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Home Cat FAQ 10 Reasons Why Your Siamese Cat Is Drooling

10 Reasons Why Your Siamese Cat Is Drooling

by Barbara

Why is my Siamese cat drooling?Siamese cats are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and smart cat breeds. To raise this beautiful cat properly, one needs to know about its behaviors and reasons behind them.

Being a cat lover myself, I finally bought home two Siamese cats a few years back. But, when I saw them drooling occasionally, I was clueless about why they're doing that.

Then after researching a bit, observing my Siamese cats and talking with other fellow Siamese cat owners, finally I knew why my cats often drool.

So why is your Siamese cat drooling? There can be various reasons behind the drooling of your Siamese cats. Usually, they drool when they’re purring or kneading. Sometimes, the smell or sight of food can also make them drool. Even stress may lead to drooling at times. However, abnormal drooling in Siamese cats can be a sign of health issues.

Each cat is unique in its own way. And when it's a Siamese cat, it is very much different from the common domestic cats.

Be it their energy level or their personality traits, they indeed have some special traits than other breeds of cat. But, like other cats, often Siamese cat owners see their cats drooling.

As drooling is not as commonplace as it is in dogs, hence watching your cat drooling can make you wonder whether anything is wrong with your beloved pet. In order to find out the truth behind the drooling of Siamese cats, continue reading.

An In-Depth Insight Into Why Siamese Cats Drool

Siamese cat is a great choice as a pet. Their smartness, affectionate behavior, love for attention, and activeness make the blue-eyed, long-slim bodied Siamese cats with beautiful markings one of the most sought after cat breeds.

To raise such a beautiful cat properly you need to understand its behaviors and the reasons behind them.

Drooling is one such behavior that can have various reasons, and it needs your attention to determine whether it requires medical attention or not. Here are the possible reasons because of which your Siamese cat may be drooling. Let’s go through them-

Normal Reasons Behind Drooling

1. Feeling Happy and Content

Though cats aren't known for drooling, Siamese cats are believed to drool a bit when they are extremely happy or excited.

Especially in adulthood when Siamese cats show behaviors like kneading, an expression of being content or happy, drooling becomes an associated behavioral part of it. Also, when kittens feel relaxed and happy during nursing time, they can be seen drooling sometimes.

2. Seeing or Smelling Food

Yes, it’s true that drooling isn’t that common in cats the way it is in dogs when they see or smell any food. But, in Siamese cats, since every cat behaves differently, sometimes the sight or smell of certain food may trigger drooling. But it is nothing to be anxious or worried about.Siamese cat is drooling all the time

Other Reasons Behind Drooling Worth Being Concerned

3. Dental Or Oral Issues

Developing oral issues or having some dental diseases is one of the most serious reasons to cause drooling in Siamese cats. Cats can develop various dental and oral diseases. Until those issues culminate in any kind of pain, they go unnoticed.

From mouth ulcers to gum disease, tooth injuries, oral infections, and resorptive lesions- anything can be responsible for drooling. A visit to the vet becomes crucial to deal with such oral and dental issues.

In such cases, when dental issues cause mouth irritation, drooling becomes the cat’s way of removing or soothing the irritation.

4. Toxic Exposure

When cats lick or swallow or chew or ingest any toxic or poisonous substance, it develops excess salivation. Coming in oral contact with poisonous plants, toxic foods, and caustic chemicals can make your cat drool.

5. Trauma Or Fear

Any kind of injury to the mouth can also make your Siamese cat drool. Whether it has mistakenly chewed electric chords that may cause an oral burn or is hit by another cat which may lead to a broken jaw, oral injuries or trauma can be the reason that your Siamese cat is drooling.

6. Nausea

Motion often tends to make Siamese cats feel nauseous which leads to drooling. Any cat that feels nausea or vomiting tends to drool too much.

Apart from motion, the reason behind feeling nausea can be liver disease, kidney disease or gastrointestinal inflammation, etc., which required the immediate attention of a vet.

7. Foreign Body Stuck Inside The Mouth

If your Siamese cat has something stuck in his mouth, it is likely to result in drooling. Though it is less frequent, swallowing or having stuck some foreign body in the mouth, causes drooling. A string is one of the most common foreign bodies to cause drooling.

Other foreign objects to cause drooling and vomiting are fishbone or small needle or blade of grass. Take the cat to your vet immediately if you find a string hanging out of its mouth or it is showing signs of discomfort due to swallowing something it is not supposed to.

8. Respiratory Conditions

Suffering from respiratory infections in the throat, nose, and sinus may also lead your Siamese cat to drool. Upper respiratory infections usually pass from feline to feline through sneezing, sharing water or food, coughing, and grooming.

Some cats even develop viral respiratory conditions which lead to ulceration development inside their mouth and cause drooling or increased saliva flow.

9. Eating Something Wrong

Your Siamese cat may have eaten or licked something that has left its tongue irritated. That ‘something wrong’ can be some plants or some bugs or lizards. Since, cats tend to self-groom themselves, drooling becomes their way of dealing with the bitter or unpleasant taste on their coat.

10. Heat Stroke

Compared to Persian cats, Siamese cats are strong. But then again, spending too much time under the sun and not drinking enough water may cause heat stroke to any cats.

When suffering from a heat stroke, cats tend to vomit, drool, start panting, show signs of lethargy and even collapse. Calling your vet is the only best thing you can do in such situations.

Therefore, the next time you watch your Siamese cat drooling, knowing about the above-mentioned reasons is sure to help you determine whether your cat requires medical attention or it just acting normal.

Related Questions

Why is my cat sneezing persistently? Upper Respiratory Infection is considered to be the most common reason for persistent sneezing in cats. It is due to the viral infections caused by feline calicivirus and feline herpesvirus that your cat may be sneezing continuously. Also, inhaling something irritating can cause sneezing.

What causes cats to have bad breath? Things like dietary issues, metabolism disease, stomatitis, gingivitis, etc. can cause bad breath in cats. However, according to vets, it is mainly the periodontal disease, a dental infection of plaque formation on the teeth surface, mainly around the gums, that causes cats to have bad breath.

Are Siamese cats aggressive? Though Siamese cats make great pets, they can also be extremely territorial and aggressive. Especially, when you have other cats at home, Siamese cats may not always tolerate them. Paying lots of attention to this cat is important to keep it happy and content and less aggressive on other cats.

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