans can absolutely relate: Even though we have Vellus hairs on most parts of our body, we still require cold-weather gear, clothing, socks, hats, and more to be comfortable in chilly months.

Therefore, think of the hair on your Sphynx as your cue to step up. Make sure he has a cozy sweater or cat parka to wear as a means of keeping warm.

There are also cat scarves that can help your Sphynx. Make sure your cat has access to a warm place, such as a room with a space heater he can enjoy if he needs to warm up.

Make sure your clothing choices are not items that could irritate the skin of the Sphynx. Soft textiles made of fleece and cotton are great choices for a Sphynx.

Furthermore, it is important the clothing of the Sphynx is washed and cared for frequently.

You should wash the clothing for your cat in an eco-friendly, colorless, and scentless detergent to make sure the harsh chemicals found in standard detergents do not harm the sensitive skin of the hairless breed.

Remember, Not All Sphynx Will Be Okay with Wearing Clothes

In that case, make sure there are warm places for your cat as well as plenty of blankets made of soft fleece, he can use to stay warm.

You can also buy your cat a warm and fluffy cat bed that has small heaters built right in. Invite your cat to snuggle up at night, too. Covered cat beds are a great place for your cat to warm up and hide if she feels stressed out.

Also, be sure that you do your best to stop up all the drafty places in your home. Doing so will keep your pet happy and warm, especially during the chilly months.

Keeping Skin Clean

It’s also important to keep skin clean as can be even when it is chilly outside. It can be tempting to skip bath time because water naturally makes us cold, but don’t do it with your Sphynx.

Make sure to follow standard bathing protocols-water should be warm but not too hot. Use a gentle soap and then a cup or gentle water hose to clean the suds off him.

Also, be sure that you check the ears as well for any wax buildup. Use cat wipes or a soft clean cloth to clean all the hard-to-reach places on your Sphynx.

Lastly, make sure to wrap your Sphynx in a clean, dry towel after the bath. This will get the water off him and keep him warm. There are even special cat bath towels you can purchase if you feel the towels at home do not measure up.

Having hair presents another need to keep your cat clean: The hair could trap dirt and grime, and cats regardless of breed take pride in being clean. Keep his spirits and his hygiene up by making sure baths are always part of your weekly routine.

Related Questions

Why Are Sphynx Cats So Expensive?

It is due to the expenses that come with the breeding process. The fee you pay covers facility maintenance, health tests, vet care, and more. Higher fees are typical of an ethical breeder. It is all to ensure your Sphynx is healthy.

Are Sphynx Cats Nice?

They are among the friendliest and kindest breeds. They are known for being gentle, easygoing, and good with families. They even like dogs. However, they need a good companion and do not care to be left alone. They love attention from their people.

Do Sphynx Cats Eat A Lot?

Yes – Sphynx have a high metabolism and will eat more than some cats. They do this as a means of staying warm, as they do not have the thick fur needed to do so. It is okay to leave out a dish of food for your Sphynx to eat as their metabolism is very high.


If your Sphynx is growing hair, there is no need to worry about it, but it is a signal that you as a pet owner should take note of your cat’s needs to stay warm.

Be sure to provide your cat with plenty of ways to keep warm, such as clothing, blankets or a pet bed to curl up into as a means of staying warm.

Of course, be sure to follow all proper bathing procedures, and make sure the textiles offered are soft. Your Sphynx will really appreciate the chance to stay toasty during chilly moments! 

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