The Ultimate Sphynx Cat Feeding Guide

Sphynx Cat Feeding GuideFeeding your Sphynx cat can be a tough job because of the many nutritional needs that must be followed to ensure great health for your pet. However, we have laid out all a great pet owner needs to know when it comes to feeding your Sphynx in a way that satisfies and nourishes.

In this article, we will take you through different types of food you can purchase for your Sphynx cat such as dry food, wet food, treats, kitten food, and raw food.

We will examine the texture of the food and how nutritious it is for your pet. The ideal diet for your Sphynx is one that is comprised of mostly raw food, as owners report an improvement in their cat’s health.

You can mix it up with raw meat, kibbles and even raw fish so long as the bones are removed to prevent choking hazards.

Choosing the Right Food: What Makes It Good?

When you start to look for the right food for your Sphynx, it is critical that you examine the nutrition of the food you are interested in to make sure your cat gets the best ingredients possible.

It’s also important you examine that the correct amount of these ingredients is included in the recipe.

After all, your Sphynx has a very high metabolism and will need the correct amounts of food to keep them satisfied, nutritionally balanced, and prevent future health issues before they even start.

How Much Protein?

Your Sphynx will need a lot of protein. Even though Sphynx may look small and delicate, they certainly love to eat, and protein will keep them feeling fuller longer. Therefore, you will want to make sure they’ve got plenty of it nearby to enjoy.

A lot of owners follow what’s known as a BARF diet, and this means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Great proteins you can use will be raw chicken or rabbit, raw liver and heart, raw fish, and more.

Natural foods found at reputable pet shops and online retailers are also great too.

After all, big cats and even stray cats prefer most of their meals to be protein and your Sphynx is no different. Be sure that you think of other factors that might make your cat especially hungry, such as:

  • Activity level – is your cat active or sedentary?
  • Pregnancy – is your Sphynx going to be carrying little ones?
  • Any other health challenges your pet may face

Most veterinarians say that between 35-45 percent is appropriate for cats’ diets when it comes to to feed a Sphynx cat

How Many Carbs?

You should offer your sphynx mainly kibble, and always buy the best quality you can afford. In terms of carbohydrate intake for your Sphynx, just keep it balanced in favor of protein.

These cats need mostly good proteins so they can stay full and keep their fast metabolisms fueled. Rotate the kibble and the proteins so that your cat’s diet is balanced, and your pet is not constantly begging you for food outside of their mealtimes.

After all, carbs act the same way in cats as they do humans-they simply make you feel hungrier. It is also important because:

  • A low-carb diet prevents health issues later in life
  • High-protein diets slow loss of lean body mass in older cats
  • A healthy immune system is supported

What About Fats?

Fats are not a bad thing at all when it comes to your cat’s diet. It enhances the absorption of vitamins A, D, K, and E. It is a concentrated source of energy for your cat and provides twice the energy of carbs and protein.

It makes up cell membranes and transports nutrients and other substances across the cell membranes.

They help control inflammation, and they contribute to the formation of some hormones like testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. And perhaps best of all for your cat, it makes food much more palatable and assists in satiety, so your cat does not overeat.

Fats can be found in the following foods:

  • Safflower, soybean, corn oil
  • Beef, pork, and poultry
  • Krill oil, fish oil, flaxseed

What to Stay Away From?

In our research to know the best way to feed your Sphynx cat, we have found what should NOT be present in their diets.

This is a very difficult question to answer, as many of us are not veterinarians or animal specialists and therefore do not know if an ingredient that looks weird and is hard to pronounce is actually a good thing for our cat.

Sadly, a lot of what one would find in an ordinary bag of dry cat food is not there to provide good health and long life for the cat, but to make a quick dollar for the pet food company.

Certainly, not all the ingredients are there to harm your Sphynx, but there are some you should stay far away from so that your pet is safe.


Preservatives are mostly a good thing, but not when it comes to pet foods. Some of the main ones you should watch out for are:

  • BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene)
  • BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole)
  • Ethoxyquin

These are chemical preservatives that do a great job of preserving dry cat food, so it stays fresh and tasty, but they are suspected carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents. They are often added to fats and oils – another reason why it is critical your proteins are of the highest quality.

They have been found to cause damage to cats’ liver and kidneys. Ethoxyquin is not legal for use in human food in the United States and is harmful if swallowed and also irritating to the skin.

Nowadays, pet food manufacturers tend to use Vitamins C and E for their food for Sphynx cats

Fillers and Fake Ingredients

Some other ingredients that should be avoided include:

  • Meat byproducts
  • Cornmeal and Carb fillers
  • Rendered meat products

Many times, we do not know what species of animal the meat comes from. Byproducts, as a general rule, are considered to be inferior in terms of their protein content for cats.

One vet argued that if humans would not eat it, neither should cats.

You will also want to be wary of meat meal, which is a mysterious byproduct. These are produced by rendering, a process that should make cat fancier’s ears stand up.

Leftovers of meat used in this process are not suitable for human consumption. The process of rendering itself destroys and alters the natural enzymes and proteins. The result is that the meal is inferior and low quality in terms of its nutrition.

Cornmeal fillers and other carb fillers are not good for cats. Wheat gluten is a cheaper alternative to muscle meat proteins and whole grain ingredients, but not as nutritionally sound.

These may contain melamine, which has been known to cause kidney failure. This is due to its elements of plastic, nitrogen and protein, says the World Health Organization.

Varieties of Sphynx Foods

For Sphynx Kittens and Younger Cats

Your Sphynx kitten has different nutritional needs than a fully grown cat of the same breed. Therefore, it is critical that you do the following when it comes to feeding your kitten.

Look for foods that provide support in the areas of digestive health, as well as immune system support.


  • Are gaining weight rapidly as per their growth. They may eat 3-4 meals a day.
  • Need higher amounts of protein, amino acids, and minerals, as well as vitamins.
  • Need plenty of fresh, clean water.
  • Need food that is easy to chew as their teeth are small.

Your Sphynx kitten is growing at a rapid rate-and remember, Sphynx naturally have a higher metabolism as they do not have the hair other breeds do.

Combine these two factors and you have a kitten that should be fed as much as they can eat-in this manner, their growth will not be hindered, and they will have the high energy that kittens often possess.

Do not be fooled by foods that provide nutrition at all stages of development-stay with food that is formulated for kittens. It will have the correct nutrients for your young cat.

Sphynx love liver and meat, as well as fish. But for kittens, stick to high-quality pet food. Raw meats and fish, along with raw eggs and milk, can cause health problems in young kittens.

Raw meat can have parasites and bacteria. Raw fish can lead to a deficiency of vitamin B. And milk may cause diarrhea in weaned kittens as they lack the enzyme needed to break it down.

Raw eggs can have salmonella which leads to decreased B vitamin absorption.

Other Foods to Avoid

As a cat owner, you may have items in your house that are benign to you but can cause harm if left in the way of a cat.

Be sure that if you have the following items, you dispose of them or keep them away from where cats play and live so that your pet stays in good health. Some of these are fatal to cats if ingested.

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Raisins
  • Grapes
  • Chocolate
  • Tea
  • Coffee

Featured Product: Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula Dry Kitten Food

Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula Dry Kitten Food

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Here is a top-quality kitten food with plenty of favorable reviews by cat lovers just like you. The particular bag we have chosen is a 16 LB bag, perfect for a hungry Sphynx who just seems to eat and eat!

What we really liked was the fact that real chicken is the first and main ingredient in this particular cat food, not cornmeal or some other filler.

In fact, the cat food boasts right on its label that zero fillers are included, which made us feel relieved while choosing from the many varieties available for kittens.

Also, reassuring is the inclusion of DHA, which is a nutrient that you find in a kittens’ mother’s milk.

The kibble is cooked in such a way that the plaque buildup is minimized, and you can also help whiten your cat’s teeth, too.

Perhaps most important of all, this brand of kitten food is recommended by veterinarians, so you can pick up a nice big bag and feel good about the dry food you give your kitten.

The ingredients indicate plenty of good vitamins and minerals, as well as flavors cats love like liver, chicken, and fish. You can get it here!


  • Plenty of favorable reviews
  • One user reported her cat’s coat was “velvety” and soft.
  • One user with just one hungry kitten reported the bag lasted three months.


  • Contains poultry by-product
  • Can be a bit expensive if you are on a budget.

Featured Product: Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Thin Slice in Gravy

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Thin Slice In Gravy Canned Cat Food

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This wet cat food is designed especially for kittens aged up to 12 months. These cans are formulated with just the right amount of everything-carbs, fats, proteins, and flavor to keep your kitten happy and satisfied.

They have just the stuff to keep up with a playful and energetic kitten.

This product also features antioxidants, which will help fight free radicals. Immune systems are strengthened in this manner as your cat grows. The small slices of meat are easy for your kitten to chew, digest and enjoy as they make the transition to solid foods.

This makes a great complement to dry kitten foods you serve your cat. Royal Canin makes its own dry food, too. And the inclusion of prebiotics, fiber, and digestible proteins add to the benefits of this great kitten food. You can get it here!


Chicken, liver, and pork are first ingredients
One user even gave to her senior cat, aged 17
Comes in 24 pack


  • Can be expensive
  • If your cat does not like it, you will have many cans left over.

Raw and Wet Foods

Generally speaking, the best quality wet food will have the greatest amounts of natural ingredients and nutrients.

You will also notice the fillers are lacking as these are more often found in dry foods to help them achieve, the dry and crunchy texture of such consumables.

Raw food will give your cat the moisture that your cat’s diet needs that is left out when they eat dry foods. The ingredients in these foods are closest to what ancestors ate, and they are freeze dried and then frozen to preserve their freshness and flavor.

These foods are typically lacking in preservatives you will find in other cat foods.

Featured Product: Purina Beyond Wild Grain-Free Natural High Protein Cat Food

Purina Beyond Wild Grain Free, Natural, High Protein Adult Cat Food

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This handy case of food comes in 12 great size cans, and the first ingredient is turkey. It is made by the same brand, Purina, that made the kitten food we featured in the first product review.

The pack comes in 3 12-ounce cans, and the ingredients are turkey, liver, and quail-something you might see a cat in the wild stalking if he or she had the chance.

The protein content in this particular recipe is high, promoting satiety and muscle development for your beloved Sphynx. The organ meats included in this blend are loaded with great nutrients to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Best of all, there are plenty of other flavors-so your cat can enjoy a new taste every so often and keep things interesting. You can even purchase your pet a variety pack here if you so choose.

Plenty of pet owners left behind favorable reviews that gave us great confidence in the product.


  • One user reported it helped with her cat’s appetite after he got sick
  • Great for pet owners who want to do a raw diet, but cannot afford it
  • Dry food option


  • May be expensive if your pet does not like it
  • This particular flavor sold only in 12 packs

Featured Product: Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Dinner Morsels Grain-Free Cat Food

Stella & Chewy's

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From the friendly illustrations of the cats on top of the bag to the cheerful proclamation “Just for Cats!”, we were immediately taken by the design of this particular cat food.

Of course, the packaging is secondary to nutritional value and the goodness of what’s inside. This product can be bought here in many flavors, like chicken, duck, and turkey.

The food we chose is chicken, and it is 98% cage-free chicken. Organs and bone make up the blend, and there are also inclusions of taurine and probiotics, so cats eat well and get what they need to grow and thrive.

Everything is grain free and minimally processed, so cats are essentially eating something they may very well have caught in the wild!

This product does boast that it is acceptable for all life stages, but we do stand by our belief that kittens should be eating kitten food.

However, you will enjoy better overall health for the cat as this promises improved appetite, digestion, and healthy teeth and gums, plus a healthy immune system and more.


  • No grains, or glutens
  • Great for low carb, high protein diets
  • Plenty of great health benefits like shiny skin-important for Sphynx!


  • Most expensive food we’ve reviewed
  • Bags come only up to 18 oz.

Dry Foods

For many of us, dry foods will be our daily-go to. It is the most commonly used pet food as it stores easily, comes in large bags, and our pets generally enjoy eating it. Plus, it is affordable for all pet owners.

The problem is, many of these ingredients are not very good for your Sphynx. Thankfully, high-quality options exist, satisfying both the need for an economical solution and great nutrition.

You should feed your Sphynx some wet and dry food so that his needs for nutrition are met.

Featured Product: Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Cat Food, Chicken

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Once again, product packaging comes secondary to what’s inside, but the fact that this featured a wild lynx on the package had us intrigued. We were pleased to find that it came in many bag sizes, the heaviest being 12 lbs.- a healthy size for a hungry cat or family of cats.

The Blue Buffalo blend is a grain free and high protein mix that features a great chicken flavor. Real meat is the first ingredient and it is made with real, deboned chicken.

Blue Buffalo is a brand that prides itself on using the best ingredients that really deliver what your Sphynx is going to need: Omega 3 Fatty acids, fiber, protein, and even features LifeSource Bits, which are a blend of minerals, vitamins, and of course antioxidants for immune system health.

This one is an especially nice and affordable option if you wish to do a raw diet for your cat but cannot for whatever reason.

This particular food does indicate that it is for all ages and needs, but we do still believe kittens should be eating food that is designed especially for them.

There are plenty of other flavors available in the Blue Buffalo brand, so if this particular one does not suit your Sphynx, consider one of the other great flavors. Get this food here!


  • All ingredients are natural and full of what cats like.
  • All vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins are covered in the recipe
  • Low carb for cats who need it


  • Bag may be a bit small for big cat families
  • Great price, but may be expensive for some pet owners

Featured Product: Crave Grain Free High Protein Dry Cat Food

CRAVE Grain Free High Protein Dry Cat Food

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Featuring protein from chicken, this cat food is affordable and healthy. Real chicken is the first ingredient in the blend, so cats get the flavors they love to eat and the proteins they need to grow, play and recover from the day’s activities.

This particular recipe lacks grains and follows what cats’ ancestors ate, bringing energy from only quality carb sources. There are also no ingredients from less than savory sources like corn, wheat, soy protein, or chicken by-product.

This is a cat kibble that keeps its shelf life and removes any feelings of worry as you feed it to your pet. You can get it here!

Plenty of satisfied pet owners have found joy in feeding their pets Crave, with one owner reporting that his previously sick cat who had trouble eating eventually came around when they served her Crave.

While your results will vary, it is comforting to hear from other pet owners.


  • Very affordable price point
  • Great for picky cats, says one user
  • Chicken is the first ingredient


  • Bags only go up to 10 lb.-on the small side of cat foods

Why Feed A Variety?

Based on our findings, you may think that the best thing to do for your Sphynx is to prepare a diet of all wet or raw food. However, it is important that you integrate all kinds of food.

Feeding your cat some wet food or raw morsels will help your kitty avoid a water deficiency, as cats who are on dry food only diets may develop problems with their urinary tracts that comes as a result of having too little liquid in their diet.

Furthermore, wet and raw foods surpass dry foods when it comes to nutrients and minerals. However, there are some other things to think about when putting together your Sphynx’s diet.

First and foremost, think about the cost. You want the best for your cat, as we all do. However, an all wet or raw diet is not reasonable for most of us. Healthier foods will come at a higher price tag, so thankfully, it is okay to have a few dry foods mixed in with the raw and the wet ones.

Cats actually are like us in that they enjoy a change in their diets. What’s more, dry food helps cats reduce the tartar and plaque buildup on teeth, and you can set it out for them to eat all day.

While many cats will thrive on a varying diet, it is important to understand that some cats do not. Cats that have a sensitive digestive tract, or who don’t do well with change, may need some extra monitoring and care when it’s time to eat.

You should mix foods up slowly but surely to get them used to their new foods – start with 75% old food and 25% new foods the first few days, then 50/50 the next few days, then 75/25, before heading to 100% on the new food.

In Closing

There are loads of products out there for your Sphynx to enjoy. The most important thing you can do for your pet is to stay educated and in the know about what foods you are buying.

Take some time to review the ingredients label and see what other pet owners think. Most importantly, talk to your vet about the best food available. This way, your Sphynx will enjoy many years with you and your family.

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