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Home Ragdoll Cat Should You Get A Companion For Your Ragdoll Cat?

Should You Get A Companion For Your Ragdoll Cat?

by Pierre

Should I Get A Companion For My Ragdoll Cat?Ragdoll cats, known for their beautiful blue eyes, silky fur, and dog-like personalities, make excellent family pets. So if having one Ragdoll kitty is great, two must be even better, right? I decided to find out for myself.

Should you get a companion for your Ragdoll cat? In short, yes. It’s always best for your Ragdoll to have a friend, especially if you’re away from home a lot. They’re incredibly social animals, so they require a lot of attention. Having a companion for your Ragdoll not only prevents loneliness but can actually keep your cat healthy and happy.

Despite the stereotype that cats prefer to be alone, Ragdolls actually crave companionship and attention from both people and other cats. However, there are multiple factors you need to consider before introducing another four-legged friend into your home.

Why Your Ragdoll Needs a Companion

Getting a second cat goes far beyond making sure your Ragdoll has someone to “talk” to.

Because Ragdolls are extremely social, companionship is something they need. Without it, they may become depressed or lonely. (Read this article to learn how affectionate Ragdolls really are.)

So how do you know if your Ragdoll is lonely? Ragdolls do not voice their opinion too often and are easy going, so it can be hard to tell if your kitty is depressed.

Signs your Ragdoll needs a companion:

  • Destructive behavior such as scratching the furniture, knocking things over, etc.
  • Clinginess or over-excitement when you come home
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Overall acting depressed or lethargic
  • Over-grooming or lack thereof
  • Loss of appetite or excessive hunger

(Of course, it’s always advised to see your veterinarian for any of the above as they can also be signs of an illness.)

Even if your cat isn't displaying any of the above signs, there's a great chance your Ragdoll would benefit from having a feline friend. It's always better to prevent loneliness than treat it.

One thing to consider is that Ragdolls are incredibly docile and get along with most people and family pets – yes, even dogs!

So choosing a friend for your cat is relatively easy, but there’s still a lot to consider. Also, read our article: Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Other Cats? to learn more about that!

Before you run down to the animal shelter or contact a local breeder, make sure you know what type of cat is best suited for both you and your resident cat.

You’ll want to consider the temperament and age of the prospective cat.Do Ragdolls Like To Be Alone?

What Are The Best Companions For Ragdoll Cats?

Since Ragdolls are typically calm, friendly, and like to stay low to the ground, a low-energy cat would make a great friend. Just be careful not to mistake easy going for timid.

A timid cat is usually laid back, but not nearly as friendly, which may cause issues later on. Also, make sure you don't choose a cat that's too outgoing, or this may overwhelm your Ragdoll. Balance is key here!

Also, try to pick out a cat that is similar in age and activity level. If your Ragdoll is not as active and playful as the second cat, it may cause tension that could lead to aggression.

However, when in doubt, a kitten is always the best option. Most cats, males included, take extremely well to kittens.

If you are looking for a Ragdoll kitten, we highly recommend checking out the website of our friends from Angelgirlragdolls.com.

Still not quite sure which cat friend to bring home?

Of course, you can’t go wrong with getting another Ragdoll, but here are five friendly yet laid-back cat breeds that would likely make a great companion for your kitty.

  • Burmese
    Described as both gentle and friendly, these cats also display a dog-like personality. They’re rarely in a bad mood and are always willing to play!
  • Birman
    Like your Ragdoll, these cats hate to live alone. They need constant companionship, but what makes them perfect for your cat is that they’re super low maintenance and get along easily with others. Birmans and Ragdolls are very similar. Learn the differences and why they are a great fit here.
  • Maine Coon
    While these cats aren’t quite as affectionate as a Ragdoll, they are calm and friendly with most people and cats, making them a great addition to your fur family. We explain why Maine Coons are great pets here!
  • Scottish Fold
    Outgoing and friendly, these cats can make a great feline friend for your Ragdoll. However, they are also extremely curious and playful, so you might need to invest in some kitty proofing supplies before bringing one home!
  • Exotic Shorthair
    These lap cats can be a little shy at first, but they’re also extremely affectionate and easy going. With proper introductions, this breed would make an excellent Ragdoll companion.

The Benefits Of Getting A Companion For Your Ragdoll

There are a few things you might notice once you pair your Ragdoll with her perfect pal, including:

  • Less destructive behavior
  • Improved or maintained health
  • Mutual grooming and playing
  • Less clingy or needy

What Supplies Do I Need for My Second Cat?

You might be thinking that since you have one cat, they can just share everything, right? Well, not exactly. Because of the introduction process, which I’ll cover in a bit, you’ll need another set of supplies for your new cat.

Plus, giving each cat their own things will help reduce tension during this transition.

Here’s a list of supplies you’ll need to welcome your new kitty:

Now that you have chosen your new cat and purchased all the necessary supplies, you can bring her home and begin the introduction process!

Introducing the New Cat to Your Ragdoll

It may be tempting to bring the new cat home, put her in the same room as your Ragdoll and wait for a happily ever after ending.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works in the cat world. Even though Ragdolls are docile and friendly, they do best with slow introductions.

Follow these steps to make introducing your cats as seamless as possible:

  1. Give your new cat her own little sanctuary with a litter box, food and water dishes, bed, and toys. Do not introduce her to your current cat just yet.
  2. Feed your cats at the same time on opposite sides of the door. By doing this, you associate eating (a cat’s favorite pastime) with the other cat, which helps get them started off on the right foot…I mean, paw.
  3. After a week, you can let your new cat explore the rest of the home. Be sure to keep your other cat confined to one room while the other explores.
  4. The next step is to introduce them face-to-face. Don’t be alarmed if they initially hiss or growl – this is completely normal. However, if they start fighting, separate them immediately. Limit how long they’re together, and never leave them alone during this process.
  5. Keep introducing them with supervision, letting them spend more time together with each meeting. You can even give them treats and play with them during this time to help make it a more positive experience. Before you know it, you’ll have two happy cats!

This process can take anywhere from two weeks to six months. If you experience a setback, simply go back to step one. Each cat will respond differently to this huge change, so your patience and perseverance are important.

Rest assured that the time is well worth the result!

Related Questions

Do Ragdoll cats get lonely? While some Ragdoll cats can live happily as the only animal in the home, most of them will become lonely, especially if you are away for extended periods of time. It’s always best to have a companion for your kitty.

Do Ragdolls make good family pets? Yes, they make amazing pets! They’re generally very easy going and love to be around people, including children. Their personality has earned them nicknames like puppy cat.

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