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Home Cat FAQ These 8 Signs Show That Your Persian Cat Reached Puberty

These 8 Signs Show That Your Persian Cat Reached Puberty

by Barbara

When do persian cats reach puberty?When I first had the idea of bringing home two Persian cats, one male, and one female, I was not aware of their age of becoming sexually mature. But, later, when I thought about breeding them at home, I had to know more about their age of attaining puberty.

So I did a lot of research and finally knew everything that I needed to know about Persian cats becoming able to reproduce.

So when do Persian cats reach puberty? Persian cats reach puberty a bit late, unlike the other feline breeds. It is at the age of around 15 to 18 months that Persian cats reach their sexual maturity. Though the male Persian cats do not experience any heat cycle, both male and female Persian cats mature around the same age.

Before you know it, your little fluffy Persian kittens start growing up. And in a blink of an eye, your kittens can turn into an adult cat, ready to reproduce kittens of their own.

But to ensure that your Persian cats remain healthy and reproduce at a time when they should be without bringing any harm upon themselves, it is crucial to know their age of reaching puberty.

So, without any further delay, let us get started with recognizing puberty in Persian cats.

When Do Persian Cats Become Adults

Just like humans, puberty is the phase or time in a cat’s life when its body changes and matures from a kitten to an adult cat. Puberty is a sexual maturity process that occurs in Persian cats at an age of 15 to 18 months.

Since the long-haired cat breed tends to reach their puberty late, Persian cats become adults after a minimum age of one year.

Once adults or reached sexual maturity, the female cats (unspayed) are referred to as ‘queen’ and the male cats (unneutered) are called ‘tomcat’.

Remember, unless a cat is pure-bred or a perfect pedigree, their speed of development and age of reaching puberty may vary depending on the different heritage influencing the transition process from a kitten to an adult.

Signs Of Adulthood In Persian Cats

When Persian cats reach their puberty, they show specific signs that can help you determine whether they have reached their sexual maturity or not. Let us have a look at some of those puberty signs here:

Restless Behaviour

During puberty, cats tend to get restless. While other common feline breeds prefer to disappear outside for a longer period; indoor cats like the Persian cats struggle to stay settled indoors.

A male cat often shows aggressive behaviors during this time like attempting to pick up fights with other male cats present in your home

Wailing or Meowing

During puberty, cats make different sounds than those they normally make. Persistent and loud meowing or wailing or howling can be another sign that your Persian cat is reaching puberty. These howling meows continue until they mate or the heat cycle of the queens ends.

Increased Genital Licking

When a queen or female cat is on heat, it experiences increased blood flow to the vulva, which results in the vulva becoming slightly swelled. As this slight swelling often causes discomfort to the queen, she tends to lick the area more than usual.

In case, there is no other sign of puberty present in your female Persian cat but it still is licking the area too much, take your pet to your nearest vet immediately as it may be a sign of infection.Has my persian cat reached puberty?

Increased Affection

Though Persian cats like to cuddle, and are affectionate towards their owners, during puberty, their level of affection tends to increase. From rubbing against your body or a piece of furniture to head-butting you, female cats direct their amorous feelings towards everyone.

The main reason behind their rubbing off their cheeks and chins is to telling the male cats or tom cats about their intention of being ready to mate. Increased rolling is another sign of cats reaching adulthood as this helps with spreading their scent to attract the male cats.

Spraying of Urine

Urine spraying is a common sign of reaching puberty in both female and male cats as it helps them communicate with each other. Apart from this, night time vocalization and the testicles becoming more prominent are the other signs of sexual maturity in your male Persian cats.

Loss of Appetite

A noticeable loss of appetite is another sign of reaching puberty, shown by many cats. Instead of feeding herself, the primary instinct of the female cats shifts towards mating during puberty.

Since this behavior is supposed to last for only two weeks maximum, in case it continues, make sure to consult with a vet as it may be due to some health issue.

Remember, Persian cats reaching puberty, turning into adults and showing certain behaviors is a normal thing and suppressing them is never suggested.

However, to protect your Persian cats from unwanted pregnancy, consult with your vet to know about the best practices to avoid pregnancy in cats.

Physical development Of Persian Cats During Puberty

When a female Persian cat or queen reaches its puberty, its reproductive organs develop completely. It then has developed reproductive organs such as ovaries and uterus.

Under the influence of certain reproductive hormones, these reproductive organs undergo a heat cycle or a normal cycle, commonly referred to as estrous, which allows the reproduction process to occur.

In simple words, female cats have their first reproductive cycle when they reach puberty.

A female Persian cat behaves in a very particular and recognizable way when in heat to attract male cats to mate with her. A queen can get pregnant on the very first heat cycle.

Unlike the female cats, the male cats or tomcats do not go into ‘heat’. Rather, they get aroused by the smell of urinal and vaginal secretions that a queen sprays when she goes through a heat cycle.

Why Knowing The Puberty Age Of Persian Cats Is Important

Unlike the feral cats and other feline breeds, Persian cats require special care, attention, and handling.

Being a high-maintenance indoor cat, the last thing you want as an owner is to witness your pet suffering from health issues due to early pregnancy.

Hence, to determine the age when its safe for your Persian beauty to get pregnant, to plan the appropriate birth control for them early on and to recognize when the female cats go into their first heat cycles, it is important to have a clear idea about the age when the Persian cats reach puberty.

Related Questions

Do Persian cats get along with dogs? Though the Persian cats like the attention of their owners, they aren’t hostile towards other pets. Yes, Persian cats being companionable, they get along with dogs and other pets as well. However, if the other pet is too much playful and aggressive, the Persian cat may get stressed.

Can Persian cats go outside? Yes, Persian cats may go outside but it is always strongly suggested to keep them indoors. Just like any other cats, Persian cats also love to explore their surroundings and environment, however, since these lap-cats require special handling and care, it’s best not to let them roam free outside.

Do Persian cats feel cold? Every time you touch a cat they feel warm. But, when winter comes, just like any other cat, Persian cats also get cold. Especially, the older cats and kittens tend to get affected more by low temperatures and require special attention to keep them warm and dry and far from humid places.

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