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Home Maine Coon Why Maine Coon Cats Drool And When To Worry

Why Maine Coon Cats Drool And When To Worry

by Pierre

Why Do Maine Coons Drool?If you have a Maine Coon, you might have noticed that they drool quite a lot sometimes, and people often mistakenly believe that there is something wrong with their health – which is quite far from the truth!

Why do Maine Coons drool? Most of the times a drooling Maine Coon is a happy or relaxed Maine Coon. Especially when being petted a Maine Coon tends to drool. It can also happen while playing. However, if the drooling won´t stop it can also be a sign for oral health problems or other health problems like heat strokes or respiratory infections.

How do you tell the two situations apart? Well, they will do the drooling more often and you will definitely feel the wet patches everywhere, on your clothes and the couch too! Let us go about it in detail and get more answers.

They Drool Because They Are HAPPY!

Have you seen those funny videos where the cat just lays down on its owner’s workspace and refuses to budge?

It is sort of their way of saying, “Come play with me Hooman”. Luckily, with Maine Coons, you do not have to worry about it invading your workspace.

Oh no, it is far worse. You might go into your home office to fetch some papers and find them a little soggy at the corners. Before you get upset about it, be happy that your cat is living a healthy and joyous life.

They have such great personalities! (Here Are 15 Things You Should Know About Their Personality)

All right, so there are two reasons why your Maine Coon is drooling… might we add – happily!

1. Playful Exercise

This is another reason why your Maine Coon has been drooling away like crazy. Maine Coons are lively pets that love to play, and when they play they tend to drool.

Just try throwing a ball of yarn and your Main Coon will lose her furry feline mind!

2. Lots of Love

As a proud cat owner, you will be giving your Maine Coon plenty of attention as well as affection.

While this behavior provides them a quality life, the huge amount of love also makes them drool… probably a sign that they like and appreciate it!

These feline creatures never fall short on giving back the love you so honestly give them. From a simple belly rub to teaching them to do different tricks around the house, every little action contributes to your relationship with your pet.

Put an End to Your Maine Coon’s Drooling Problem

Indeed, you might want nothing more than a beautiful relationship between you and your Maine Coon, but when drooling becomes too excessive, you may want to look beyond the above two reasons.

Maine Coons are one of the oldest cats on earth, so you will not have trouble finding the reasons behind their drooling problem. Before going to a vet, we recommend reading further.

There are different reasons behind your cat’s drooling problem if it’s not the beautiful relationship and excessive love that your feline enjoys from you.

Get your Maine Coon’s oral health evaluated

Since Maine Coons are not big droolers, a waterfall should hint you that there is something serious going on. Tartar buildup on the inside of your cat’s mouth can cause them to drool more often.

Other signs of a health problem include red, bleeding or swollen gums from gingivitis or even brown colored teeth.

Mouth ulcers and tumors may also be the reason behind the drooling since these conditions tend to irritate the insides of the mouth, triggering the salivary glands.

If your Maine Coon is still a newborn, teething may also be the reason behind their excessive drooling.

To take care of your Maine Coon’s health, do the following:

  • Brush their teeth regularly
  • Get your cat’s oral health evaluated
  • Get antibiotics for any infections of the mouth as soon as you notice the early signs.
  • Take your cat to the vet for a more thorough cleanse
  • Chewing odd objects can also cause excessive drooling.
  • Consult your vet regularly so that you can give your cat a healthier life.

    Excessive Drooling In Maine Coons

    Our Maine Coon Lying On A Shopping Bag

Get Regular Health Checkups Done for Other Possible Reasons


Household cleaning products, toxic plants, snail bait, laundry detergent, and several other products are not just toxic but corrosive as well and can cause mouth ulcers and irritation of the esophagus as well.

Depending on the type of poison, symptoms may include decreased thirst, balance and gait problems, diarrhea and increased vomiting.

If the poison has been ingested, gastric decontamination should be done within 4 hours of consumption.


Activation of digestive enzymes in the pancreas can cause inflammation of the pancreatic walls, resulting in pancreatitis.

This condition may be caused due to infection, trauma, obesity, etc. Symptoms of pancreatitis include vomiting, diarrhea, yellow gums, abdominal pain, and weight loss.

Anti-nausea medication, nutritional support and regular supply of fluids can reduce the drooling and improve your cat’s condition.

Heat Stroke

This is a life-threatening condition where the cat is unable to cool off sufficiently. Apart from open-mouth breathing, rapid pulse, dark red gums, wobbly gait, diarrhea, blood in urine and drooling are some of the symptoms.

Immediately seeing a vet in this condition will be the best step you can take towards your cat’s recovery.

You may also give your cat intravenous crystalloid solution after every few minutes until the condition improves, but first, consult with your vet. Oxygen therapy and other signs will also be considered before the cat is provided treatment.


A disease known as Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a condition where gastric juices flow from the stomach back into the esophagus.

This results in the regurgitation of food, but more commonly pain calls, bad breath, loss of appetite, and drooling.

Vets recommend an antacid medication, along with a low fat and low protein diet. Your vet may also recommend small meals after every few hours.

Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infections are also often a major cause of drooling. Just checking for fever, runny nose, runny eyes and frequent sneezing can hint you that your feline has got some respiratory problems.

This often results in drooling and can be easily cured with fever medication and antibiotics.

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Avoid Taking Long or Frequent Trips with Your Maine Coon

Maine Coons are not really a fan of long escape trips so if you have planned one, you better leave them with the neighbors or a trusted family member.

They do not even take car rides unless the destination is a veterinary clinic.

The trips may be making your Maine Coon nauseated or nervous, hence the waterfall from the mouth. You can definitely make them comfortable by putting them in a carrier in the back seat.

Once you have successfully done this, try taking short trips around the block so that your cat can get used to the car rides. Repeat the routine if you are a fan of road trips and you do not want to leave your partner in crime behind.

There you go… these were the basic reasons why your Maine Coon is drooling.

It is either because she is way too pampered or you have been a little careless. However, now that you know, do check for signs of illness and pain.

If you feel that something is wrong, keep your vet on speed dial… It will save you the trouble of driving to the vet each time you feel worried.

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Are Maine Coon cats affectionate or needy?
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Are Maine Coon cats aggressive?
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