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Home Savannah Cat Why Savannah Cats Should Not Be Left Alone

Why Savannah Cats Should Not Be Left Alone

by Pierre

Can savannah cats be left alone?If you find out that you have to leave your home for a day or so, you may begin to wonder, can savannah cats be left alone, and the answer is: only for a little while.

Savannah Cats may be left alone for a short period of time, such as 24 hours. Besides the need for food and water, the Savannah cat has a lot of energy and tends to be destructive when left alone. Especially F1 and F2 Savannah cats should not be left alone.

That’s the short answer. But to really know why this is, and what options you have, we encourage you to keep on reading.

Savannah Cat Personality

Aside from the practical reasons why you should not leave your Savannah cat alone for a long period of time, there are aspects of the personality of this breed that indicate they need your care.

Savannahs have a very high energy level. These are not cats for the faint of heart. The Savannah sleeps less than the regular domestic cat and tends to play much more. Furthermore, these cats have a very high stamina level. Owners often get tired before their pet does!

For a standard cat, a 15 minute a day play session is great. It gets them some exercise and increases your bonding. For your Savannah, much more playtime is going to be necessary. They also require lots of attention, so be ready to provide that during playtime, too.

The behavior of your Savannah is also another reason you should have somebody check them out if you will be gone for a while. You might even find a boarding service that specializes in cats.

Some Savannah owners feel that their cats get along with dogs more than other cats. This is because Savannahs play very rough!

Dogs are better at putting up with this variety of rough play. They may even enjoy having such a playmate around. However, other pets such as regular domestic cats may find them to be way too aggressive, and injuries can result if they are not being supervised properly.

Savannahs Are Very Destructive Breed of Cat

Savannah owners know that these cats need a place to let off all their steam or else your clothing, furnishings, and carpets wind up shredded. These cats need playtime with sturdy and quality toys that they can really toss around.

Their social natures are another factor to consider. Unlike other breeds of cats, Savannahs are a very social type of feline. This may be one reason why dogs are so drawn to them. They are very curious and unafraid, much like a dog is.

Savannahs are possessive of their person but are also very open to meeting new people and strangers.  Groups of people also do not frighten them.

Savannahs love to be right in the mix, interacting with other people instead of hiding under beds or cupboards like some cats do when guests are over.

These cats will come right out to play. Like dogs, they will come to the door when you walk in and can’t wait to have your attention.

High Intelligence and Curious Nature

The high intelligence and curious nature of the Savannah is another reason why it is discouraged to leave them alone. Cats by nature can be pretty curious, but the Savannah takes it to a whole new level. Savannahs do not give up until they have their answer, or their curiosity is satisfied.

Most cats get enjoyment out of simple toys like a piece of string sticking out of a closet or a piece of paper they can shred, like junk mail. However, a Savannah will shred each and every string and paper, and their interest will not wane until the task is complete.

Savannahs can learn to slide open cupboard doors and get into places they are not supposed to be in order to find something they want. Savannahs can and will find treats, toys and other objects you attempt to hide while you are away unless they are locked up VERY tightly!

In some ways, owners say, a Savannah is really like having a small child. You must be very vigilant with them to ensure they do not hurt themselves, somebody else, or destroy your belongings.

From this, it is easy to see why having supervision for your Savannah is a good idea. These are no ordinary feline – their intelligence and energy are a force to be reckoned with.

Practical Reasons Why Your Cat Should Not Be Alone

Some owners believe that cats may be left alone so long as they have plenty of food, water, and a clean litter box.

But put yourself in the shoes of the cat. Suppose you have no access to fresh food for a few days and you have to eat stale foul-tasting morsels. Then suppose your water is old, room temperature, and may even have food crumbs in it.

Now imagine going to the bathroom only to find a toilet that is backed up.

This sounds like a nightmare. And the worst part? You are a cat and can do NOTHING about it!

And, there are some scenarios that would make you feel bad if they happened, such as the cats eating all the food on the first or second day you were gone, or the water dish being knocked over on accident.

This means no vital hydration, and possibly damaged flooring!

That’s just the surface. Suppose playtime gets a bit rough and somebody sustains an injury or gets sick?

There are some ways around this: some breeds of cats can be left with timed food dispensers and water cycling bowls that keep things fresh. You might also have one of those self-cleaning litter boxes, but even those are not perfect.

However, this is not recommended. Anything can happen in just a day, and the guilt you would feel if something happened to your beloved Savannah would not be worth it.can I leave my savannah cat alone?

What Are My Options?

Give yourself and your cat the gift of peace of mind. Before you plan for a vacation or business trip, arrange care for your Savannah. You can call up friends and family to see what they can do for you and be sure you offer them compensation.

Many will do it as a favor, but always offer to pay them in some way. You might pet-sit or babysit for them when they go out of town, for instance, if you cannot afford to pay them with cash.

Alternatively, you can use the Internet to find background-checked and qualified pet sitters that are able to handle your Savannah. Make sure you inform them of the needs of the Savannah and determine if they are up for the challenge.

There are apps you can use or even helpful websites like petsitusa.com or petsitters.org to name a few. You can also ask your vet for a responsible sitter in the local area.

You also can search out a kennel that handles cats. Be sure you are honest with them about the Savannah and how they are. Chances are they will understand, but it is always best to be transparent.


In sum, it’s not a good idea to leave your Savannah cat alone for a long period of time. One day will not be too much trouble, but even then, it depends on your cat and how he or she plays.

Your Savannah should always have somebody around who can help them burn off their energy, supply them with fresh food and water, and of course scoop out the litter box.

They should be checked over just to be sure there are no injuries from playtime or other unexpected ailments. It is just better for everybody’s health, peace of mind and good conscience to make sure you secure care for your Savannah cat if you plan on heading out of town for a few days.

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