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Home Cat FAQ When Do Siamese Cats Calm Down?

When Do Siamese Cats Calm Down?

by Simi

When do Siamese cats calm down?Adopt a very playful Siamese kitten and have them chase your feet around, and you may ask, “When do Siamese cats calm down,” and the answer may really surprise you.

When Do Siamese Cats Calm Down? It is about the age of two years that Siamese cats tend to calm down. These cats are a bit hyperactive by nature. They need lots of toys, scratching posts and another cat to play with as a means of putting their energy into a good place.

Now you know the answer to when your Siamese is likely to calm down-but to really understand, keep on reading.

At What Age Do Siamese Calm Down?

Your Siamese will become calmer as they get older. Kittens are always pretty wild, so expect to see a slight difference at age 3, and then at around age 8. It also depends on your cat's overall health.

However, it is important to note that the Siamese never really “slows down”. This is a breed of cat that loves to play, talk and interact with people and pets.

This is not the breed to buy for the faint of heart. These cats are smart, protective of their owners, and very active.

Even as they grow up, they will still talk to you, play, and of course scratch away at their scratching posts. (It’s important to teach them appropriate scratching areas so they don’t tear up the objects in your home that you care about!)

Kittens of all breeds act “crazy” because they are preparing for adulthood. Kittens love to explore things, climb around, and of course do this by way of instinctual behavior.

You will notice them biting, chasing everything around from flies that get into the house to strings hanging from sweaters and birthday balloons, and jumping all over the place.

You can, thankfully, do things that will aid your Siamese kitten in becoming a bit calmer. These include making sure your cat gets adequate playtime as well as cat-friendly accessories that help them relax.

What Can I Do to Help Them Calm Down?

Many owners of Siamese kittens may be at their wits’ end trying to figure out ways to calm them down and play with them without looking like they just walked through a cactus patch. Let’s take a look at some ideas you can use to keep your Siamese kitten entertained.

Begin playing by imitating the hunt for your Siamese cat. Cats go through a hunt/catch/kill scenario that they are born with. You can find a toy they are safe to chase around and play with as a means of imitating this behavior. Look for one that imitates a bird or an insect for best results.

Second, avoid making use of your body when you start to play with your kitten. Your body is not to be bitten or scratched, so do not let kittens or cats think this is okay.

Make sure they are playing only with toys so that they grow up knowing what is acceptable and not acceptable as they mature.At what age do Siamese cats calm down?

Other Things You Can Do

Third, make sure you are providing “self-serving” ways for your cat to have fun when you cannot. Rubber balls are great ways for cats to have fun as they are simple toys that roll around and bounce. If you are done playing with them, be sure to avoid touching them or restraining them.

This will only get them more excited about playing.

Finally, do know that kittens need a “cool down.” Just like humans stretch after finishing a workout, you should allow your kitten to become calm after their play session is over.

Slow the movements of a toy or laser pointer so that you send the message it is time to calm down and rest. If you stop playtime too soon, your kitten may go after you because YOU are still moving! Bring playtime to a gentle halt and you will find it much easier.

What Do Adult Siamese Do?

Adult Siamese will grow out of being kittens and chasing your feet around as they get older (with proper training). However, you should know that this breed is energetic in other ways.

For instance, these cats LOVE to talk. These cats can’t stop! Siamese will be on your case the moment you come in the door from work or school, ready to tell you in their own language what they did that day. Get ready to hear from these guys, because they have a lot to talk about.

These cats are also very playful and smart. They are sociable and will be friendly to visitors and kids but tend to be quite bonded to one individual person. They are protective of that individual person and will act if they feel threatened.

Another trait of adult Siamese is that of behaviors that seem a bit unusual. These could be mistaken for a funny personality quirk but should be taken very seriously.

Pica, or the consumption of non-food items, was first noticed in Siamese cats. If you see your cat sucking on or eating items like wool or other non-edibles, talk to your vet right away.

Helpful Products You Can Pick Up

There are plenty of good, safe, and natural products you can use to help your Siamese stay as calm as possible.

They are available right online or may be located in your local pet store.

They are mostly designed to help cats going through stressful situations. If your Siamese is a bit squirrely thanks to being in a new home, being nervous around other cats, or other environmental factors such as a new baby, you may wish to try some of these products.

They come in the form of sprays and diffusers. This product by Feliway (see here) mimics the pheromones found in the face of a cat, which is used by felines to mark territory as a safe place.

By providing this scent to your cat, you help provide a zone of familiarity and a feeling of being secure. These calming scents can aid them in adjusting to their new lifestyle.

Veterinarians actually recommend this product, and it can cover 700 square feet. This is ideal for adult cats, which is perfect as some people adopt their Siamese during their adult years.do siamese cats calm down when they get older?

What Else May Calm a Siamese?

Some wearables may help your cat calm down also. Vet visits, people coming over or just adjusting to new life may be stressful for your Siamese. Or, you may find that they are hyper all the time and just need a positive way to relax.

There are cat-friendly jackets that exist and make some cats feel safe and “hugged” when being worn.

Much like some cats like being wrapped in a towel while they have their nails clipped, a stressed or overexcited Siamese MAY benefit from wearing a ThunderShirt (see here), a jacket that applies gentle pressure to a cat and helps them calm down.

The fabric of these jackets is breathable, and many cats will not mind wearing them. They are also great for situations like travel, fireworks, or going to the vet.

Aside from this vest, you can also find calming music for Siamese on YouTube, and pheromone collars that your cat can wear to remain calm.

Will Neutering or Spaying Calm My Siamese?

Yes, having your cat spayed or neutered is the first step in calming down your pet. It is also the first step in helping your pet live a happy and long life.

Spaying and neutering pet cats will make them better pets as they will become even more affectionate than before.

The females will not have to deal with heat cycles that come about every three weeks when mating season is happening, and males will not mark their territory with odorous urine. Tomcats will also not be prone to fighting and roaming when they are neutered.

By having your pet spayed or neutered, they will be a bit more “chilled out” and friendly toward other pets in your household.

You as the owner will not have to worry about your pet roaming or becoming pregnant with a litter you are unable to care for. Plus, you aid in the reduction of pet overpopulation by taking this important step.

Even if your pet is an indoor cat, the health risks are not worth it. For instance, males will have no risk of testicular cancer and females do not have to worry as much about uterine cancers or infections.

Related Questions 

At What Age Do Cats Calm Down?

Many kittens begin to calm down at about 8 to 12 months of age. The Siamese, however, is different. It is about the age of two years that these cats begin to slow down, and having a playmate to learn, grow and play with is a good idea.

Do Siamese Cats Like to Be Held?

Yes, these cats are affectionate and need human companions. They are very social and thrive best in households that have another cat. They should not be left alone for long periods of time. They tend to get jealous if you don’t pay enough attention to them.

Are Siamese Kittens Hyper?

All Siamese are energetic, some are hyperactive by nature. Kittens are definitely hyperactive. At about two years old, these cats tend to calm down a bit. You can help them redirect their energy positively by having a second kitten for them to play with.


Siamese will never be a “calm” breed, but they do tend to slow down a bit as they grow older. That being said, your job is to provide plenty of playtime, toys, and care so their energy is put to good use!

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