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Home Ragdoll Cat Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

by Pierre

Do Ragdolls Get Along With Other CatsRagdolls are known for their beautiful blue eyes, soft fur, friendly demeanor, and their unconditional love for people. But do they play well with other cats? I decided to find out!

Do Ragdoll cats get along with other cats? Yes, absolutely! Ragdoll cats are extremely affectionate with people, other cats and sometimes even dogs. In fact, if your Ragdoll is left home alone a lot, you should definitely get your kitty a furry friend.

Not only do Ragdolls get along well with others, but it’s a necessity that they have constant companionship whether that be with people or other cats. However, there’s a lot you need to know and consider before introducing your kitty to a new friend. But first, let’s see why Ragdolls love other cats so much.

Why Ragdolls Play Well with Others

There are a lot of reasons why Ragdolls get along with other cats. The first reason is that they are extraordinarily friendly and need lots of social interaction. They love everyone and everything and are always ready to play or cuddle.

Another reason they get along with other kitties so well is that they rarely hiss, bite, or scratch. Does your kitty have those play eyes on? You can rest assured she won’t use her claws even if the playful wrestling match gets a little intense.

In fact, even if a Ragdoll is challenged by another cat, she likely will not engage in a fight. Instead, she’ll simply walk away to diffuse the tension.

When your kitty isn’t playing or sitting in your lap, you might find her curled up with her new friend. Though she loves you more than anything, she also craves that special bonding time with her own kind whether it’s sunbathing near a window together or a mutual grooming session.

More reasons Ragdolls get along with other cats:

  • Laid-back personalities
  • Generally not as territorial as other cats
  • Adapt well to change
  • Playful yet gentle

Cats That Get Along with Ragdolls

So now that you know why your Ragdoll is so friendly towards other cats, you might be thinking about getting a second kitty to keep her company. But you want to make sure that you find her the perfect friend!

There are specific breeds that are known to be ideal Ragdoll companions such as:

  • Ragdolls: you can’t go wrong with another Ragdoll!
  • Maine Coon: they’re relatively the same size with equally relaxed personalities.
  • Burmese: these friendly, dog-like cats make great Ragdoll friends.
  • Birman: these low-maintenance cats need companionship just as much as your Ragdoll.
  • Exotic Shorthair: these cats are very laid-back, though it might take them a little time to warm up to your Ragdoll.

Even though Ragdolls are friendly and get along well with almost any cat, you don’t want to cause any unneeded stress. Generally speaking, you’ll probably want to avoid cats that are:

  • Super high-energy
  • Aggressive, assertive or overly friendly
  • Dominant or demanding attention

Remember that whatever cat you choose, just make sure the personality of the prospective furry friend is close to that of your resident Ragdoll. This will help ensure a smooth transition for everyone!Ragdolls And Other Cats

Why Your Ragdoll Isn’t Getting Along with Your New Cat

So, you picked out what you thought was the perfect companion for your Ragdoll, but they aren’t getting along. Or maybe your Ragdoll is acting differently now that you brought home another cat.

What now?

First, you’ll want to identify the problem so that you can find the solution. Here is a list of common cat introduction problems, causes, and solutions:

My cats won’t stop fighting.

  • This is likely because they were introduced too quickly, the new cat is too assertive, or the new cat is having a hard time adjusting to her new home.

Solution: You’ll want to separate the cats for a while and introduce them slowly over time. One thing you’ll want to do is have them associate each other with feeding time. Feeding them on opposite sides of the door can help with this.

Then, you’ll want to get them used to each other’s scent by swapping bedding a few times a week. Once they both seem comfortable with each other’s scent, you’ll want to introduce them face to face.

My new cat wants to play, but my Ragdoll won’t play with her.

  • Your new kitty might be more energetic than your Ragdoll or too much for your Ragdoll to handle.

Solution: Ragdolls are definitely playful, but they only play for so long. Try tiring out the new cat with toys (Here are 15 great toys for Ragdoll cats)  for a half an hour each day. This will likely alleviate play aggression or tension.

My cats won’t acknowledge each other.

  • They are likely still adjusting to the new home dynamic.

Solution: Believe it or not, this is not worst-case scenario! It could just be that they are still getting used to one another. Having cats that are indifferent towards each other is much better than them fighting. Give it time; they will come around!

My Ragdoll started spraying or stopped using the litter box.

  • It sounds like your Ragdoll may be feeling a little threatened, there aren’t enough litter boxes, or the litter boxes aren’t clean enough.

Solution: Though Ragdolls typically adjust well to change, there are always exceptions. Try to re-introduce your cats if she shows signs of distress such as spraying. Also, make sure you have plenty of clean litter boxes.

The general rule of thumb is three litter boxes for two cats. (Of course, not using the litter box can also indicate illness, so if you notice any bathroom habit changes, a vet visit is always recommended.)

My Ragdoll won’t stop crying, won’t eat, or is constantly over grooming herself.

  • These are all signs that your kitty is stressed out.

Solution: Like with litter box habits, you’ll want to head to the vet with any drastic attitude changes as they could indicate that your kitty is sick. However, it could just be that your cat is a little stressed by the new family member.

Just remember that her world has been turned upside down, so take it slowly with her. Don’t force her new friend on her as it could make her stress out even more.

Keep your second kitty in a separate space until she gets used to her scent. Then try to re-introduce them.

Of course, just because most Ragdolls are friendly doesn’t mean they all are. It may just take some time for your kitty to adjust but know that the end result is so worth it!

Does My Ragdoll Really Need a Companion?

After everything you learned, you’re probably still wondering whether your cat really needs a kitty companion.

The answer is yes, she does, especially if left home alone for hours at a time. Ragdolls should not be left alone a lot – you can read here why.

Ragdolls need constant companionship and social interaction to stay happy and healthy. Without it, they can become lonely and depressed, which may lead to other health problems. A few signs your cat may be lonely include:

  • Refusing to eat
  • Lethargy
  • Being more clingy than usual
  • Being destructive

Of course, if your cat is displaying any of those signs, you’ll want to take her to the vet to rule out any illness first. Assuming you find the perfect match and introduce them correctly, your kitty will love having a furry playmate!

Related Questions

Do Ragdolls get more affectionate with age? While they’re known for their docile, affectionate personalities, they can get even more affectionate with age. The reason this happens is that as they age, they tend to be less active, which means more cuddling with you!

We actually have dedicated an entire article to this topic. You can read the article here!

Do Ragdolls like to be held? Yes, Ragdolls crave your attention and love being picked up and snuggled. Known as one of the most affectionate cat breeds around, they make the perfect lap cats!

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