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Do Persian Cats Like To Be Held?

Do persian cats like to be held?The sweet and dignified Persian is one of the most popular cat breeds thanks to its stunning appearance and affectionate nature. Although Persians tend to be easy-going and cuddly that doesn’t mean they won’t become annoyed if bothered or picked up and held in a wrong way.

So, do Persian cats like to be held? The affectionate and sweet Persians love to be held and bask in the attention they receive. Most Persians will happily sit in your lap or snuggle in your arms like babies for hours on end. But keep in mind that your cat may not always want to be picked up and held, so be respectful of her wishes.

In this article, we will tell you why do Persian cats like to be held. You will also learn the proper way to pick up and hold your Persian cat, and what are the signs that your cat doesn’t want to be held.

Why Do Persian Cats Like To Be Held?

The Persian isn’t one of the most popular cat breeds in the world by accident. Besides their striking appearance, these cats have sweet and gentle personalities that blend into most households.

Although a bit aloof and reserved toward strangers, this breed reserves all of its affection and attention for its family. It’s not uncommon for Persian cats to bond to one special person whom they love above everyone else.

Being naturally gentle and affectionate, most Persians love to be close to their owners.

Since physical contact is very important for this breed, they like to be petted, cuddled, picked up and held and are the best lap cats.

Simply put, the breed’s sweet, docile, affectionate, and devoted personality is the reason why Persian cats like to be held and petted more than some other breeds.

However, this is an affectionate but discriminating cat. So all of these privileges will be reserved for its family and a few people they can trust.

If you by any chance aren’t in the Persian’s closest circle, don’t despair. There is a lot of ways you can warm your way in and experience the joy of holding and cuddling a Persian in your arms.

You should also know that while affectionate and people-oriented, your Persian won’t demand much. Regular meals, a little play, and a lot of love is all that it takes for a Persian cat to be content and like you even more.Do persian cats like to be picked up?

How To Pick Up And Hold Your Persian Cat Properly?

Holding a cat seems like a piece of cake, especially when you are dealing with a naturally cuddly breed such as Persian.

However, there is actually a right way to pick up and hold a cat, so that she is comfortable and doesn’t get injured in the process.

Keep in mind that all cats are different, and while most Persians love to be held, your cat may not enjoy it at all. So, make sure that your cat feels safe and comfortable in your presence before you actually try to hold it.

Here are some tips on how to hold a cat in the right way:

  • Approach your cat: If you want to hold your Persian, you should first approach it in a way that lets it know you are coming. You should approach your cat from the left or right side, since coming at your kitty head-on may seem like a threat.
  • Be friendly and loving: Despite being tolerant and tender, Persians usually need some time to warm up to their people. Thus, once your cat knows that you are coming, be friendly and loving to get your kitty in the mood to be held. Gently pet your cat’s cheeks, the area behind her ears, and under the chin to help her feel safe and loved.
  • Pick up your Persian cat gently: If your kitty seems calm and relaxed you can gently move your hand under her body, just below her front legs. Use your other hand and place it under your cat’s back legs. Once you’ve gotten your hands into position and you feel that you can support your cat’s weight, you are ready to pick her up.
  • Lift your kitty up: Once you have a secure grip on your Persian you can gently lift her up to your chest. Try to make contact with the rest of your body as soon as you can to help your kitty feel more secure. And, if by any chance your Persian is a bit chubby to be lifted up from the ground, try lifting her from a raised surface like a table or a sofa.
  • Hold the cat against your chest: While supporting your Persian with both hands, you can hold it against your chest, so most of its body is touching your body. Since most Persians are very cuddly, you can try holding your cat like a baby or let it place its front legs on your shoulder.

Signs That Your Persian Doesn’t Want To Be Held

Even if your kitty is the cuddliest creature in the world, there are certain times when even she won’t be in the mood to be held. When and if this happens, you should respect your cat’s choice and leave it be.

Otherwise, your kitty may become frightened and even scratch or bite you in self-defense. In the worst-case scenario, your Persian may injure itself trying to escape from your arms.

Don’t try to hold your cat if you notice any of these signs:

  • Your cat seems anxious and stressed out
  • A cat is irritated and not in the mood to be picked up
  • Aggressive behavior such as scratching and biting
  • Your cat is trying to run away
  • Hissing, growling, and loud meowing

Keep in mind that all cats are different and yours may react in a different way. When in doubt, don’t push your luck and let your cat be, until she is in the mood to be held.

Be sensitive towards your cat and let her make the ultimate choice. But considering this is such an affectionate breed, your Persian will most likely come to you and demand to be cuddled and held.

Related Questions

What do Persian cats like to play with? Although Persians tend to be docile and calm, that doesn’t mean they don’t like to play. Generally, they love to play with catnip toys and feather teasers and will do that from time to time. Being a calm cat, your Persian won’t feel the need to jump and climb on cat trees and run over your furniture.

Are Persian cats intelligent? Persian cats can be many things, but they aren’t very smart. However, what they lack in the brain department they make up for it with their gorgeous look and mild temperament. And in the end, you will appreciate not being manipulated by a brainy cat every few seconds.

Do Persian cats bite? Persian cats aren’t aggressive at all! Being a highly tolerant and calm cat, it is highly unlikely that a Persian will bite you without a good reason. Generally, Persian kittens may bite you while playing and if you encourage this behavior, your cat will continue to bite you as an adult.

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