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Home Cat FAQ Do Persian Cats Like to Climb? What They Prefer

Do Persian Cats Like to Climb? What They Prefer

by Simi

Do persian cats like to climb?Get to know a Persian cat and you will have many questions, one of which is likely “Do Persian Cats like to climb,” and the answer is actually “No.”

Do Persian Cats like to climb? No, these particular cats possess short, and heavily boned legs that support their body type. They prefer to keep their feet planted right on the ground and do not enjoy jumping around and climbing as other cats do. These cats may have to be encouraged to play so they get adequate exercise.

Indeed, it may surprise you that the Persian does not like to climb as much as some other cat breeds. But to really understand why, keep on reading.

Understanding the Persian Origin

To begin to understand why Persian cats are the way they are, we have to understand where they came from. The beginnings of the Persian cat are interesting and exotic, and plays into their regal, beautiful nature.

Persian cats are named for the country in which they originated (now called Iran). They are known for being gentle and very sweet, and their adorable appearance plus shiny, lush coats make them a real jewel among cat breeds. They fit well into nearly every household once they get settled and get to know their surroundings.

They do well in most settings but will do their best in households marked by peace and quiet. Families that have plenty of activity can still keep a Persian, but the cat will need lots of care and reassurance to feel her best.

After all, the Persian is loved among cat fans for many reasons, especially their small, musical voices. Their eyes are expressive, and the Persian comes in many different patterns and colors. Their body types are also endearing, their broad and short bodies must be supported by their short legs.

The Persian Enjoys Playing, But Not Too Much

They really love to pose and lie down near a favorite window or in a beloved chair, often looking more like a pet food ad than a family cat! They make great companions and they love their owners, bringing them joy and delight every day.

So, what does all this have to do with whether or not these cats like to climb?

It’s easy. These cats are certainly not delicate or unable to enjoy playtime as other cats do. However, by nature, these cats simply prefer to keep it low key and play on their terms.

And, it’s not absolute, either. You can search up YouTube videos and find Persian cats climbing small walls, cat condos, or trying to get out of their kitty corrals.

But by and large, Persians are a breed that enjoys hanging around, interacting in a low-key way with family members and fellow cats.

Why Do Cats Climb? How Does the Persian Fit In?

Chances are you have been watching a nature documentary or even YouTube and have seen a big cat, such as a panther or leopard, in a tree, quietly surveying the nearby plains.

Now bring it down to a smaller level: if you own an outdoor cat or just have been around cats for a while you know they too love to dart up tree trunks, sit on a nearby branch and look around.

Why do cats do this? It is inside the nature of the cat. They are hunters and have strong backs and legs that help them jump to amazing heights.

Perhaps as a cat owner, you have seen your own cat jump up to the top of the refrigerator- if not have a look at the video below and you will see this amazing strength in motion.

Combine this amazing strength with their extendable claws which are able to attach onto nearly any surface for safe climbing, and you have an amazing feat of strength.

Cats love to climb for a variety of different reasons. Much like their big cat relatives, they do this because it provides them a great vantage point when it comes to surveying their nearby surroundings.

They use climbing up high as a way to get out of the area of an object or other pet living in the household that makes them nervous or scared. Tables, as well as the top of the fridge, are favorite spots for cats to take a short rest.

Cats also like to climb countertops or tables as a means of picking up any leftovers that may have been left behind during a meal.

So how does this all fit into the nature of the Persian? What They Prefer

Well, you have probably figured out right away that the reason cats climb is due to their primal nature as hunters. Our house cats of today don’t need to hunt as we provide them all the food and water they need, but the urge to do so still exists within the cat.

Persians will absolutely play and enjoy themselves as other cats do – after all, playing is your cat’s way of satisfying her need to hunt. But because of their natural body types, these cats do not like to climb as high as other breeds of cats do.

For example, the Abyssinian and Siamese are two breeds that just love to be active and really exemplify the hunting and climbing instincts of the cat.

Meanwhile, the Persian and the Ragdoll – another breed marked by short legs – prefer to keep themselves grounded.Persian cat refuses to climb on cat tree

So How Can I Play with My Persian?

Playing with your Persian is done in the same way you would with any other cat. It’s a good idea to get a variety of toys that you can use to entertain your Persian cat. After all, Persians sometimes need a little encouragement to get up and play.

Having lots of toys around will make it easier.

One great and inexpensive toy is ping-pong balls. These are cheap and come in multiples. Plus, there are no feathers or other items that may be swallowed and endanger the cat.

Your Persian will have lots of fun playing around with them, and the satisfying bounce and sound they make are also fun, too.

A laser pointer is a nice way to entertain your Persian also. While the red dot can be funny, it is important that you let your Persian “win” and touch the dot.

Playing is hunting, and games aren’t fun if you never win! With any toy, whether it is a laser pointer, dangling toy or even a string, let your cat have the satisfaction of winning the game. It is mentally satisfying for her, and she will be more apt to play when it goes her way.

Related Questions

Do Persian Cats Like to be Held?

These cats love to be picked up. They also love to be held. They will even climb into the lap of a stranger, purring all the while. These cats are rather trusting, and love people by nature. They assume everybody loves them and they are correct-after all, these cats are lovable in many ways.

What Do Persian Cats Like to Play With?

The docile and sweet Persian loves to play with all the same toys as other cats. They may not play as hard as other breeds, but classic toys such as those made with catnip are always loved. You can also use jingle balls or ping pong balls to keep Persians occupied.

Are Persian Cats Large?

The Persian is a large to medium size cat, with a cute little face. White is the most popular color for Persian cats, but there are actually over 80 colors of Persians available. Some beautiful colors are cream, black and gray.


Persians do not like to climb as much as the others-it’s just in their nature. But the cute appearance and sweet nature of the Persian win the hearts of cat lovers across the globe.

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