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Home Cat FAQ When Do Sphynx Cats Go into Heat? What To Do?

When Do Sphynx Cats Go into Heat? What To Do?

by Simi

When do sphynx cats go into heat?Adopt a Sphynx cat that is not spayed or neutered, and you may begin to wonder, “When do Sphynx cats go into heat?” and the answer is, about 5 or 6 months old.

When do Sphynx cats go into heat? Female kittens will enter their first heat at about 5 to 6 months old. Males do not go into heat regularly like females, but sexual maturity occurs at 6 months old. They will always be ready for reproductive activities if a female is around.

This is the quick answer, but to really know more about the Sphynx and heat, please continue reading.

About Going into Heat

Female cats are what is known as polyestrous. This means that they go into heat on a repeated basis. It can happen to them several times per year. It takes females about 6-9 months of age to reach sexual maturity.

Meanwhile, this happens to males a little later on in life. It should be noted that male cats do NOT go into heat, rather they become sexually aroused when they smell the varying secretions that female cats spray while going through the estrous cycle.

They will seek out the female and may even fight with one another over a female, the winner having the chance to reproduce with the female.

Estrous Cycle

The biological term for a cat in heat is called “estrous cycle”. It is when a female is most “in-tune” with a male cat and may last anywhere from 4-6 days if the cat mates and possibly extend by three more days if no chance to mate is present.

This cycle will occur every two weeks and cats can become pregnant no matter the time of year. Seasons can play a role in cats and the estrous cycle.

When it comes to Europe, cats go into heat during the beginning and middle of the year, in the USA it happens in early spring and late fall.

For females, bleeding will not happen during heat as the internal uterine lining is not being shed. You may see some vaginal discharge, but there will be no bleeding from your female Sphynx.

If you do notice blood, take your cat to the vet right away as this could be a sign of pyometra, among other things. Pyometra is a uterine infection that can be deadly. If you suspect this, get to the vet immediately.

Bleeding may occur for other reasons also, such as rectal cancer, poisoning or a parasite. Trauma may be another reason cats bleed, sometimes from the nose.

Clear Signs Your Sphynx is in Heat

A female cat will show very distinct signs that she is in heat. She will be very affectionate and require lots of your attention-seeking it, in fact! She will rub her body on your legs, feet, furniture or corners.

Rolling on the floor is a common behavior as is pacing around continuously.  If you reach down to pet your cat, she may assume the mating pose, which is crouched low with rear end in the air.

You will hear female cats yowling often as a means of signaling males she is ready to mate. Secretions coming from the vagina will also be used as a means of marking their territory, and also left as a sign to males that they are ready to mate.How to tell if my sphynx is in heat?

They will also lick the genital region, and these organs will be swollen.

You should also be advised that your cat will make several attempts to leave your home, so be sure all doors, windows and cat doors are secured. You should also watch out for your curtains and windowpanes, as the cats are doing their best to escape at the first chance they get.

Males, although they do not go into heat, will respond and you will know what it means. You will hear them calling out to a female cat, making his presence known to her and indicating he is ready to mate.

The meows and sounds coming from him will be of an urgent nature and will be very frequent. These tend to happen during evening hours, so be ready to take measures so that you can get some sleep and quiet them down.

Males roam around, searching for females and marking with urine. They may also pace or fight with other males as well.

What to Do for Your Cat

You may think that having your cat spayed or neutered while they are in heat is the way to help them out. However, many vets advise against doing this.

Cats are experiencing greater blood circulation while they are in heat, and this can lead to excessive bleeding while the abdomen is being operated upon during the invasive surgery. This puts the life of your Sphynx in danger during what is normally a routine and safe operation.

Therefore, wait and see a vet to see when the best time to have your cat spayed or neutered is. Once the surgery is complete, you will be glad you waited: it will be much easier to care for the cat afterward for the next couple of weeks.

You can also do some things to calm your Sphynx down while she is in heat. This is a period of great emotion for your cat so divert that energy to a healthy place. Give your Sphynx plenty of love, attention, and care.

Play with her or offer her catnip toys that will keep her occupied and moving about.

Physical Contact Is Important

Offer plenty of physical contact with your cat as a means of reassuring her that everything will be okay. Pet, gently scratch and rub your Sphynx.

You can give her something to shred such as a carpet remnant or old cushion you don’t mind getting destroyed-this may give her a chance to burn off some steam.

If there are any male cats around, either outdoors or in, keep her away from them. Keep windows and doors closed tightly and close shades if male neighborhood cats like to come up to the windows.

Keep males separated from females and be sure to speak with your vet right away. Hormones can be administered, as well as other medicines, to keep your cat comfortable and symptoms kept to a minimum.

Related Questions

At What Age Do Male Cats Go into Heat?  

Male cats do not enter an estrous cycle. Males are sexually mature at the age of 6 months, and if they are not neutered, they will seek a female in heat.

How Do I Know If My Kitten Is in Heat?

Calling, howling, yowling, and loud vocals are used to let males know she is ready to mate. Your kitten may also over-groom and lick the genital region excessively, which will also be swollen.

How Can I Get A Cat in Heat to Quiet Down?

Offer lots of attention, brush her, keep the litter box clean, and play with her to convert her energy to a positive place. Be sure to check with your vet to see what you can do to help her out before spaying.


Once it is safe to do so, have your pet spayed or neutered. This will make them feel a lot better, is healthier for the animal overall, and will prevent you from having to take drastic measures to keep them sane during heat.

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