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Home Siamese Cat Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

by Pierre

Do Siamese Cats Like Water?Cats are often shown having a strong aversion to water (cue the image of a cat running away from a spray bottle). However, Siamese cats may not be so quick to flee from a little wetness. They may go beyond tolerating water. Could they enjoy it?

Do Siamese cats like water? Yes, Siamese cats are a breed known for liking water. Even if a Siamese seems to dislike being wet, they will almost never shy away from playing with water.

Though this behavior may seem strange, it is common for this breed. Discussed below are some reasons to help understand Siamese cats and their relationship with water.

Why do Siamese cats like water?

One main reason is that it is fascinating. Siamese cats are curious animals. They love exploring new things almost as much as they love talking.

To them, a running faucet is something to investigate. When most Siamese notice dripping water, they cannot resist playfully pawing at the droplets falling into the sink.

Instinct is another factor as to why you can’t keep your Siamese from water. In the wild, cats find moving water by relying on their hearing as opposed to their sight.

That’s because cats can hear running water better than they see stagnant water. Their water bowl isn't as appealing. However, they can detect the sound of water anywhere in the house.

Also, running water means fresh water. It’s in a cat’s DNA to seek out running water. It’s much safer to drink than lapping up something from a puddle.

While on the subject of drinking, Siamese cats prefer the taste of running water to the water in their bowl. Stagnant water can collect dust, or develop a bad taste if bacteria is in their dish. In opposition, running water is cold, fresh, and oxygenated.

How to tell if your cat likes water

It will be pretty obvious pinpointing if your Siamese likes water. If you’re not sure, pay attention to their behavior around water, and you’ll soon know the answer. Listed below are some ways to tell if your cat is a lover of H2O.

  • Your Siamese plays with their water bowl. A water bowl can be like a toy to Siamese cats. They love the reflective surface. Also, it’s fun to splash around and of course make a mess. Keep in mind that playing with water could also be a way for your Siamese to test the water’s freshness. Always keep your Siamese cat’s bowl fresh and clean.
  • You find them examining toilets or freshly used bathtubs. Siamese, like most cats, love hanging out in the bathroom. Not only do they love the smooth surfaces on their paw pads, but there are plenty of spots to lap up some water. Remember to keep toilet lids down if you prefer your Siamese not have a drink from the potty.
  • Your Siamese licks the water faucet. Nothing will hypnotize your Siamese quite like a slowly dripping faucet. Cats can’t resist pawing at the drops that fall. Additionally, your Siamese may prefer drinking from the faucet. As previously mentioned, cats favor running water.

If your Siamese steers clear of water, it is also considered normal behavior. You can help bring out this innate curiosity by introducing your cat to water as a kitten.

Fill a bathtub or sink with an inch of warm water and see if they like to play in it. Still, never force your feline to do something they dislike. It will cause distrust and leave both you and kitty feeling troubled.Siamese Cats Play With Water

Letting your cat indulge in their love of water

If your Siamese loves playing with water, then don’t stop them! Giving them the means to feed their curiosity will keep them happy. It will also keep them from getting bored, spilling their bowl of water, and leaving you with a wet floor.

  • Buy them water filled toys. A quick internet search can lead you to many different types of water filled toys that your Siamese cat will love. You can also make a homemade version by filling up a small water bottle half way. Just make sure the cap is on tightly.
  • Get your Siamese a cat fountain. Your Siamese cat will enjoy this flowing water at eye level. As a bonus, it’s shown cats will increase their water intake when running water is available. Your Siamese will not only be happy but hydrated.
  • Leave the bathroom door open. Letting your cat in the bathroom while you bathe is one way to satisfy their water curiosity. Many Siamese love to watch water droplets hit glass shower doors. If you’re in the bath, your Siamese might like sitting on the edge of the tub admiring the calm water. As long as you don’t mind the possibility of your cat sharing your bath with you, the company is always welcome.

What other cat breeds enjoy water?

Siamese cats are far from the only breed that has a fascination for water. Listed below are some more felines who don’t mind getting their fur wet.

  • Maine Coons. The gentle giants of the cat world were made to adventure outdoors. This does not exclude exploring water. They love to scoop water with their paws. Those big fluffy paws, however, can make quite a slippery mess.
  • Bengals. The Bengal cat is an exotic and highly intelligent breed. They are fond of water and may learn how to turn the faucet on.
  • Abyssinians. The Abyssinian is an old cat breed and excellent at swimming. They originated in Africa and have spent many generations as mouse catchers on ships traveling the open sea.
  • Turkish Vans. They have earned the nickname of the “swimming cat”. Turkish Vans used to fish for prey, thus evolving with an affinity for water.
  • Manx. Manx are bobtailed beauties from the Isle of Man. It’s only natural that these islander cats are comfortable splashing around in the water.

Though some cats tend to have more of a fascination with water than others, it is no guarantee your cat will love water simply because of its breed. All cats have unique personalities, which is a big reason why we can’t get enough of them.

Related Questions

What are some different types of Siamese cat? Though Siamese have distinctive sky blue eyes, their fur comes in many different patterns. The coloring of their face, tail, ears, and paws is called “points”. They vary from nearly black to pink-tinged. Some common types are lilac points, chocolate points, seal points, flame points, and cream points.

Are Siamese cats more aggressive? Siamese are a notoriously aggressive breed of cat. They like to be in control of their surroundings, meaning they have territorial tendencies. They often do not want to share the affections of their favorite human. Strangers or other animals should be wary when it comes to Siamese cats.

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What are some Siamese cat behaviors? These stunning cats are quite intelligent and can be trained more easily than other breeds. They love their humans, enjoy lots of interaction and crave attention. Siamese also do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Additionally, they are chatty cats. If you love a cat that speaks its mind, a Siamese cat is a perfect choice.

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