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Home Sphynx Cat Do Sphynx Cats Need a Companion?

Do Sphynx Cats Need a Companion?

by Dina

Do Sphynx Cats Need A CompanionSphynx cats are known to be a friendly and affectionate breed that enjoys being the center of attention. This is a breed that loves company – so much so that cat owners often wonder whether Sphynx cats need a feline companion on top of human ones.

Should you get a companion for your Sphynx cat? It depends. If you have long working hours and no other pets, then yes. Having a friend at home will keep your Sphynx cat from getting bored and lonely. But if you are home often, there may not be a need to get a companion for your Sphynx cat.

Before adding another cat into your household, there are many things for you to consider. This includes the breed of the new cat and the proper ways of introducing the two cats to each other. You should also know what to do if your Sphynx cat gets jealous of the new cat.

First, let's decide whether or not you'll be getting another cat.

Deciding whether your Sphynx cat needs a companion

Sphynx cats are highly sociable creatures.

If you already own one, you’d be privy to the personality of the Sphynx cat.

Chances are, your cat greets you enthusiastically at the door and then follow you around the house, just like a puppy would. When you’re on the couch, your Sphynx cat would be nearby or snuggled up right beside you.

Sometimes, your cat would even climb to your shoulder and perch confidently up there. That's not the end of it. When your Sphynx cat craves for your attention, She (or he) will not hesitate to demand some petting by meowing incessantly.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, Sphynx cats can be quite a handful, but if you consider it from another point of view, they’re just furbabies full of love to give. And when they give love, they want it to be returned too.

Now that you understand more about the personality of this breed, let’s look at the circumstances that will affect your decision in getting a companion for your Sphynx cat.

Say no to a companion if…

There are not many reasons for you not to get a companion for your Sphynx cat. The main one, if any at all, would be that your Sphynx cat might prefer to have your attention all to itself.

(Yes, cats do get jealous too!)

Therefore, in the situation that you spend long hours at home (for example, if you’re working remotely on your laptop), and your cat seems perfectly happy to have you as its sole friend, then perhaps it’s better for you to remain with just one kitty cat.

After all, getting another cat is double the responsibility and double the expenses – and it could come with new problems, such as an overly-jealous Sphynx cat. (More on feline jealousy in a later section)

Say yes to a companion if…

Now, if you have a feeling that your Sphynx cat will be happier with another cat, or if you’re unable to give your Sphynx cat all the attention she wants, then you should seriously consider getting a new cat.

Ever heard that two is better than one?

These are some of the benefits of having two cats:

  • The cats can meet their social needs
  • The cats can be exercise buddies
  • The cats are less likely to make mischief
  • The cats are less likely to disrupt you at home
  • The cats can be lifelong friends

Indeed, while you may think that having two cats will cause you twice the trouble, this is not always the case. On the contrary, as your cats will keep each other occupied, they are less likely to do naughty things due to boredom.

If you feel that your Sphynx has been too needy and attention-seeking, this could also be a quick fix for you.Do Sphynx Cats Need A Friend?

What kind of cat breeds will get along with Sphynx cats?

Next comes the question of what kind of cat you should bring into the family.

Above all else, you should be looking for a breed that will match the personality of your Sphynx cat. Not all cat breeds are friendly with other pets. Some are also aloof and unsociable and hence would not meet your main purpose.

Your best bet would be to adopt another Sphynx cat. Cats of the same breed are somewhat similar in terms of personality, so if you want a sociable, friendly and furless ball of energy, just like your Sphynx cat, you know the answer.

That doesn’t mean that you have to rule other cat breeds out, though! Many breeds out there are not picky about the feline friends that they can make.

Here are some cat breeds that have a tendency to get along just fine with other cats:

  • American Bobtail
  • American Shorthair
  • Birman
  • British Shorthair
  • Burmese
  • Devon Rex
  • Maine Coon
  • Norwegian Forest
  • Ragamuffin
  • Ragdoll
  • Scottish Fold
  • Siberian

The right way of introducing two cats

The first few days (and weeks) of two cats meeting each other are crucial.

If you want your Sphynx cat to react well to the presence of a new cat, you need to take the introductory steps very seriously. The new cat shouldn’t just pop into the life of your Sphynx cat without warning. That would be a recipe for disaster.

Follow these steps for introducing two cats:

Step 1: For the first three days, keep the two cats in separate rooms. Both cats should have access to their basic supplies such as food, water, litter, scratching posts and toys. To speed up the process, feed the cats near each other, such as on different sides of the same door. This would allow the cats to associate each other’s smells with a positive experience.

Step 2: After that, switch the locations of the two cats and keep them there for the next three days. Don’t forget to move the cats’ supplies too! Doing this would allow the two cats to get used to each other’s smells. You can also play with the two cats near the door that separates them, again to build up positive associations with the other cat’s smell.

Step 3: After a week, you can let the cats see each other. This may take some improvisation on your part, such as by installing a clear plastic sheet to block the door, or by using a high baby gate. Continue feeding and playing with the cats near each other.

Step 4: Finally, let the two cats meet each other. It’s perfectly fine if they hiss or ignore one another. Just be present to supervise their interactions. Slowly, the cats will learn to become friends.

At any step along this process, feel free to take a step back.

For example, if you notice your Sphynx cat growling under the door in the second step, you could delay the next stage of letting the cats see each other. You could also swop rooms – again – to allow the cats more time to get familiarised with each other’s scents.

Another trick that is used by cat owners is to rub the new cat’s face with a towel, and then leaving this towel near the other cat (the Sphynx cat, in your case). Your Sphynx cat will investigate at its own leisure. Are Sphynx Cats Better In Pairs?

How to stop your Sphynx cat from getting jealous

There have been cases of Sphynx cat owners reporting feline jealousy in a multi-cat household. This jealousy could manifest in several ways.

Here are some examples:

  • The Sphynx cat shows aggression to the new cat
  • The Sphynx cat does not allow the new cat to get close to you
  • The Sphynx cat behaves abnormally, such as urinating outside its litter box
  • The Sphynx cat acts in a destructive manner, such as by shredding furniture or knocking over glasses

If you notice any of these signs, you should take action.

The easiest way to appease a jealous cat is to spend more time with it. Bring out the toys and play with your feline friend. Ensure that your cat understands that you love her just the same, even with the new cat around.

On top of that, you should reward your Sphynx cat when she is behaving well around the new cat. You could give her treats, praises, and attention when it’s spending time near the new cat.

At the same time, you must be careful to ensure that the emotional needs of your new cat are well taken care of too! If this new cat is being bullied, you should ensure that she has a corner where she can feel safe. You may also have to go through another round of the introduction steps.

Remember to persevere! Once you’ve gained success, you’ll come home to happier and also healthier cats.

Related questions

How much does a Sphynx cat cost? One of the most expensive cat breeds in the world, a Sphynx cat can cost around $3,000. Many factors affect this price, such as the reputation of the breeder, and the appearance, age, and health of the Sphynx cat.

Do Sphynx cats get lonely? Yes, Sphynx cats can easily get lonely. This breed needs a lot of attention as they are highly sociable. As such, it’s not recommended to leave Sphynx cats alone for a long period of time.

Do Sphynx cats get cold? This hairless breed gets cold easily, which is why they are always seeking warmth. When the weather is cold, Sphynx cat owners should ensure that a heater is turned on. You could also put kitty clothes on your Sphynx cat to help her stay warm.

If you wanna get your Sphynx cat some awesome clothes, there are 3 factors you should consider. Read this article to learn more!

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