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Home Cat FAQ Why Your Siamese Cat Is So Mean And What Will Help

Why Your Siamese Cat Is So Mean And What Will Help

by Pierre

Why is my siamese cat so mean?Siamese cats are known to be assertive, talkative, and the one who walks to the beat of their drum. It is difficult to keep their mischievousness out of their can-do-will-do attitude. But does it mean that they are pre-disposed to being mean?

A ‘mean’ behavior here means being aggressive without apparent or visible cause. These causes can include triggers, health and hormonal changes, change in environment, and their past. You would need to scratch deeper than the surface to detect the cause.

However, we can train them to be less aggressive and gently point them towards good behavior with positive reinforcements. Read to know how.

A Mean Cat Is Not A Normal Cat

Some people might categorize mean behavior as not respecting their wishes. A cat who is not interested to lie on your lap or enjoy cuddling is not mean. Also, a dominating and assertive cat is also not mean. These things are a part of their personality, which you will have to accept.

When it comes to Siamese cats, they are assertive and there is hardly anything that can deter their mischievousness. But this is highly balanced with their fun-loving, cuddly, and adorable nature.

They have the tag of being the dog of the cat breed. If such a cat engages in mean behavior, it is often not normal.

Mean behavior includes hissing, biting, growling, swatting, scratching, and attacking. Any cat engaging in such behavior is giving a warning sign that something is off. It can be due to health or hormonal issues or it can be due to triggers.

Being Familiar With Your Siamese Cat’s Past

If you have a Siamese, who had a feral past and shows mean behavior, chances are that it had a hard past. Not every feral cat shows aggressiveness or mean behavior. Some can be selectively mean – they can be mean to other cats but good to humans or vice versa.

Their mean behavior can give you some clues to their past.

This is a good opportunity for you to understand their trigger points. Do other cats make them behave in such a manner? Do strangers make them ready for attack mode? Are there certain things that make your cat feel more aggressive?

They might have a haunting memory with a specific object or item. Pick on those clues.

A cat with a violent history can be predisposed to be mean on certain levels. If you are determined to be affectionate and heal their trauma, you can witness a slow budding miracle.

They are scared of being touched, being hurt, and being tortured. You can turn that around with your love and patience – one touch at a time.

Being Familiar With Your Siamese Cat’s Health Issues

If your cat doesn’t have a violent past, it is possible that your cat has health issues. When there are any hormonal changes in your cat due to them growing up or due to any health issue, they can exhibit mean behavior. This can look sudden and uncalled for in most cases.

This can be accompanied by other destructive behaviors such as scratching furniture, over-grooming, loss of appetite, distant and sullen mood, etc. In such cases, there will be over-all behavior changes.

Their mood will be more like stepping on a landmine without a map. Here, we don’t even know the triggers so it is difficult to manage.

But when you notice these changes, you have to inform your veterinarian and get a health check-up. They will be able to diagnose the condition better.

In case they are suffering from any health condition or disease, it would be better that you consult with your vet on how to manage their mood and diet.How to calm down a mean siamese cat?

Is Your Siamese Cat Mean To You Only?

There can be chances that your Siamese cat is only mean to you and friendly to others. This means that you are the trigger to their aggression. It can be either your scent or your behavior.

If you have been mean to them in the past, they will hardly forget it. They do know the difference between humans doing something for their better health and when they are being plain mean.

In the former case, they will be annoyed for a day or two and come back to their cheerful self. But in the latter case, they will try to avoid you.

If they feel that you are threatening to their sense of security, they will engage in mean behavior. It is difficult to undo such kind of impression. You should never harm your cats or any animal. Reconciliation with a Siamese can be difficult.

How To Train Your Siamese To Be Less Mean

If you have an abundance of love and patience to make a determined change, you can see results. You can make them less aggressive and even make its occurrence rare if done right. This is how you are supposed to proceed.

Identify The Cause

Is your cat being mean because of its past? Or is it because they are suffering from a medical condition? Once you ascertain the cause, it will be easier to understand their mind and proceed accordingly.

Providing Them Safe Space

Unlike dogs, cats often prefer solitude. Even though they can be social, they need to know that they are also safe from you in case you turn bad. So they must have high perches, quiet areas, and places to hide safely inside your home.

Understanding Their Triggers

When your cat is going through a medical illness, their triggers might change every day. When you are dealing with a cat with a past, their triggers can be very specific. You need to be alert and aware of their triggers and keep it away from your cat.

Keeping Them Away In Safe Space

If your cat becomes aggressive without a cause, then you need to keep them away in a separate room or space. This way, they will not harm you or others. They will also feel a sense of security. You can break the ice little by little and let them mingle when the symptoms subside.

Using Positive Reinforcements

The very first thing you should always do is to let your cat be. What they fear the most is control, as they equate it with harm or being hurt. Let them come to you and make contact on their own. Let them know that they can trust you.

Don’t be over-enthusiastic in your approach, as they can take your enthusiasm as mania. Be calm and let them come to you. When you have established a good enough rapport, you can use positive reinforcement to make them calmer.

You can use treats as bait and guide them to good behavior. They will not want to displease someone who treats them well. The video below shows you how it is NOT done!

Do Not Punish Them

Make sure you do not punish them in any way. Cats see you as their equal. Under no circumstances will you ever be their master. This is especially true when it comes to a Siamese cat.

They want to feel equal and included. If you raise your hand on them, they will learn to defend themselves by resorting to such behavior.

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