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Home Maine Coon The 3 Best Maine Coon Cat Toys You Just Have To Get

The 3 Best Maine Coon Cat Toys You Just Have To Get

by Pierre

Best Maine Coon Cat ToysMaine Coon cats are beautiful, majestic cats. They are known for being one of the friendliest cat breeds. They are very affectionate and very sensitive and because of that, they are a popular family cat.

As you might know, Maine Coon cats are the biggest cats in the cat world and you might ask yourself what the best Maine Coon cat toys are. This is a very good question since Maine Coons are known for playing each and every day with joy regardless of their age.

The best way to keep your Maine Coon busy is to get another cat if you don´t already have two cats. Further, it is important to offer a variety of toys to your Maine Coon as Maine Coon cats are very intelligent and get bored when playing with the same toys each and every day. That´s why you have to come up with new ways and toys to keep your Maine Coon busy. If you want to play with your Maine Coon, a cat wand/ cat dancer is a great choice. Other than that cat tunnels and interactive cat ball toys are highly recommended. Given the fact that Maine Coon cats were used for hunting mice back in the day, electric toys that move a lot are also great.

As you see, there are a lot of different things you can get for your Maine Coon and your Maine Coon will probably always be thankful and excited. However, as I said, you have to come up with ways to make sure that your Maine Coon does not get bored.

Since they are so intelligent, this will happen if you don´t come up with a strategy and this can have annoying consequences.

This article will show you exactly what the best toys for your cat are and what you can do to keep your Maine Coon excited.

The Best Maine Coon Toys

Even though I recommend to read the whole article, I think it is important to give you the answer you are looking for. So I don´t want you to have to read the whole article before I tell you what great toys for your Maine Coons are.

So here are 3 toys that I and most other Maine Coon cat owners highly recommend.

1. Scratcher Cat Toy With Ball

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Click For More Images

The Scratcher Cat Ball Toy is probably one of the best toys that we have gotten in the last couple of years. If you are looking for a way to entertain your Maine Coon and provide some great exercise, this toy is what you are looking for.

Why is this toy so great?

Well, the Scratcher is a round plate. In this plate, there is a channel for a small ball. The ball can move around the plate, but your cat can´t get the ball out.

This means that your Maine Coon will continuously try to get the ball out while the ball is moving faster and faster whenever your cat tries to get it. The ball can be stopped by your cat, but, again, it can´t be taken out.

Want to see how this works? Have a look at this video with this cute cat playing with this toy.

As you see the cat loves this toy. The next great thing about this toy is that there is a textured scratch pad in the middle. So your Maine Coon can hold on to the toy while trying to get the ball.

A lot of cats even use this pad like a scratching post to remove old material from their claws and mark their territory.

The textured pad in the middle is very durable, but if your cat has totally destroyed it, you can replace it.

To make it short, this toy is great for keeping your Maine Coon cat entertained and making sure that your cat gets some exercise. Besides that, this Cat Scratcher Toy with Ball is pretty cheap.

2. Yeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow Banan

Yeowww! Catnip Toy

Click For More Images

The secret of being a good cat owner is being a great catnip dealer. Simple as that. This banana filled with catnip is awesome, however, there are thousands of other toys filled with catnip that you can get as well.

If you don´t know the magic of catnip yet, let me explain what this will do to your cat. When your cat smells catnip it will turn into something …something that makes you comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.

What do I mean by that? Well, your cat will cuddle with the toy and it will sniff the toy intensely. So far so good, but you might also see your cat drooling on the toy. Yeah, just…just leave the room and just don´t look at it. That´s better.

We bought a big pillow filled with catnip for our Maine Coon and for our regular house cat. Both love to play with it, but they also love to sleep on it. Our regular house cat can be pretty grumpy from time to time, but the catnip seems to calm her down.

Wait, is this really catnip? …. Just kidding.

Besides that, this banana filled with catnip is not expensive at all.

Remember, be a good catnip dealer!

3. Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel

Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel - Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy - Tube Fun for Rabbits Kittens and Dogs - BlackGrey

Click For More Images

This is definitely a must-have if you want to see your cat go crazy and having the best time ever. We recently bought a cat tunnel for our Maine Coon only, since we knew that our regular house cat would not play with it anyways.

So we placed the collapsible cat tunnel in the living room for our Maine Coon. We were not sure if she would play with it either. Shame on us for doubting the mighty cat tunnel. Our Maine Coon went from 0 to 100 in not even a second.

She charged through the tunnel as fast as she could, chirping as loud as she could, we were trying to get out of the way as fast as we could, it was crazy!

Besides that, our Maine Coon likes to sleep in this tunnel as well. So this toy has it all. Your Maine Coon will get a good amount of exercise and it triggers their hunting instinct.

Our Maine Coon loves to wait in the tunnel until one of us passes and then she charges out of the tunnel to scare us.

The Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel I recommend is very durable. It won´t break just because your cat decides to jump on it. In my opinion, this is a toy that every cat owner should have.

Don´t worry, of course, this tunnel is not expensive either. Check the price for the Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel here.

Maine Coons Had A Job Back In The Day

Maine Coon cats love to play. This is a fact. You can get a regular house cat and a lot of them do not want to play. We have a regular house cat and there are only a few things she likes to play with.

And even if she plays with it, it only lasts for a minute or so and then she needs a nap.

A Maine Coon is totally different though. I have never seen a Maine Coon in my life that does not love to play. It does not matter if your Maine Coon is 3 months old, if it is 5 years old or if it is 15 years old.

If you have a Maine Coon, you will see it playing each and every day.

But why are Maine Coons so playful? A reason might be that they were used by farmers back in the day. Farmers had a lot of mice and rats on their farm and for that, they had Maine Coons. Maine Coon cats are epic hunters.

They are known for being relentless when it comes to hunting. They are also known for staying on the ground when hunting, probably because their favorite prey is mice.

So to find the perfect toy for your Maine Coon, that´s what you have to keep in mind.

how to play with a maine coon

Maze in one of her tunnels

Why It Is Important To Keep Your Maine Coon Busy

Why do Maine Coon cats even play? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Probably not, because it is a weird question. The answer is very important, though, as it will prevent you and your Maine Coon from having problems in the future.

Physical Exercise

So the first reason why you should always keep your Maine Coon cat busy is physical exercise. Let´s say your Maine Coon is an indoor cat. Do you really think that there is a way to offer enough physical exercise without playing with your cat or offering toys to play with?

Absolutely not.

Think about it, most outdoor cats are known for exploring their environment several hundred meters away from their home. They climb on trees, they hunt mice and they do a lot more outside.

This burns a lot of energy and makes sure that your cat stays fit and healthy and THIS is exactly what you want.

Mental Exercise

While physical exercise is important, mental exercise is probably even more important. Especially for cats that are not allowed to go outside. Since Maine Coon cats are pretty expensive and most owners have a bad feeling about letting them outside, mental exercise is something you should always care about.

Think about what cats that are allowed to go outside experience every day. There are birds that chirp, and there are mice that need to be chased. There is a dog in the neighborhood that must be avoided or provoked.

There are thousands of different smells, a lot of grass to chew on and a lot of dangers the cat has to be aware of.

Especially dangers like cars, other cats and dogs and wild animals actually are a very good mental exercise for a cat. The cat has to use all senses and stay alert. This takes a lot of energy. Defending the territory takes a lot of energy.

However, while it might sound, well, dangerous, this is the real, the good cat life.

And now think about what mental stimulations indoor cats have. Far too few. Think about how excited they get when they see a bird outside the window. When they catch a fly in your house and sacrifice it to you.

This is what Maine Coon cats want and this is what you have to offer them. Although in a different form. We will come to that.

If You Don´t Offer Exercise Then…

Then say goodbye to your furnishings, say goodbye to a good-looking wallpaper. Your Maine Coon will definitely destroy your house if it does not get enough exercise.

Now, please don´t get me wrong here, I am not saying that Maine Coon cats are known for destroying furnishings, because they are not. However, they are intelligent and you just have to respect that.

Any cat will cause trouble if it is bored. And even though Maine Coon cats are the friendliest cats ever, it can even happen that your Maine Coon gets aggressive when it is bored all the time. Luckily, you are already doing your research, so this will definitely not happen to you.do maine coons play fetch

Every Maine Coon Is Different

Let´s say you got a tunnel for your cat because your friend who also has a cat told you that her cat is obsessed with the tunnel and recommended you to get it as soon as possible.

So you got the tunnel, you throw it on the floor and your Maine Coon looks at you as if it was asking you if you have lost your mind.

Should you be worried because your Maine Coon is not interested in the toy at all? Absolutely not! Every cat is different. While there are Maine Coon cats that love to play with balls, tunnels and flies, there are also cats that are just not interested in such things.

Here is a little example. We have a Maine Coon called Maze, and a regular house cat named Gigetta. Both are totally different. While our Maine Coon likes to play with everything, no matter if it is allowed or not, our regular house cat almost never plays with any toy.

Maine Coon cats like to play, but that doesn´t mean that every Maine Coon likes the same toys though.

What Is The Best Maine Coon Cat Toy?

So you might think to yourself, that now you got a cat tunnel, a ball, and some other stuff that your Maine Coon can play with. You should be fine now, right? Wrong! Let me explain to you what I mean by this.

It is the same with kids. Ever heard parents complaining about how many toys their children have and because of that, they don´t want other family members to buy even more toys for their children?

I bet you have. Maybe even your own mother or father said that when you were a kid.

So as a kid, was there any point where you agreed and said that you definitely had enough toys and that you don´t want any new toys? Don´t even answer, because I know that the answer is – No! Maine Coons might be cats, but in this regard, they are like human children.

To answer the question: the best toy for your Maine Coon cat is the newest one. Probably not the answer you expected, right? Although it might sound kinda strange, knowing this will actually save you some money.

What do I mean by that?

If Maine Coon cats always need new toys, this could be expensive, right? Nope, it actually is not expensive at all.

Replace The Toys On A Regular Base

What I recommend is, take the toy your Maine Coon is playing with the least away and let your cat play with the remaining toy until it gets boring. As soon as the toy that was most interesting at first gets boring, take that toy away and replace it with the other one that was boring before.

The toy that was boring before will now be very exciting for your Maine Coon because it is new somehow.

This way you can have three toys, for example, but your Maine Coon will never get bored and you don´t have to apply for a bank loan, because your cat demands new toys every two weeks.

Remember, it is very important to keep your Maine Coon entertained. They don´t like to be bored, they need to do something exciting.

Do You Know What The Second Best Toy Is?

Actually, this is the real best toy for your Maine Coon cat, but it is not the answer you would expect when asking what the best toy is. So the (second) best toy for your Maine Coon is:

Another cat!

Unfortunately, a lot of cat owners only get one cat. This might be because they just don´t know that cats should not be kept alone. Or it could be because the owner just wants one cat. There are several reasons for that.

Some people want the cat to be more attached to them, others claim that they do not have enough money to keep two cats.

On one side this is understandable. Having a cat that is very, affectionate, and very attached to you is one of the best things ever. On the other side, cats do what they want. They can also be very attached to you if you have two cats.

Not having the money for a second cat is also understandable, but on the other side, you can adopt another cat even for free at some places.

Okay, costs for food, cat litter, and vet bills might double, but still, it is the best for your cat and I am sure that this is what every cat owner wants.

best maine coon activities

Maze and Gigetta

What If You Still Can´t Afford Another Cat?

Sometimes life simply comes in the way, or you have some high bills to pay, you name it. So what can you do to make your cat feel comfortable? To prevent your Maine Coon cat from being bored all the time and destroying your furnishings because of that?

Even though there are some dangers, you should consider letting your cat outside doing its thing. Neutered or spayed cats are known for staying near their home so you don´t really have to worry too much.

Having an outdoor cat is not possible if you are living in a city apartment though. If you have a balcony or a garden, you could still make that “cat-proof” though. If you want to learn more about this, read this article.

How To Play With A Maine Coon Cat

Okay, so you have bought a couple of toys for your Maine Coon and you know how to keep it excited and everything. The question is, do you even have to play with your Maine Coon? Or is it okay if your Maine Coon just does its thing?

The answer is, it depends on your situation. Let me explain this. If you only have one Maine Coon and it is an indoor cat, you should definitely play with your cat. However, that depends on the character of your cat.

Some cats just don´t like to play with humans or they rather play when they feel safe when no one is watching (at 3 PM for example, lol.). However, this is pretty rare among Maine Coons, since they are so affectionate and love to be entertained by their owners.

So if you have a single indoor cat, you should definitely try to play with your Maine Coon at least 30 minutes per day. The more the better, of course.

Do Maine Coons Play Fetch?

Yes, the majority of Maine Coons love that and this is so awesome. Probably another reason why Maine Coons are known as the dogs of the cat world. Our Maine Coon, Maze, loves to play fetch and she makes sure that we know when it is time to play fetch.

She always brings us small wadded scraps that we gave her and drops it in front of us. Then we have to throw it and she brings it back again and again until she is tired. Then it is time for heavy purring and taking a nap on our lap, lol.

A Maine Coon Playing Catch?

As most cats, Maine Coons definitely enjoy playing catch. While they do it all the time with other cats, a lot of Maine Coon cats also like to play catch with their humans. If you want to know if your Maine Coon would play catch with you, try this.

Play with your Maine Coon with a cat wand or something similar. From time to time run away from your cat and then run towards your cat.

Don´t go too crazy here as your Maine Coon could get scared if you charge like a maniac.Maine Coon Playing Habits

Maine Coon Cats Keep Themselves Busy

Yes, Maine Coons definitely know how to keep themselves busy. So you don´t have to play with them all the time. The like to play by themselves as well. Especially if you have two Maine Coons you don´t necessarily need to play with your cats each and every day.

However, you should always be there for them if they want to cuddle and demand your attention.

Maine Coon Playing Habits

Maine Coons are known for being very gentle even though they are very large. Does that also mean that you have to be careful when playing with them?

This also depends on your Maine Coon´s character. However, they are known for being gentle for a reason. Most Maine Coon cats always make sure that they do not hurt the people and animals they love.

They definitely play more aggressively with other cats, but you can expect to be treated gently by your Maine Coon.

You probably know that Maine Coon cats are very sensitive, that´s why they are so good with kids and other animals. They also show their ability to emphasize when playing with their humans.

Here is an example: When our Maine Coon plays with my girlfriend, she is a lot wilder and that can result in scratches from time to time.

Even though that is what you should expect when getting a cat, I don´t like that. I like to play more relaxed and Maze feels that. When she plays with my hand and gives me little love bites, she is way more gentle with me then with my girlfriend.

Often when she wants to bite my hand while playing, I can see in her eyes that she changes her mind in the last second and then she just licks my hand instead of biting it.

They Love To Play With Their Paws

Unlike dogs, cats love to use their paws in every situation. Example: The human has done something that just wasn´t okay? A little slap with their paws here and there will make everything alright again.

There is a fly in your house? Those mighty cat paws will get the job done in spectacular fashion.

Especially Maine Coon cats love to use their paws. Your Maine Coon is lying next to you and taking a nap? Expect a little (or giant) cat paw touching you once in a while to check if you are still there.

And yes, they also love to use their paws when playing.

They Love Water

While we are talking about Maine Coon cats using their paws when playing, did you know that Maine Coons love water? Not all of them, but the majority of them. Don´t believe me? Get a huge water bowl for your Maine Coon.

Your Maine Coon will soon start to touch the water with its paws and look like a little raccoon washing some… stones or whatever raccoons wash.

When Do Maine Coons Play?

A lot of cats love to start playing in the middle of the night. Oh, everyone is sleeping? It would be a shame if someone runs through the house at 3 PM meowing and chirping and trilling like hell while every human wants to sleep.

Are Maine Coon cats like that as well? Maze definitely likes to play right before bedtime. Cats are normally pretty active during the night and it really seems like our Maine Coon needs to burn a lot of energy before going to bed.

Further, they also like to play when feeling great. You just woke up and cuddled with your Maine Coon? After cuddling and purring very loudly, your Maine Coon will most probably start to play by itself.


As you know now, playing with your Maine Coon cat is not only playing. It is making sure that your cat stays healthy. That your cat stays entertained and that your cat is happy.

If your Maine Coon is not playing there might be something wrong as Maine Coon cats are known for loving to play regardless of their age.

Always make sure that you switch the toys from time to time as every cat will get bored after a while if it always has to play with the same toy. Also, keep in mind that you definitely should keep two cats. Cats just need a cat partner, there is no way around that.

If you can´t afford a second cat, consider letting your cat outside. This will prevent your Maine Coon from being bored all the time.

When it comes to toys, you know what is best now. I highly recommend to get the Scratcher Cat Toy and to get the Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel here. Both toys are absolutely fantastic and in my opinion, they are probably the best toys for your Maine Coon.

Further always get a toy filled with catnip from time to time. Like all cats, Maine Coons love catnip and they will be very thankful if you deliver some good catnip. As I said above, you should learn to be a good cat dealer.

Just have fun with your Maine Coons and spend some time with them. This will make the bond stronger and in the end, it will make your Maine Coon happy and healthy.

Always keep in mind that keeping your cat busy prevents them from psychological problems and from destroying your furnishings.

If you have any questions, leave a message in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to help you out! And in case you get the tunnel or the scratcher toy, please leave your opinion on it in the comment section below as well.

Share your experience with us!

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Stephen March 20, 2019 - 10:24 pm

This is the best Maine Coon article I have read! Thank you.
My Maine Coon Cat, Blackie, looks just like Maze! Except Blackie is a boy.

Pierre March 24, 2019 - 12:03 pm

Hey Stephen,

thank you so much!
Blackie must be a very handsome boy, haha.

Thanks for your comment!


Serbella McGee April 4, 2019 - 7:23 pm

Hi, Pierre! How are you?

Loki’s favorite toy is that Yeowww! Pollock Fish. He rabbit kicks the heck out of that thing. He has a collection of mice that squeak. Whenever he gets the zoomies he bats around his tiny fishes that warble and his large green cricket. It chirps. His water bowl sits inside a large dog bowl. I’ve seen him play with the water. I have a fishing pole toy with interchangeable lures. I move it around like it’s alive. Loki likes his Cat Dancer toy too.

Pierre April 5, 2019 - 7:40 am

Hey Serbella,

very happy to hear from you! I am fantastic! How are you?

I think you agree when I say that Loki shows the typical Maine Coon behavior. Especially the part with the water 🙂
Maze also likes water but she seems to be more curious than playful when it comes to water.

She likes to lie in the shower tub after we took a shower, for example.

The Yeowww! toys are so so great as cat toys. I haven´t heard of a single cat that doesn´t rabbit kick these toys with joy, haha.

Again, happy to hear from you. I hope Loki is fine too!

All the best,


melissa May 8, 2019 - 4:09 am

Can a Maine coon be shorthaired and orange and white? I have two cats and they’re brothers from same mom at same time,One is a maine coon and the other is as big but shorthair and orange and white but huge!

Pierre May 11, 2019 - 8:14 am

Hey Melissa,

I have seen purebred Maine Coons with shorter hair, yes. However, it wasn´t too short.
A Maine Coon hybrid, on the other hand, can look totally different because of the other breed that was mixed in.

Most of those hybrids have great personalities though – so even if they don´t look like a Coon, they are still Maine Coons at heart, haha.

Wish you a lot of fun with the brothers!


Laurie May 10, 2019 - 1:50 pm

Nice article, that doesn’t include a ton of ‘buy this and that’ links 🙂 I’ve had my Main coon for 2 months, he is 1/5 yrs old. He never was around dogs before now, but came to our house with 4 big dogs. Everyone loves to lay on our bed. He has adapted very well.

Pierre May 11, 2019 - 8:12 am

Hey Laurie,

thank you for reading and thank you for your comment 🙂
Yeah, I wanted to keep it clean with this article. There are tons of awesome cat toys but I thought it was more important to point out that a second cat might be the best as they are so social.

Awesome hearing about your Maine Coon and the dogs. I am sure that you are going to have a lot of fun with your gang, haha. What kind of breeds are your dogs?

We are also thinking about getting a dog from time to time. An Irish Wolfhound would be our dream but we need to move to a bigger house first.

Wish you a wonderful day!

All the best,


Marina October 5, 2019 - 5:51 pm

Hello! How can I contact you? Can you give me an email? Thank you in advance.

Pierre October 14, 2019 - 7:17 pm

Hey Marina,

sure, my email is purrcraze@gmail.com.



Debbie October 18, 2019 - 12:15 am

Hi Pierre – really enjoy reading your experiences with your cats! I need your advice on how to help my recently adopted 2 yr old neutered Maine Coon, Rossy, be less agressive with our two 10 yr olds – a sweet dog and a crabby, clawless cat. We adopted Rossy when his owner died. He has all shots and a chip (our vet says he’s healthy and 19 lbs!). But he also has a bitten off ear tip (not a TNR cut) so I think he was a stray.
My problem is he and our cat are constantly fighting and my cat has no claws. Rossy also goes after our dog and infected his cornea. I have been to the doctor 3x for puncture wounds. For me, I’ve been researching this and think I caused it by trying to pick him up.
Other than this is very loving with us. Jumps on our laps to be pet, likes to sleep on our bed, comes to his name, plays with his toys. Until he doesn’t feel like being loving…🤨
We are empty nesters in a 2-bedroom patio home with small fenced backyard. He jumps the fence and we’re afraid he’ll just run away.
So….what are the must-dos for creating peace and calm for three animals and us? Do you think we could be the wrong environment for Rossy (too many animals for size of our home)? Is there a book that would help us?
Thanks so much

Pierre October 19, 2019 - 1:17 pm

Hey Debbie,

thank you for your comment.

I am happy to read that you enjoy reading my articles as I enjoy creating this website for you guys as well 🙂

Your situation sounds very uncomfortable and even a little frightening. Unfortunately, I can’t really say what it is as I haven’t seen the situation in your home.

However, I think you could be on the right track – It might not be the right environment for Rossy. You said you don’t really know what has happened to him but you think that he is a stray.

Male stray cats are used to fight with other cats outside. I have even seen that one cat fought all the cats in his territory until the area was mostly cat-free since he established as the boss of the area.

So it could be that you have a very tough boy there. However, as I said, I do not know the whole situation.

I definitely recommend reading this book (click). I am sure it will help you to deal at least with the current situation.

Is there any way to find out what happened to him in the past?



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