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Home Cat FAQ Savannah Cats LOVE Water! What This Means For You

Savannah Cats LOVE Water! What This Means For You

by Carin

Do Savannah cats like water?Savannah cats are one of the most elegant and striking cat breeds. Their personalities and antics can also be quite different from the usual domestic cat breeds, even when it comes to water.

So, do Savannah cats like water? Most Savannah cats love being in or playing with water. There are some Savannahs that will even swim in swimming pools! Some Savannah cats love playing in water so much that they even play with the water in their water bowl or shower with their owners.

Savannahs really are a breed on their own!

So what does that mean for you? Should you go showering with you Savannah? Can and should you bathe your Savannah? Continue to read to learn more about this! We also compiled some safety tips for you when letting your Savannah cat play with water.

Do Savannah Cats Like Water?

Many Savannahs will put their toys into water and practice “fishing” them out again. The same goes for real fish you may keep as pets. (Make sure that your aquarium is securely closed at all times to avoid Nemo being caught for lunch).

When it comes to running tap water, you’ll often find that your Savannah cat can teach itself to open taps or flush the toilet.

You should be very careful to always keep the toilet closed — especially when your Savannah is still a kitten — as they may jump into the toilet and get hurt or even drown because they can’t get out.

You will also find that the cat breeds that Savannahs are initially bred from also include cats that like water.

Can I Bathe My Savannah?

One of the main reasons why people want to know whether Savannahs — or any cat really — likes water, is to know how easy or difficult it would be to give them a bath when they need one.

The good news is that, yes, you can give your Savannah cat a bath and, if they are one of the lower F-definitions, they will probably enjoy their bath quite a lot!


How Do I Bathe My Savannah?

Bathing your Savannah is quite simple, but you should start getting your cat used to bathing from as young as possible. This will ensure that they are not scared of being washed or dried, for example.

Even though Savannahs are quite large cats — especially the lower F-definition and “wilder” ones — they mostly make bathing more of a game than acting like the world is going to fall apart because they got wet.

If your Savannah is really keen on water, you can also add a few “bath toys” for them to play with before you start washing them. Try plastic balls or rings. Steer clear of fabric and catnip toys, though!

Here is a step-by-step guide to giving your Savannah a bath:

  1. Get together all the paraphernalia that you will need when bathing a cat — cat shampoo, towels, etc. Don’t forget the cat!

  2. You can use a bathtub, a baby bath or sink to give your Savannah a bath in. Just make sure that they are not too large for the container if you’re not bathing them in the bath!

  3. Kittens, however, should rather be washed in a sink or baby bath as your control over them is a lot better then.

  4. Fill the bath or sink with lukewarm water so that the water will not cover more than half their legs if they are kittens, and a quarter or so if they are fully grown.

  5. Before placing your Savannah in the water, make sure to test it first with your elbow or wrist. This will immediately tell you if the water is too hot.

  6. Place your Savannah in the water (if they don’t jump in by themselves!), and make sure that they are comfortable before starting to wash them. This is where a few toys can come in handy.

  7. Only use a specially formulated kitten or cat shampoo to wash your Savannah. Anything too harsh can irritate their skin.

  8. Use only a little shampoo at a time to wash your cat. Too much shampoo and you'll struggle to wash it all off. Don’t wash their face though. If needed, use a moistened facecloth or pet wipe to clean around the eyes, the cheeks and around the mouth.

  9. Once you have thoroughly rinsed all the shampoo from their coat, pick them up out of the bath and start drying them with towels. Remember that you don’t have to have them 100% dry as they are still going to groom themselves. Aim for about 90-95% dry.

  10. You may use a hairdryer on your cat to speed up the process, but — and this is of utmost importance — use only the cool setting otherwise you could badly burn your Savannah cat.

Other Ways Of Cleaning Your Savannah Cat

Yes, there is another commonly used way to clean your Savannah cat and that is to use a moist face cloth. This works especially well if it’s just a little dust or dirt that you want to get rid of

You can also use a little bit of cat shampoo on the cloth and use it quite wet in order to form a bit of lather. However, if you do this, make sure that you wipe all the shampoo from them, otherwise, the soap could also lead to irritation.

Not to mention that they’ll swallow it when they groom themselves.

If you have them at hand, pet wipes can also be used to clean your Savannah. However, just because pet wipes and baby wipes may look the same, remember that you may accidentally use fragrances on your cat that irritate their skin if you try using baby wipes.

This brings us to some other safety precautions and tips for your Savannah cat and water.can I bathe my savannah cat?

Water Safety Tips For Your Savannah Cat

If you know that your Savannah cat loves playing in water — or even swimming, there are some precautions that you should take to make sure that they are safe around water.

Don’t leave them alone around water.

Just as with children, it’s best not to leave your Savannah alone around water, whether it’s a filled bathtub or a swimming pool. It’s more fun to swim with your Savannah than sitting on the sideline in any case, haha! Watch out for those claws!

Skip the bubble bath and harsh or fragranced soap.

If your Savannah likes to play with your bath water or even shower with you, make sure that you don’t use harsh soaps that can irritate their skin. It’s also a good idea to skip using the bubble bath as it can also irritate their skin.

Although you don’t need to suddenly bath with cat shampoo, opt for those soaps or shower gel that are free of sulfates and the like — it’s also better for your skin.

They’ll probably also enjoy not smelling your newest bath bomb.

If your  Savannah likes it, give him/her a bath whenever it’s needed.

If your Savannah does get dirty (or take a plunge in bath water with bath oil or bubble bath), you can give them a bath.  The good thing is that, other than most domestic cats, they will actually enjoy getting a bath.

Remember their rubber ducky!

Related Questions

Which Breed Of Cat Likes Water?

Besides the Savannah cat, there are various other breeds that like water — or at least seem to not mind water. These breeds include the Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Turkish Angora, Japanese and American Bobtail, Manx, American Shorthair, Turkish Van, and Bengal cats.

Are Savannah Cats Dangerous?

Most of the Savannah cats which are kept as pets are more than four generations removed from the Serval ancestor, meaning they are above F4. Some sources, state that most Savannah cats are F8 and beyond. This makes Savannah cats no more dangerous than any other domestic feline.

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