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Home Ragdoll Cat Why Do Ragdolls Talk So Much?

Why Do Ragdolls Talk So Much?

by Pierre

Why Do Ragdoll Cats Talk So Much?Ragdoll cats get very attached to human beings which would explain why they also tend to talk so much. According to the Cat Fancier Association, this breed of cats will choose to be around you because they are naturally affectionate, but is that the reason for constant talking?

So why do they talk so much? Ragdoll cats can be vocal especially when excited or during an interaction with their owners. However, Ragdolls are usually a very quiet breed. So if your Ragdoll cat talks a lot she might want to tell you that she is hungry or that something is wrong with her.

If you want some peace and quiet, it is highly important that you learn what your Ragdoll wants to tell you. Let us help you with that!

Living with a Raggie: Do all Ragdolls talk much?

First of all, you need to understand that the Ragdoll is one of the quietest cat breed. So if your Ragdoll is meowing or chattering constantly, there might be something wrong.

Only a few Ragdolls are just natural-born chatterers. Mostly, Ragdolls only speak when they need their food. Some of them become a little bit more of a talker as they grow older.

You know you have a natural-born chatterer because they talk when they go to the bathroom, see their reflection in the mirror, need you to walk or play with them or just to let you know they are there.

It is important to understand that Ragdoll cats, by nature, are very needy pets. They require constant attention and tend to latch onto their primary caregiver or favorite pet.

Ragdoll cat owners quickly learn how to deal with the talking of their cat. A firm command of “NO” or whatever your negative command is will be met by ears pulled back, furtive glances and a retreat back to their favorite resting spot.

The remedy for living with a Ragdoll cat that talks too much is understanding what your cat is trying to say.

Ragdoll Cat Communication

What are the meanings behind Ragdoll meows?

Ragdoll cats vocalize their needs in a variety of meows mostly to their owners. Ragdoll cats will meow for five major reasons.

  • Frustration
  • Attention seeking
  • Warning
  • Satisfaction
  • Exasperation


This type of meow from your Ragdoll cat is usually in the form of a growl or hiss. They only come about when the cat is in defense mode or is scared. Such meows are very important to take note of because they signify that your pet is in danger or you are.

Sometimes when your cat is feeling like they are competing for your attention with another pet, it will hiss or growl at them.


When your Raggie tries to play with a toy that is inaccessible, it will unleash a series of meows that are almost under their breath. These meows communicate frustration.

You will also hear similar meows when the cat tries to play with a bird, butterfly or a hanging tree branch through a glass window.

Meowing from frustration is usually distracted and only lasts as long as the fascinating subject is around.

Attention Seeking

Because your Ragdoll cat loves attention these meows will be the bulk of the conversation. The chirp is the happy hey-look-at-me-meow. It can be intrusive but it is not aggressive and the cat will follow you around until you give it some attention.

However, if your Ragdoll is constantly meowing it may be a sign of cognitive dysfunction especially if it is older.

Soft short meows can mean the cat wants your attention. These are soft mutters that you hear when you are preoccupied and the cat wants you to look at it or once you are home but haven’t acknowledged it.


The cat will purr when in your arms or just lying next to you. This sound communicates contentment. You will notice that when the cat assumes its favorite position when close to you, it will start to purr.

However, your Ragdoll will also purr when in pain or when feeling aggressive.why is my ragdoll cat constantly meowing


Ragdolls are known for their mood swings. The most commonly heard Ragdoll sound of exasperation is the “ugh”. This is hilarious and it is part of the personality of the Ragdoll cat.

Could getting a second cat help to ease the talking?

It may not really ease the talking if your Ragdoll still feels lonely with a second cat. Ragdolls love companionship from other cats but they also love their humans. So if your Ragdoll does not stop meowing constantly even with a companion, you need to check two things:

  • Are you giving your Ragdoll cat (or cats) enough attention and love?
  • Is your Ragdoll healthy?

If you don't want to get a second Ragdoll, consider getting a quieter breed like the Abyssinian, American Shorthair or British Shorthair all of which are very affectionate but less vocal.

Does this guarantee that your Ragdoll will be quieter? It depends. If the reasons for the constant meowing was loneliness then chances are pretty good that it will ease the talking (It is the reason in most cases).

However, even if your Ragdoll cat is not meowing constantly, we highly recommend getting a second cat for your Ragdoll cat. Here are more reasons why Ragdoll cats always need a companion.

Apart from a cat, a dog may also be a good companion for Ragdoll cats tempering the insistent talking.

According to a study by Professor Joseph Terkel and N. Feuerstein of Tel Aviv University, cats and dogs can live amicably even affectionately in the same household and enjoy excellent communication.

The study claims that dogs and cats understand each other's communication so the cat may just have another animal they can talk to.

However, to get them to be excellent companions, you should introduce the dog to your Ragdoll cat and not vice versa.

So get your cat first while below the age of six months and introduce a dog less than 12 months old to it after a while.

Most Ragdolls talk and meow much less as they grow older

Because of their playful, exuberant nature, Ragdoll cats have a kitten-like personality into their old age. As they grow older, they tend to have less to speak about especially if you already know what their needs are and those needs are met.

With age, they may become more dependent because they are set in their ways, but they are also mellow.

Most Ragdoll cats even become more affectionate with age. We explain that in this article.

What are other ways that Ragdoll cats show you they love you?

Here is how your Ragdoll wants to show you that he/she loves you 🙂

Flipping over for a tummy rub

Ragdoll cats are big on loving touches. They will flip over onto their backs giving you access to their tummy hoping for a soft rub. They reward you with a purr.

Rolling about

When your Ragdoll cat sees you walk through the door, it may begin rolling on the floor. This shows that it is excited to see you.


Playful behavior is synonymous with Ragdoll cats. They will dance out of reach taunting you and prompting you to reach out for them. They also bound and attack your foot or fingers to initiate play.

Ragdolls love to play – more on that in our article here.

why is my ragdoll cat chatting all the time?Scratching

Does your Ragdoll leave scratch marks on your favorite chair, blanket or your work desk? These cats leave their marks on their owner’s possessions because they like to play with your items.

It helps them stay connected to you while you are away. Anything that belongs to you is fair game.


Not to be confused with scratching because the motion is similar, kneading is when your Ragdoll cat gently paws your thigh or leg without drawing its claws. It is a sign of affection and adoration that you will first see in your cat as a baby while it is nursing.

Elevated tail

When your cat holds its tail upright with a slight tip at the edge, it is a loving invitation for you to pet it. They would love a scratch or a ruffle and will repeatedly approach you if you ignore them or don't give them enough time.


This is the way your Ragdoll cat marks you as their territory. It is the rubbing of their head against you or headbutting you which leaves its scent on you and brands you as their beloved owner. Ragdoll cats will only do this with owners or fellow pets that they love.

Eye contact

Ragdolls are full of expression and to show their love for you they will give you a full-on, direct, wide-eyed look at close proximity to your face. They also give you a slow blink to show adoration especially as they purr.


Ragdolls are magnificent animals because they are very well-groomed. Licking is part of their grooming and shows how much they love themselves. By licking you, they are grooming you and showing how much they also love you.

They may lick your hand, face, even clothes or personal item. Cats only groom or lick animals or humans they consider part of their family.

Related Questions

Are Ragdoll cats great pets when you have children around?
Ragdoll cats are excellent pets for children because they are very affectionate. Especially with children, they are known for being very forgiving and tolerate even rough handling and petting without hissing, biting or scratching.

What about you?

Is your Ragdoll talking constantly? Have you found a way to ease the talking? Let us know in the comment section below!

Further, if you liked this article, we would be very happy if you would share it with others. It would help us so much!

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