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Home Cat FAQ Is It Okay To Put Two Cats In One Carrier?

Is It Okay To Put Two Cats In One Carrier?

by Simi

is it okay to put two cats in one carrier?Look at the price of a cat carrier, and your two cats, and you might say, “is it OK to put two cats in one carrier” and the answer to this is, yes.

Is It OK to Put Two Cats in One Carrier? You can absolutely put two cats in one large carrier. Small kittens can also go inside a regular-size carrier. You should not do this for more than a few hours, as your cats will need to move around and stretch.

Ready to learn more about how you can safely carry two cats in one carrier? Read on and we can provide you with tips to make the experience safe and productive for all.

How Can I Safely House 2 Cats in One Carrier?

A cross country move, a visit to a faraway place with a pet-friendly hotel, rehoming cats you can no longer keep. The reasoning behind your need to house two cats in one carrier will vary from owner to owner, but the safety precautions behind it will be the same no matter what.

If will be housing your cats in the carrier for travel reasons, the first step should be visiting your vet. You will want to be sure that your cat is healthy enough to make the journey whether you are going by car, plane or other modes of transportation.

This will also make sure your pet is safe to be around other animals and people while on the journey.  Bear in mind that kittens have to be at least 8 weeks old before they can get board a flight.

Make Sure the Carrier Has Enough Space

After your pet has been cleared for travel and is healthy enough to do so, you have to make sure the carrier can hold anything they need to have for the duration of the flight or ride.

After all, you cannot stop the plane to talk to or snuggle your cats if they are feeling nervous or stressed, so be sure they have toys, food, a soft blanket, and a small litter box.

In this instance, it is advantageous to keep them together, as plane rides can be hugely stressful and having a partner-especially if the cats have been bonded since birth-can be a major lifesaver.

Get Your Kitty Used to The Carrier

In order to get your kitty used to the carrier, bring it out long before the trip begins. Place some food inside of it as well as some toys. Let the cats walk in and out of the carrier, explore it, climb on it.

They will soon come to realize the carrier is not an enemy or a “bad guy”-rather it is just a chunk of plastic that is designed to keep them safe during transport.

Place a small blanket in there too. Some cats may even opt to sleep inside it. The goal is to get your cat okay with the carrier so he or she will go in with minimal fuss once the big day arrives.how long can two cats stay in one carrier?

Note That Car Rides Can Be Stressful for Cats

For those of you driving your own car, you can have some leeway with this because there will no doubt be rest stops that you take along the way, but you should still make sure they are as comfortable as can be. Car rides can be stressful for cats, especially those who are indoor cats.

Much like you cannot access your cat while in the air, you will not be able to stop on a busy freeway to comfort your kitties. You might even position their carrier in a spot where you can see them and talk to them while the car is in motion.

In short, so long as your cats can comfortably turn around, use the bathroom eat and lie down in the carrier while together, it is okay to have them together.

Some cats will really enjoy this, as having a companion will make the trip easier. However, there are still a few instances in which cats should not be housed together for a long trip.

When Is It NOT OK to Put 2 Cats into One Carrier?

For starters, you should not put a cat into a carrier if you know he or she will be aggressive to any other animals housed inside that carrier.

The urge to save some money and space may be tempting, but imagine the stress, fear and injuries that your cat could sustain if you attempted to do this.

Furthermore, it could lead to your trip arrival time being delayed if you have to stop and constantly calm the cats as you ride along. In this instance, buy a second carrier or at least borrow one from a friend or family member.

Imagine yourself having to make a long journey to an unfamiliar place with somebody constantly swatting and hissing at you-you too would feel incredibly stressed out.

Make Sure the Carrier Is Not Too Small

Although you may have already discerned this, if the carrier is too small, don’t even try it. Your cat will not feel good and may even cry or experience pain if they are crammed into another carrier with a buddy.

This leads to other animals around them in the aircraft cargo area becoming agitated and upset, and therefore having an uncomfortable trip.

It’s just better all-around to get two cat carriers or opt for a really large one.

Even cats who are laid-back and friendly to one another can get agitated when in tight spaces and stressful situations, so just make extra sure that everybody is comfortable as can be during this time.

What Are Some Ideal Carriers?

Now that you know it’s okay to have your cat hang with a buddy in the right cat carrier, we will now give you a few ideas about some great cat carriers you can pick up in case you don’t already have one available.

NecoiChi Portable Cat Cage

Necoichi Portable Stress Free Cat Cage Always Ready to go!

Click/Tap Here For More Images!

What got us about this particular kennel was that it stated that you can purchase the portable litter box separately.

This one is viewed favorably by heaps of other pet owners with extremely positive reviews and plenty of pictures of happy cats – you can’t go wrong. You can get the NecoiChi Portable Cat Cage here!

Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate Sky Kennel

Click/Tap Here For More Images!

You can order this kennel in a huge size, so you can easily fit a litter box, food, and water inside with no trouble at all! It is held together with metal closures as most airlines will require, but you should always call your airline to verify what is needed before you buy.

This kennel features a 4-star rating and has thousands of happy pet owners providing favorable reviews. It’s durable, easy to clean, and even has a food and water clip-on box for the front.

Your kitties will be able to ride in comfort and arrive safely at your destination. You can get the Petmate Sky Kennel here!

Check with Your Airlines If They Allow Cat Carriers

Furthermore, you may not even be allowed to use a single cat carrier depending on the airline you fly with.

Some will simply not allow it, so if you have already purchased plane tickets check with your airline to see what their policies are. That way you can figure out if you need to purchase two carriers or if one will be okay.

As of this writing, the following airlines will not allow two cats to be carried in one carrier:

Hawaiian Air: Only one adult cat per carrier, two kittens aged 8 weeks to 6 months may ride together

Frontier: One adult cat per carrier, but two kittens aged 8 weeks to 6 months may ride together

Delta: Same rules as Frontier and Hawaiian Air

JetBlue: One adult cat per carrier, may not exceed 20 lbs. total.

Alaska Air: One cat per carrier, may not exceed 20 lbs. total.

Spirit: One adult cat per carrier. May not exceed 40 lbs. in total.

United: One adult cat per carrier.

Meanwhile, the following airlines will allow two cats per carrier:

Southwest Airlines

American Airlines

Be sure that you place a call to your airline or other modes of transportation to get the scoop on how they handle cats in carriers, so you know how to best proceed.

Rules and regulations about air travel change without us consumers even knowing, so it’s best to check with somebody who works there.

Related Questions

Do Cats Prefer Hard or Soft Carriers? 

Cats prefer soft-sided carriers and should only be used for cats that are calm, happy travelers. They love small spaces, so get one that is “just right” for your kitties. The coziness of a smaller-size carrier helps cats feel safe and secure as their journey goes on.

How Long Can A Cat Stay in a Carrier?

In short, you should not keep your cat in the carrier longer than six hours – and that’s for a healthy adult cat. If the trip is longer than that be sure you let them out for food, water, and a bathroom visit.

Should You Cover the Cat Carrier?

Covering the carrier with a blanket or towel may help your pet feel secure and relaxed, as cats like to hide when they feel afraid or uncertain. The darkness that a cloth provides may aid her in feeling safer during a car trip.


It’s okay to put two cats in one carrier-just be sure your airline permits it, your cats get along, and also be sure they are comfortable, happy, and provided with all food, water, and litter box needs.

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