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Home Sphynx Cat Do Sphynx Cats Need Clothes? 3 Factors To Consider

Do Sphynx Cats Need Clothes? 3 Factors To Consider

by Rachel

Do Sphynx Cats Need Clothes?Sphynx cats are the fashionistas of the feline world. With a quick internet search, you can find countless images of this breed dressed up in everything from red flannel pajamas to heroic superhero onesies. It is quite adorable, but is clothing a necessity for these nude felines?

Do Sphynx cats need clothes? There is no simple answer to the question since it depends on several factors. Environment, the temperature in the home, and your cat’s body all help dictate if your Sphynx would benefit from a sweater. Generally, if your exposed hands are cold, your Sphynx is probably cold too.

If a sphynx is the cat for you, then continue reading to see if you’ll need to stock up on some tiny clothing for your kitty.

How to tell if my Sphynx needs clothing

Not all sphynx are alike. Some may need an extra layer, while others are fine strutting around in the nude. To help determine if your cat needs clothing, it is important to look at some factors that affect their body temperature.

1. Environment

A sphynx cat living in Texas most likely enjoys basking in the sun’s rays while perched on its favorite windowsill. A sphynx cat living in Alaska most likely enjoys burying itself beneath its owner’s comforter.

This example shows that not all sphynx cats’ situations are the same. It’s pretty obvious that one of these cats needs a sweater, while the other is fine undressed. As an owner, it is necessary to understand the climate in which you live.

Sphynx are sensitive to temperature, so if you live in a generally cold area, stock up on some sweaters. If you live in a warm area, clothing may not be necessary.

2. The temperature in the home

If you want to own a Sphynx cat, you’ll have to keep an eye on that thermostat. Their body temperatures are close enough to our own to determine what is a comfortable temperature. If you feel cold in your home, your sphynx probably feels cold too.

If you enjoy keeping your home cool and walking around in layers, it is best to dress your sphynx in something warm.

Also, pay attention to where your sphynx likes to hang out. Like many cats, your sphynx may enjoy dark, mysterious spots in the home like basements, attics, and garages. These spots are fun for your cat to explore but tend to run colder than the rest of your home. If your sphynx hangs out in these places, clothing is a good option.

Additionally, if you like to turn the heat down when you leave your home during cold months, a sphynx is probably not the best cat for you, since a sweater may not be enough to regulate its body temperature.Clothed Sphynx Cats

3. Your cat’s body

The average body temperature of a sphynx cat is between 99.5 and 102.5 degrees. The cats with body temperature on the lower end of the spectrum often seek out warmth more so than cats on the high end of the body temperature spectrum.

It may be difficult to determine your cat’s overall body temperature, but luckily, there are other easier factors you can monitor to help you decide if your cat needs some clothing.

  • Body hair. It may come as a surprise that not all sphynx cats are completely hairless. Some are born with fine hairs that can help keep in body heat.
  • Age. As cats age, it is more difficult for them to regulate their body temperatures. It is common for older cats to need extra layers while they didn’t need it in their youth.
  • Weight. It is also more difficult for cats that are thin and underweight to keep warm compared to cats of average or above average body weight.
  • Health. Sphynx with short-term illnesses or chronic ailments will lose body heat more quickly than healthy cats. If your cat is under the weather, a sweater could help it feel more comfortable.

Signs your Sphynx is cold

Determining if your Sphynx is cold does not only come down to guesswork. Listed below are common signs that your cat is feeling a bit chilly and needs clothing.

  • They feel cold to the touch. A cat’s body should always feel warm. If you don’t feel body heat coming off of your sphynx, they are cold. Pay extra attention to extremities including paw pads and ear tips, since they will be the first areas to go cold.
  • They avoid walking on hardwood or tile floors. Those little bean toes are not just cute. They are super sensitive. If your sphynx avoids stepping on cold floors, it is time to warm it up.
  • They won’t get off of you. If your sphynx spends an unusually long amount of time nestling in your lap, chances are it’s because your cat is chilly. Yes, they want to be close to you because they love you, but they have another motive- to steal your body heat.
  • They won’t leave their hotspot. From heat vents to comfy beds. From the tops of cable boxes to steamy bathrooms. Hot spots in your home are irresistible to sphynx cats. However, if your cat refuses to move from their favorite warm places, they are probably too cold.
  • They are lethargic. If you notice your sphynx acting sluggish, it may be because they are cold and trying to conserve body heat. Very low body temperature, however, can be a sign of other health issues. Always be aware of behaviors that seem abnormal for your cat.
  • They are shivering. Cats don’t normally shiver unless they are extremely cold. If your Sphynx is shivering, warm them up immediately. Hypothermia is rare, but a danger nonetheless.

Top-rated clothing for Sphynx cats

Now that you have a better understanding of sphynx cats and their temperature needs, you may be interested in stocking up on some warm gear for your feline friend. Listed below are two popular and highly rated sweaters perfect for any sphynx cat.

Evursua Striped Cat Sweaters

Evursua Striped Cat Sweaters Kitty Sweater for Cats Knitwear,Small Dogs Kitten Clothes Male and Female,High Stretch,Soft,Warm

Click/Tap For More Images!

This highly-rated sweater is perfect for any sphynx that might have a chill. It is available in five sizes and there is a size chart on the product page to help you find the perfect fit. Additionally, it comes in both pink and green.

The sweater is a pullover so it is not only easy to put on but stays on your cat. It is made from soft acrylic to keep your cat feeling both warm and comfortable. You can get this awesome cat sweater right here.

Wiz BBQT Knitted Braid Plait Turtleneck Sweater

Wiz BBQT Knitted Braid Plait Turtleneck Sweater Knitwear Outerwear for Dogs & Cats

Click/Tap For More Images!

Here is another customer favorite your sphynx will be sure to love. This sweater is available in six different sizes. It also comes in five different colors so you can find the one that suits your cat’s personality the best.

This sweater is made of acrylic yarn that will keep your cat cozy and warm. This material is easy to wash and durable. If you think this sweater is perfect for your sphynx, get it here.

Other ways to keep your sphynx warm

A cozy sweater can make a big difference when it comes to regulating your Sphynx cat’s body temperature. But, there are plenty of other ways to supplement warmth for your cat. Listed below are some more ideas on how to keep your cat warm in addition to clothes.

  • Sun exposure. Your sphynx will be happy sitting on a perch by a window with plenty of sun exposure. The warming sun rays will heat up your cat's body while they enjoy the birds and squirrels that pass by.
  • Fleece blankets. Sphynx cats love to snuggle up to soft, fleece blankets. This material is excellent when it comes to trapping heat. For extra warmth, place these blankets near heating vents (but not on them) when your home is feeling extra frigid.
  • Heated cat beds. A heated cat bed will keep your cat toasty even in the harshest winter months. Always opt for something highly rated and pet-friendly. Heating pads meant for humans can get too hot and hurt your Sphynx cat’s delicate skin.
  • In your arms. Perhaps the best place to warm up that cold cat's body is in the arms of their favorite human. Your sphynx will love taking some of your body heat, but the best part is that you will strengthen your bond with one another.

Related Questions

What do sphynx cats feel like? These bare felines feel like soft velvet or suede. Their hairlessness comes in a range, so you may feel a few fine hairs on some, while others are completely bald. They are also quite warm. If the cat has not bathed in a while, their skin could feel oily.

What is a sphynx cat’s personality like? Sphynx cats are friendly cats that enjoy companionship. They love curling up by their favorite humans, and not only because they want to steal body heat. This breed is intelligent, curious, and mischievous. Sphynx are best suited for experienced feline owners.

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