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Home Siamese Cat Do Siamese Cats Meow A Lot?

Do Siamese Cats Meow A Lot?

by DeAndra

Do Siamese Cats Meow A Lot?The Siamese cat is known for meowing quite a lot. However, is that really true?

Do Siamese Cats Meow A Lot? Yes they do, they are one of the cat breeds that is known for its talkative nature. The Siamese is a high maintenance cat that requires much time and attention. Their meowing has much to do with this personality trait.

They demand that you take their needs seriously and if you don’t, they will tell you about it. Despite this fact, their loving and playful personality endears them to all the people that have a Siamese running their home.

If your Siamese is chattering too much for your nerves or you want further information before welcoming a new Siamese, read further so that you can understand your cat and give it the attention that it needs.

Pinpoint the issue

Whenever your feline is meowing too much, it is important to pinpoint what exactly their problem is. Sometimes this is easy, like when you sleep in for 30 minutes past their breakfast, and they demand that you get your lazy human body up.

Sometimes it is harder to know what is going on. I have a list that I use every time my non-Siamese nosy kitty starts talking.

Kittys in particular like their food given to them at the same time every day and for their water bowl to be fresh and full at all times. These are the first things that I look for once my cat starts talking.

Then there is the litter. Unless your feline is one of those that uses the toilet, frankly I don’t have the strength to deal with that, then upkeep on the litter box is important. (The right litter box is important as well – here is our litter box guide)

Make sure to clean it frequently, by frequently I mean at least once a day. If you have more than one cat, then preferred cleaning is throughout the day. A Cat Genie or a homemade sealing contraption is perfect for multiple kitty households.

Since cats are creatures of habit, then any change in the house will cause them distress. It will be easy to pinpoint because they will meow at the offending difference as if trying to will it to getting back to its original form.

If it isn't something that has changed or a base need, then it is time to engage them with play and pets. Play is vital to any cat, but especially those that are highly intelligent such as the Siamese.

Whether that is with the typical stick and feather toy, laser pointer, or playing fetch it creates further bonding with your little fur baby.

If you notice that your cat sounds like it is in pain or you can not pinpoint the exact reason for their talking then a trip to the vet is in order so that you can ensure yourself that nothing else is wrong with them.

Siamese Personality

The Siamese if you please are a highly sociable breed of kitty coo that amazes their owners with their ability to get into everything in the household.

Think that your items behind doors are safe from this feline, they will surprise you when you come home to those clothes all over the floor with your cat looking at you with that deal with it look.

The reason for this playful and vocal energy is that the Siamese is a highly intelligent breed of cat that needs stimulation regularly.

Whether that comes from play, walking on a leash (yes they can), or from frequent attention from their family, the Siamese needs activity. That battery operated laser pointer isn't going to do the trick.

While cartoons might depict them as aloof and downright mean that isn’t the case. They love their family and can have a good relationship with other animals in the household.

The ‘can’ is there because the other fur babies have to understand that the Siamese is the King or Queen of the house and everyone around must realize the need to fall to their knees in worship.

Don’t worry the Siamese is a generous ruler who will love you just as much as you love them and make you laugh along the way.Siamese Cats Talking

Understand the breed before you bring one into your home

While you might like the look of a cat, you need to research to make sure the typical personality of the breed that you want is congruent to who you are and the household in which you live.

The Siamese is a high maintenance cat that requires recurrent attention from you as their human. While kitties are thought to be loners, anyone that has one knows that isn’t the case, especially so for the needy Siamese.

It's not their fault though. It was a survival instinct developed over time that taught cats that if they communicated with the humans, they would get what they need.

Smart survival instincts that made them one of the top breeds in the western world. You can read here how smart they really are.

Even their meow is less of a typical meow and more like a baby crying. It triggers that part in the human brain to respond to their offspring.

They will be the dominant cat in the household if you have more than one pet. Often wanting attention over other animals and sometimes even children. To gain this attention, they will meow and chitter until it is given.

Take a look at your current situation or your personality before adopting a cat in a household where it doesn't fit. If you have high anxiety or are not home often then this is the not the cat for you.

I don't want you to be on your knees crying out ‘Why are you meowing so much, what do I need to do!' And the kitty not getting the care that this breed needs.

However, if you have always wanted a Siamese baby then read further on how and what to do to save both of your nerves.

Help your Siamese quiet down

While they are just talkative cats, there are ways to limit the behavior so that your ears can get a rest. First, use the steps above to see if you can pinpoint the source of their agitation and alleviate the problem.

If there is no health issue and your kitty wants attention, then there are ways for you to train them so that they understand when and how to request the pets.

Do not ever hit or spank your cat in the effort to quiet them down. It will do nothing for the Siamese's meowing and will merely break the trust that they have with you.

It is not the Siamese's fault that they were breed and taught to be this way by human beings. Just don't, please.

Instead, observe their behavior. I recently adopted a non-Siamese HEAVY talker. I had no idea what to do since I have never had a cat like this before. Mornings and night after five on the dot tend to be the wailing times.

Knowing that he was healthy and not in heat, I would repeat food, water, litter, play in my head so many times it's a song. I figured out that he wanted me to come to him.

He will go into the other room and then yell for me to go to him, perking up once I walked in the room. The main issue is my other cat, which is very dominant.

It couldn't do, and I had to train him how to garner attention in a different way that wouldn’t make me his beck and call servant.

Have you seen a child get on their belly then proceed to kick and scream until they get their way? The same behavior is happening.

First I made sure that all of his basic needs are there. Then I implemented paying attention to him when he was quiet. The action shows them that they do not have to yell for attention, it will be given just because.

I also make dead sure to pet him once he does come to me on his own accord.

If he is needlessly yelling at me, I will make sure to call him into the room that everyone is in to make sure he knows that he is a part of this family, not a separate entity.

It is still a process, but so far it is yielding significant results, and I want to pass this trick on to those who need it.

If all else fails, keep this in mind. A tired kitty is a quiet kitty. Just play.

Related questions

Are Siamese cats more aggressive? Siamese cats are very territorial and dominate towards other animals in the household. They require a good deal of attention and will push some different animal out of the way to get it. Make sure to pay lots of attention to them so that they will not display this aggression on your other fur babies.

Do Siamese cats like to be held? This kitty is a very affectionate cat to their chosen human and love to be held or lap naps. They want to be near you as often as possible, so just let them lounge on your lap when you are watching tv or working if you can manage it. It will create a deeper bond between you both.

Do Siamese cats get attached to one person? Typically Siamese is a one on one type of cat that bonds with a solitary person in the household. Not that they hate everyone else, but they just have their favorite person.

We explain this in more detail here.

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