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Home Siamese Cat Do Siamese Cats Get Attached To Only One Person?

Do Siamese Cats Get Attached To Only One Person?

by Dina

Do Siamese Cats Get Attached To Only One Person?The royal-looking Siamese cat is known for its affectionate nature. However, have you noticed that your Siamese cat is highly attached to one particular person? If you’re wondering whether this is normal, here’s your answer:

Do Siamese Cats get attached to one person? Siamese cats are known to “choose” a favorite person with whom it will be very attached to. This is normal behavior for a Siamese cat, but it’s not always the case. There are also Siamese cats that bond well with all members of the family quite equally, so it really depends on the personality of the Siamese cat.

Below, we’ll explore the many ways that a Siamese cat will show its attachment, how the Siamese cat chose its favorite person, how to deal with an overly-attached kitty, and whether a Siamese cat can be left alone without the main subject of its attachment.

The ways a Siamese cat will show its attachment

It quite obvious when a Siamese cat gets attached to you. As these cats are sociable and affectionate by nature, their attachment will not be kept elusive.

First and foremost, a Siamese cat would love nothing better than to follow its favorite person around the house. It’s almost as if they are supervising your every move, from the living room to the bedroom and perhaps even the bathroom.

These cats are not into the aloof, hands-off approach, either. They’d jump on your lap when you’re seated, and night in bed, they’d either be at your feet or under the covers beside you. These people-oriented busybodies love interacting with you in as many ways as they can.

As a Siamese cat is also very active, you’ll definitely feel their presence. They’d prefer to keep themselves entertained by spending productive time with you instead of snoozing at a corner. When a Siamese cat is feeling bored, it’ll demand your attention and even seek you out to play.

Not only will you see your Siamese cat, but you’ll also hear them! Siamese cats are extremely talkative. They’ll emanate all kinds of sounds, from sharp chirps and long-drawn meows to loud yowls.

Some say that these cats are opinionated as they chatter endlessly about the weather, the bird out the window, their favorite food (here is our guide on that), their bowel movements… you get the idea! They’d even respond in between your sentences, assuring you that someone’s listening intently to you.

These are other ways that a Siamese cat will express its love:

  • He/She will purr with contentment when you are petting it
  • He/She will roll itself on the ground, exposing its belly
  • He/She will butt you with its head or cheeks
  • He/She will knead you gently – or at least knead in your presence
  • He/She will bring you special gifts, even if it’s undesirable to you (like mice!)
  • He/She will look at you with wide open eyes and blink slowly
  • He/She will approach you with a straight tail, the end slightly tipped
  • He/She will lick your skin, hair or clothing

As you can see, a Siamese cat will make a wonderful home companion, especially if you’re looking for a feline best friend. (Yes, a cat can be a man’s best friend too!) Their ability to bond and connect deeply with one person is certainly heart-warming.Siamese Love For One Person

How a Siamese cat chooses its favorite person

The answer to this question is not what you might think.

A lot of people have the idea that cats are selfish creatures (the blasphemy!) and they’d only show love to the people who feed them… because they want to receive more food.

Of course, a Siamese cat definitely won’t choose a person who's mean to it – but it’s interesting to know that when presented with two friendly humans, a Siamese cat doesn’t necessarily pick the human who feeds it regularly. Many Siamese cat owners share that their kitty got attached to a single person right from the beginning, and for no apparent reason.

Try as you can to be the stand-up guy who pours the kibble and clean the cat poop – your Siamese cat will not budge from snuggling close to your partner (instead of you) when in bed.

Don’t blame the kitty, though!

The cat might not even know why it picks someone over the other. Perhaps the connection is… just a feeling that can’t be explained. The same way you’re drawn towards a particular person as a friend or a partner, or even the way you prefer a particular color over the other.

What to do if your Siamese cat is overly-attached

A cat’s attachment is cute and heartwarming, but at times, it can get overwhelming. This is especially so for cat owners who are busy with work and other commitments and are unable to give the Siamese cat the attention it craves.

A good solution would be to attempt to reduce your cat’s attachment – or clinginess and neediness – to you. How do you do this?

Here are some ideas:

  • Firstly, avoid giving your feline prolonged attention, such as by petting it for hours as you watch the TV. Instead, give it small intervals of more intense attention – such as by playing an interactive game of fetch with it.
  • Secondly, do not entertain your cat when it demands your attention in a way that it is undesirable to you. For example, if you notice that your Siamese cat scratches the sofa so that you’ll react to it – then don’t react. You do not want to encourage bad behavior. 
  • Thirdly, if you have the means, consider hiring a pet sitter for your Siamese cat. Being highly sociable beings, your Siamese cat may be bored and lonely when nobody’s home during the day. This makes it extra clingy when you’re back.

Apart from changing the way that you behave around your cat, you can also give your cat other forms of entertainment. After all, your Siamese cat would stick close to your side simply because it has nothing better to do. Change this by making your house more exciting for your little friend.

Here are some ideas:

  • Two words: cat toys! Buy or make a variety of cat toys for your Siamese cat and leave some around the house. These could be rattling toys, feather toys, puzzles, tunnels and boxes. Do rotate the toys so your cat won’t get tired of the same old ones.
  • Hide treats or kibbles around the house. This will keep your Siamese cat on the prowl around the house for its next reward.
  • Create a conducive area by the window for your cat to sit and watch the world go by. This could come in the form of cat perches. Siamese cats are great jumpers and they’re not afraid of heights, so you can be creative!

Whatever it is, do not punish your cat for being overly-attached. Yelling at the kitty or pushing it away will erode the trust that has been built. Just remember that your loving Siamese cat does not deserve that sort of treatment.Siamese Cat Affectionate Behavior Towards One Human

Can Siamese cats be left home without its favorite person?

What is possibly the toughest thing for the “chosen” cat owners to do would be to leave their loving Siamese cat behind for days.

The guilt is real when you need to travel. As your kitty will not understand that you’re on holiday, it will wait patiently (or impatiently) for your arrival, getting confused when you don’t come through the door as you normally would. Some Siamese cats would also experience separation anxiety, causing them to eat less and fall ill.

As a responsible cat owner, what should you do?

The first thing to consider if you're a frequent traveler is to get a feline companion for your Siamese cat. Friendly by nature, Siamese cats live well alongside other pets.

Cat breeds to consider would be another Siamese, or perhaps a Persian, Birman, Ragdoll or Ragamuffin. Bear in mind to introduce them well so that your Siamese cat will not get jealous!

You can also leave behind some scented items that belong to you, such as a t-shirt that has been slept in. Put it where your cat normally sleeps. This could be comforting to your kitty.

Of course, while you’re away, make sure that other members of the house (or the cat sitter) will give your Siamese cat extra love and affection! While they will not take your place, they will alleviate loneliness within the cat.

The cat’s usual routine, such as its feeding time, playtime and grooming session should also be kept as per normal. This would minimize more stress caused by environmental changes.

Related Questions

Do Siamese cats meow a lot? Definitely, yes! Siamese cats are known to be talkative. It's a way that these outgoing cats express itself and socialize with you.

Do cats know their owners love them? If your cat is showing you affection (such as by grooming you or rubbing itself against your leg), it is probably in return for the love and care that they feel from you.

Where did Siamese cats come from? As the name suggests, Siamese cats come from Thailand (which is formally known as Siam) roughly around the 14th century.

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