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Home Maine Coon How Loyal Are Maine Coon Cats Really?

How Loyal Are Maine Coon Cats Really?

by Pierre

Are Maine Coons Loyal?It doesn’t take long after bringing your new Maine Coon home to notice that this breed of cat is special. Maine Coons love to spend with their owners and their loyalty starts from your very first moment together.

Maine Coons give their full loyalty to their owners. The true loyalty of the Maine Coon becomes clear when you see your cat interacting with other people, whether it’s your friends or family. While your Maine Coon will be friendly, they’ll usually choose to sit by your side!

The loyalty of Maine Coons is something that you can see and feel through many areas of their interaction and behavior. Once a Maine Coon has chosen their person or family, they will make it obvious that they’re not interested in replacing their favorite humans!

Maine Coons: A Loyal Companion

While Maine Coons are often recognized by their large size and full coat, their real defining characteristic is their unique personality. Maine Coons are not clingy lapcats, but they certainly want a good amount of human interaction.

Unlike some other breeds, Maine Coons are extremely people-friendly. (Read here about 20 facts that make Maine Coons one of the friendliest cat breeds!)

Not only are Maine Coons able to interact with most people, but it’s what they long for. This may not seem to be the case at first since Maine Coons are not known for being lap cats, although they do love a good cuddle!

Just give it a bit of time, and you will see that your Maine Coon enjoys nothing more than following you from room to room.

Maine Coons are so loyal to their human family, that they are often referred to as the dogs of the cat species. They make excellent family pets because they spread their loyalty to each member of the family.

The family member who spends the most time on love and care of a Maine Coon will receive the strongest loyalty.

Once a Maine Coon has been welcomed into a home and family, they will quickly settle in. Maine Coons are intelligent and will pick up right away on family dynamics.

Don’t be surprised to see your Maine Coon comforting a family member feeling down. Their loyalty is active and they want their people to feel the love they have for them.

Maine Coons may take their loyalty to their human family seriously, but they will rarely turn down affection from others!

This means that your friends and family will be able to bond with your Maine Coon, as well. (Not immediately though – more on that later)

Another area where your Maine Coon’s loyalty will shine through is with your other pets. In the first stages of interaction between a Maine Coon and another pet, the Maine Coon will present a strong front without being aggressive.

After a short period of time, however, your Maine Coon will adopt your other pets as their family. Maine Coons are filled with love and loyalty that they share with their whole family.

At the end of the day, you can’t make a better choice than a Maine Coon if you’re looking for loyalty in a cat. As long as you’re willing to give them the proper care and love they desire, you will be repaid in full with their steadfast, lifelong loyalty.

Maine Coons: Family Cats

In addition to the unwavering loyalty, Maine Coons are the ideal cat for growing families. They take their role in the family seriously, and will treat each member will nothing but love and care. This goes for children, as well!

One of the things that make Maine Coons a great cat for children is their desire for affection. Some breeds are more reserved and prefer to keep to themselves, asking for affection infrequently.

While this is suitable for families with adults or older children, it’s not the best option for small children. Maine Coons are gentle and lean into any affection offered, even when if it’s from a small child learning how to handle pets.

Another reason Maine Coons make perfect family pets is that they are super adaptable. Whether family changes include moving houses, adding new members, or changing schedules, Maine Coons are laid back, patient, and able to adjust.Loyalty In Maine Coons

Maine Coons and Visitors

While Maine Coons are generally able to adjust to and get along with new people that come into their lives, they tend to take their time when it comes to new visitors.

You may notice that when visitors come to your home, your Maine Coon seems to fade into the background. It’s not that they’re unsociable, they just prefer interacting with their human family.

Another situation where you may notice a Maine Coon’s full loyalty to its family is when it is cared for by other people. When cat owners travel, they often leave their furry friends at the home of loved ones.

If you decide to take this route with your Maine Coon, their loyalty will shine through.

Maine Coons may exhibit avoidant behavior with people who are new to them. Whether you have visitors at your home or leave your Maine Coon with a loved one, expect them to behave in a more reserved way.

You’ll be sure that your Maine Coon dedicates their full loyalty to you when you see their enthusiastic reaction to finding themselves alone with you again.

Maine Coons have a lot of love to give and they want to give it all to their human family!

The Maine Coon Personality

When thinking about adding an animal companion to your life, it’s always helpful to consider the general personality of the breed you’re considering. Each cat is unique in personality, of course, but traits do exist across breeds.

When it comes to Maine Coons, they are known for being very social and friendly. (Read here about 20 facts that make Maine Coons one of the friendliest cat breeds!)

Some of the main personality traits of Maine Coons which set them apart from other breeds are:

  • Their very calm temperament, which makes them great family pets.
  • Their high intelligence and curiosity. You can even teach them tricks!
  • Their overall friendly demeanor. If you’re open to them, they will surely greet you.
  • Their playfulness. Keep plenty of toys handy and set aside dedicated playtime.
  • Their reputation for being the gentle giants of the cat world!

Maine Coons have no problem being the center of attention and love to entertain. They are very affectionate, vocal, and engaged in what’s happening around them. These cats will make themselves fit in wherever they are!

Maine Coons at Home

Following suit with their loyalty and dedication to their family, Maine Coons are generally well-behaved at home. They are not known for being destructive and their high-intelligence helps them understand that your home is their home too!

Just like humans, Maine Coons prefer that they’re surroundings be neat and tidy. That means their litter box!

Maine Coons are very spontaneous and even silly when it comes to playing and interacting with their family, but they love routine in terms of space. You will notice that your Maine Coon has favorite spots around the house.

Once you identify their hangouts, you can even spruce them up with extra beds or toys.

If a Maine Coon does decide to damage or destroy something, the scale will probably be larger than it would be with other breeds, simply because of their size.

Maine Coons truly are cool, calm, and collected, however, so they’re unlike to go on a rampage of destruction unless they’re scared, sick, or hurt.

Maine Coons make very good indoor cats due to the fact that they respect their space and family. Your Maine Coon will learn the intricacies of your family’s home life in no time, and simply slide right into the mix!

Related Questions

Do Maine Coons need a companion?
While Maine Coons tend to get along very well with other pets, they are also very happy to be the only cat or pet in the house. Maine Coons can live very well as the only cat in a family, as long as they receive adequate care and attention.

Do male and female Maine Coons have personality differences?
Both male and female Maine Coons are very loyal and social, although males are generally more outgoing. Female Maine Coons are just as intelligent as their male counterparts but are less likely to participate in structured training attempts.

Learn here how intelligent Maine Coons truly are!

Do Maine Coons get along with dogs?
Maine Coons take their time in getting acquainted when being introduced to other animals. They are not aggressive but not immediately open to all interaction, either. With time, Maine Coons tend to form close bonds with other pets, including dogs.

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Grant MACKAY September 26, 2019 - 5:30 pm

Hi… We are about to welcome a Maine Coon Kitten into our family.
As a family we are well versed in the care and handling of dogs but a MC is new to us.
We have two dogs to be introduced.. Which I doubt will be a problem handled properly… Our only grey area is the question that.. Given much is made of the MCs loyalty and intelligence etc… Given suitable bonding and integration time with the family… What is your opinion about whether our new Cat would run away if out with us on a walk… Or if given the opportunity through some window left open or such… Given any pet of ours will be well treated and bonded with greatly… If it does happen our cat is loose… Is it likely to run off… Or will we be able to call it or manage to get it to return ?… Any help with this quandary will be appreciated as we always try to include all our pets in our activities if at all possible… And of course sensible… Regards.. G. MACKAY

Pierre October 6, 2019 - 2:47 pm

Hey Grant,

thank you very much for reaching out.

Well, if you let your Maine Coon roam outside freely, or if you leave a window open, there is always a chance that your Maine Coon runs away. However, this very much depends on your Coon’s character and how well you all are bonded, and on how well your Maine Coon knows the situation.

What I mean with that is, even if your Maine Coon has bonded well with you, something outside could scare him/her and he/she runs away while walking with you outside.

Still, it is very unlikely that your Maine Coon chooses to leave you. They all come back if they do not get killed or get stolen (unfortunately, this happens pretty often.)

I don’t want to scare you, I just want to be honest and tell you about the risks.

Here are a couple of our articles that I highly recommend reading in your situation:

Teaching a Maine Coon to walk on a leash in 3 steps
Are Maine Coons good with dogs?
Should you let a Maine Coon outside?
The right time to let a kitten roam free outside

Hope this helps, Grant!

Wish you all the best,



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