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Home Uncategorized What Does It Mean When Your Cat Lets You Rub Its Belly?

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Lets You Rub Its Belly?

by Pierre
what does it mean when my cat let me rub its belly

Are you ever sitting randomly and find that your cat is showing its belly to you eagerly? Well, you may feel confused about what you’re supposed to do. Do they want you to rub it and if so, why? After all, the majority of cats don’t like their bellies rubbed!

A cat’s belly is one of the most vulnerable areas and if it's willing to expose it to you, the cat considers you trustworthy. So if your cat lets you rub its belly, it is a sign of deep trust. However, in some instances, your cat might also be the kind to simply love belly rubs. 

Cats are tricky animals. So, even if your cat is showing its belly, it doesn’t always mean that it wants you to rub it. 

Hence, to help you out of this confusion, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about rubbing a cat’s belly!

Why Does Your Cat Let You Rub Its Belly?

When it comes to having a cat as a pet, every little gesture counts. They aren’t extremely expressive but they’ve their own ways to communicate their thoughts with their owners. 

So, if your cat is allowing to let you rub its belly, there are two probable reasons:

Reason 1: Your Cat Is Showing Its Affection and Trust Towards You

Most cats do not love to get their bellies rubbed. The reason behind this is that the cat’s belly is one of the most vulnerable areas of its body. There are several vital organs in that specific region and even the slightest injury here can prove to be fatal. 

Hence, as cats are quite overprotective and alarmed about their safety, they won’t let anyone touch their belly area. Even more so, some cats don’t even expose their bellies to their owners or while they’re resting.

Hence, you’ll find that they’re mostly resting on their legs and safeguarding their bellies. 

So, if your cat is suddenly letting you rub their belly, they trust you immensely. They’re trying to convey that they don’t see you as a threat but instead, as a well-wisher. 

Reason 2: Your Cat Simply Love Belly Rubs

Another reason why your cat lets you rub its belly is that they might simply love it and all the attention. 

So, it’s not always necessary that the only reason your cat lets you rub its belly is to show their trust. If you’re confused, you can also look for other signs of trust that your cat shows such as:

How To Tell If Your Cat Likes Belly Rubs?

Even if your cat shows you their belly, doesn’t always mean they’re asking for a belly rub. So, if you’re rubbing their belly, you need to look out for some signs to know whether or not they like it. 

This cat is absolutely relaxed while getting its belly rubbed. You can see that there is no tension at all.

Now, if your cat likes belly rubs, they’ll show the below-mentioned signs: 

1. Stretching 

When you’re rubbing your cat’s belly and you notice them rolling over and stretching themselves, then they’re surely loving it. They may also expose their entire body to you and show that they’re liking the belly rubs. 

2. Purring

Do you hear your cat’s soft meows and purrs while you’re rubbing their belly? Well, this proves how much they’re loving it. 

Here, just make sure that your cat is making gentle and soft noises and not snarling/threatening ones. 

3. Closed or Partially Closed Eyes

If your cat loves belly rubs, they’ll have a calm and composed posture. Moreover, they’ll also try to relax by either partially or fully closing their eyes.

So, if you find your cat looking relaxed, happy, and comfortable while rubbing their belly, they’re liking it!

Signs That Your Cat Doesn’t Like Belly Rubs

Did you accidentally anger your cat while rubbing its belly? Well, there are chances that your cat isn’t a big fan of belly rubs. 

In this case, you also need to look for signs that show your cat’s discomfort while you’re rubbing their belly:

1. Tensed Body 

As mentioned above, a cat has a relaxed stance when they like belly rubs. 

Conversely, if they don’t like you rubbing their belly, they will tense up their body. Moreover, they will draw their legs up as soon as you touch their belly. 

As you can see, this cat doesn't seem to be okay with getting its belly rubbed. It tries to push the hand away with its back legs and it is not relaxed.

2. Putting Distance 

Many cats expose their bellies for no reason sometimes. So, if you try to give your furry friend a good belly rub and they don’t like it, they’ll just roll over and walk away. 

This is a sign that your cat doesn’t want their belly rubbed even if they’re exposing it. 

3. Hissing 

The last and the most obvious sign that your cat isn’t liking belly rubs is when they’re making hissing sounds. 

Contrary to their gentle purring, if your cat is hissing or growling, it’s a sign that they’re warning you to back off. In such a case, it’s best to not touch your cat for some time.

To summarize, the table below will help you know if your cat likes belly rubs or not. 

CategorySigns Your Cat Likes Belly RubsSigns Your Cat Hates Belly Rubs
Facial ExpressionCalm with eyes fully/partially closedExtremely alarmed
Do They Run Away?NoYes
SoundCalm and gentle purringHissing and growling sounds

How To Make Your Cat Enjoy Belly Rubs?

If you want your cat to feel comfortable while you’re rubbing its belly, you can try the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Start By Interacting With Your Cat 

In this step, you have to start interacting with your cat, such that they feel comfortable. For example, you can start by scratching their ears or neck or whatever interaction makes your cat happy. 

Step 2: Slowly Rub Their Belly

While you’re interacting with your cat, you can try rubbing their belly once or twice. Then, repeat it throughout the week and try to increase the strokes on their belly. 

Step 3: Offer Them Treats

If your cat lets you rub its belly long enough, you can also reward them with healthy and delicious cat treats. 

Note: Keep in mind that not every cat is ready to get its belly rubbed. So, if you notice your cat getting angsty or threatening while you’re rubbing its belly, it’s best to avoid belly rubs. 

Final Thoughts

Cats have various ways of showing their love and appreciation towards their owners. And well, allowing their owners to rub their belly is one of the most elite gestures for sure! 

So, if your cat lets you rub its belly, try doing it once and see whether they’re liking it or not. 

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