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Home Cat FAQ Do Sphynx Cats Like Water? Why They Have To Like It

Do Sphynx Cats Like Water? Why They Have To Like It

by Simi

do sphynx cats like water?Take a look at any YouTube video featuring an adorable Sphynx in the bathtub with their owner, or just relaxing, and you begin to wonder, do Sphynx cats like water, and the answer is, yes.

Do Sphynx Cats Like Water?  Yes, Sphynx do love water, but not necessarily because it is fun to play in. Sphynx have special needs that require them to bathe on a frequent basis. As a result of these frequent tub times, they grow to enjoy being in warm water.

This is the fast answer to the question. But to really understand why the Sphynx cats enjoy water, and why they even have to, keep on reading.

Sphynx Bathing 101

First, let’s take a look at how and why you bathe a Sphynx cat.

Sphynx are lovable and friendly cats, but they require lots of care-one aspect of which is giving them frequent baths. Remember these guys have very little fur to keep warm.

Us humans can actually relate-we have to layer up in the winter and even hairless cats in cold climes are usually dressed in cute little sweaters. Much like us humans, Sphynx have a very fine layer of hair that is downy in nature.

However, it is certainly not enough to keep them warm or keep oils regulated.

Indeed, this particular breed is notorious for their skin’s oily nature. Oil is produced by other cats too, but the difference is that other cats have a layer of fur that keeps the oils and sweat separated from the skin. Meanwhile, a Sphynx is usually oily and sweaty rather often.

One Bath Per Week

For this reason, your Sphynx will need, at minimum, one bath per week so their skin stays healthy and radiant. You will need to use warm water-not hot-and also find a good medicated pet cleanser that is not overpowering in terms of smell.

Your vet can provide you some good suggestions on various cleansers and shampoos for your Sphynx. This will come in the form of a gel that is designed for cats whose skin is sensitive.

You may also be able to use baby shampoo designed for human children, as this cleanser is formulated to be gentle enough for children and babies with sensitive and delicate skin.

This is also formulated to have neutral pH. Be sure that you speak with your vet beforehand to make sure you pick a safe brand for your pet.why do sphynx cats like water so much?

Get Set, Get Wet

You will begin to notice a reddish greasy substance on your Sphynx after a while. This is the oils and other substances making their presence known on your cat. Once you begin seeing this, it is time to prepare a bath for your cat.

Should you fail to wash your Sphynx, he will end up getting dirty, and this dirt will be passed along to furniture, carpets, people who handle him, and anything he rubs himself on.

Even worse, harmful bacteria and microorganisms will accumulate, and this puts everyone's health at risk. Also, keep in mind that cats are very fastidious and enjoy being clean. Your Sphynx could easily become depressed if he does not feel clean.

Bathing your Sphynx is a lot like bathing other domestic cats. However, the catch is that you must be sure to get into those hard to reach areas where dirt tends to collect more.

Before you actually put your kitty into the bathwater, start by cleaning them with some pet wipes. Some good brands you can look into include Burt’s Bees, Pet Wipes, or Earthbath brand.

Much like a baby wipe works for cleaning kids, a pet wipe helps you get some of that hard to reach dirt off your Sphynx. If your cat hates water, this is another good option for cleaning your pet. It’s great for travel, too.

Make Sure You Take Good Care to Clean Their Eyes, Too

Remember, hairless means they lack eyelashes, so bacteria are more prone to getting into the eye of a Sphynx. Use a clean cloth to do this in lieu of a pet wipe.

Ears are another big one. You should double-check the ears to make sure wax is not building up in there. Sphynx have large ears and cleaning drops can help. Your vet can show you where to buy good ones.

Your vet can show you how to administer the drops, so the wax does not bother your Sphynx.

Now that the “pre-wash” is complete, here’s how to help your Sphynx get the most out of his bath and enjoy the warm water as it surrounds his skin.

You as a human can relate to this: just think of how good it feels to stand in a warm shower or swim in a pool that is not too hot, and not too cold.

Start by Getting Your Bathtub Ready to Go

It can be a bucket or baby tub; even a plastic storage tote is fine. Make sure your pet fits comfortably and fill it with warm water, but don’t fill it completely. You want to make sure your cat can stand up without drowning.

Make it a nice, warm temperature-not too hot and not too cold. Sphynx have sensitive skin. Now get them ready by gently lowering them into the tub. Get them wet all over the body, but do not wet the head. Add some soap and be sure to wash the legs and the belly.

You can use a cup or gentle spray hose for this-rinse them off with LOTS of water. Make sure you get all the pet soap off.

Now you can wash the head. It is important you are careful with this: do not get soap in the eyes. If your Sphynx is becoming fearful, use a wet cloth and gently wipe their head down.

Afterward, use a fluffy and soft towel to take your Sphynx out of the water. Carefully dry him off and make sure the skin is completely dried.

The result? One clean cat who feels refreshed and looks great.

Related Questions

Are There Any Cats That Like Water?

Yes, other cats like the Turkish Angora, Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon, and Bengal felines all love being in water. These breeds enjoy or do not mind getting wet. Understand, however, that every cat is different-even cats of these breeds may not care for water. 

Are Sphynx Cats Mean?

Not at all. Sphynx are known for being lovable and friendly. They love to be with their owners.  They will snuggle with you, relax with you, and come to greet you when you get home. They are great with kids, family members, and other animals in your home.

Can Sphynx Cats Be Left Alone?

Sphynx are very social cats, and they will adapt well to other pets in your household. They work well with other cats and dogs you may already have. However, they need lots of attention at all life stages and should not be left alone, as they get lonely.


To see a Sphynx cat in water is fascinating because it smashes the old belief that cats simply do not like water.  Sphynx certainly enjoy water because of the warmth it brings, and really like it because it helps them stay neat, clean and happy.

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