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Home Cat FAQ Do Siamese Cats Like To Climb? Why This Is Important!

Do Siamese Cats Like To Climb? Why This Is Important!

by Nevena

Do siamese cats like to climb?Despite their slim build and elegant appearance, Siamese cats are a highly energetic and agile breed. While their slim legs don’t seem super strong they are powerful enough to give the Siamese acrobatic skills such as leaping into the air, jumping, and climbing.

So, do Siamese cats like to climb? Siamese cats love to climb, and they are capable of scaling almost every surface. In fact, they enjoy climbing so much, that they will use any piece of your furniture to practice their climbing skills. So don’t be surprised if you find your kitty scaling your drapes.

In this article, we will tell you why do Siamese cats like to climb so much. You will also learn how to discourage your kitty from climbing on tables and countertops. And what you can do to offer your cat safe climbing alternatives.

Why Do Siamese Cats Like To Climb?

How many times did you turn your entire house inside out looking for your cat, only to find her perched on an elevated surface? Siamese cats love to climb, and you will probably find your kitty above ground level most of the time.

There are several reasons why Siamese cats like to climb.

Climbing on an elevated spot gives your cat a chance to survey and watch over her territory. In most cases, countertops and shelves are ideal areas for this type of surveillance work.

On the other hand, your Siamese can also climb on drapes, furniture, or bookshelves to escape from another pet or a visitor. Some cats will frantically climb on any available surface if something is scaring them and they are trying to find a way out.

All cats feel the need to climb on higher surfaces to get a better view of their prey, either birds or mice. And even if your Siamese is an indoors only cat, this instinct and need for climbing remain the same as in wild cats.

Finding warm and cozy areas to sleep and nap in is another reason why your Siamese cat likes to climb. The top of the refrigerator and tables often provide warm, secluded, and safe places for your cat to rest comfortably.

If your cat goes outdoors, the ability to climb is crucial for her survival and will give her an upper hand if she needs to escape predators.

How To Give Your Siamese Cat More Vertical Space To Climb?

Siamese cats have a natural urge to climb, thus, it is best not to suppress your cat’s climbing and jumping behavior.

If your cat doesn’t have suitable surfaces to climb on, she can become bored, depressed, develop anxiety or any number of behavioral problems.

Furthermore, cats that don’t have adequate climbing and jumping furniture are more likely to become overweight due to the lack of exercise.

If you don’t want to see your Siamese climbing on your furniture, consider investing in kitty furniture. Any of the following options is a must-have when you are living with a Siamese cat:

  • Cat tree: Is a type of vertical furniture for indoor cats, which will encourage your cat to jump and climb. Cat trees can either be small or tall and come in a variety of different designs. When it comes to Siamese cats, you should opt for a tall cat tree that has multiple levels and several perches.
  • Cat condos: Look almost the same as cat trees, with one main difference. Besides several levels and perches, they also have an enclosed sleeping area, better known as a condo. Cat condos offer vertical surfaces for climbing but can also serve for sleeping, napping, or resting. Most Siamese love cat condos, so you can’t go wrong regardless of the model you choose.
  • Perches: Featuring a shelf-like design, kitty perches can be attached to any wall and are a great option for a cat that likes to jump. Furthermore, you can set up the perch by a window and give your Siamese a chance to graze outside and watch birds.

And if you don’t want to spend money on any of these cat climbers, you can opt for building one yourself.should I let my siamese cat climb?

How To Discourage Your Siamese Cat From Climbing On Furniture?

Siamese cats are naturally graceful and move like acrobats, so it is highly unlikely that your cat will destroy some of your belongings while climbing on shelves. However, some people don’t like seeing their cats near their valuables, and that is completely fine.

However, you should never yell, punish, or hit your cat just because she wants to climb on tables and bookshelves. There are many “environmental punishers” which will “scare” your cat from climbing on banned areas.

The most effective ones are:

  • Double-sided tape: Cats don’t like the feel of double-sided tape and you can use it on things you want to keep your Siamese off of.
  • Booby traps: You can place cookie sheets on the edge of the counter as a booby trap that will dissuade your cat from climbing on it. Basically, when your cat lands on the sheets they will move and possibly topple over, which will create an unpleasant noise. Your cat will jump down onto the floor and won’t be harmed in any way.
  • Commercial deterrents: These devices work similarly and their sole purpose is to prevent your cat from climbing onto forbidden surfaces. And the great thing about them all is that they will work every time regardless of you being at home or not.

Don’t forget to provide safe climbing alternatives such as cat trees and perches for your Siamese once you start using “environmental punishers”. This way your cat will learn which areas are safe for climbing and which are off-limits.

What Are The Benefits Of Climbing?

Understandably, you don’t want to see your cat scaling your drapes or climbing on your table for every meal. But it is extremely beneficial to make sure that your cat has safe climbing surfaces.

If you have a Siamese kitten, climbing is one of the ways he will learn about his skills and abilities. It will also improve his balance and work on building his muscles and flexibility.

When it comes to adult Siamese cats, climbing is foremost fun! But it is also a good exercise and will give your cat a chance to reach those high areas where she feels safe.

Related Questions

Do Siamese cats like to be held? Yes, the Siamese likes to be close to its owner and to be held. They crave companionship and like to cuddle with their owners. While they like to lay in laps and be petted they are also very playful and love interacting with people.

Do Siamese cats need a companion? The Siamese is a very social cat that seeks constant attention and companionship. They love being close to their owners and don’t like being left alone. This breed needs a companion in order to stay happy and content so consider getting another pet if you aren’t at home for longer periods of time.

Do Siamese cats bite more? Siamese cats are more sensitive compared to other breeds and when they experience a change in mood they tend to bite. They will bite more when they are overstimulated, irritated, or petted in a way they don’t like it. Try to understand your cat’s mood or you will end up bitten sooner or later.

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