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Home Cat FAQ Can Persian Cats Jump High? As High As Other Cats?

Can Persian Cats Jump High? As High As Other Cats?

by Simi

Can persian cats jump high?Spend a little time around a cat of any breed and watch them jump to great heights, and you begin to wonder, can Persian cats jump high, and the answer is absolutely yes.

Can Persian Cats Jump High? Although they are known for having shorter legs, Persians can jump as high as other cat breeds. They can jump five to six times their body length. Still, Persian cats are rather quiet and lazy and won't jump as often as other cat breeds.

So, a Persian is known for their ability to jump high. But why do cats like to jump? What tactical advantage does this give them? Read on to find out.

Just How High Can a Persian Jump?

Watching a cat jump the height of a fence or leap to the top of the fridge is pretty amazing, especially when you consider a cat of shorter stature doing it.

Persians may not do this as often as other cats thanks to their short legs, but this does not make them immune to a cat’s desire and need to jump.

Persian owners can attest to it, and non-owners can check out YouTube for some videos of Persians jumping right along with the best of them.

It is in a cat’s DNA to be skilled in jumping to great heights. After all, cats are relatively small animals, for the most part, making their skill even more awesome.

But Just How High Can the Persian Jump?

Let’s break it down by starting with the basics. A cat can jump five to six times their body length. The average Persian measures in at a length of 14.5” to 17.5”. We can assume the latter is a male and the former a female.

Now we multiply 14.5 inches by 6, giving us the result of 87. Divide this by 12 (number of inches in 1 foot), and you get 7.25.

Then we will multiply 17.5 by 6, giving us the result of 105. Divide this by 12, and we get 8.75. This means that the average female Persian can jump 7.25 feet, and the average male can jump 8.75 feet. This is incredible for a Persian.

Now consider larger breeds of cats like the Maine Coon and imagine how high they can go. It’s really something else! If cats were to compete in the Olympic high jump, they would easily sweep the competition.

Why, and How, Would A Persian Jump?

So, the ability to jump is an amazing natural gift. Cats are known for being some of the most agile and graceful, not to mention fast, creatures alive today.

But the real question is, WHY do cats do this? And how?

Let’s begin by understanding the biology of the Persian before we study the whys. Cats are simply built to handle these great jumps. Any animal’s ability to jump depends on how their leg bones are built as well as how strong their muscles are.

You will find that animals that are good at jumping have long legs in the back and shorter limbs in the front.

Cats have long legs in the back with a slight bend in them. This helps the Persian, and other cats, create a strong and hard blast-off from wherever they happen to be jumping from. This is what gives them the fast and lengthy distance we as cat owners are treated to at times.

You see this in other animals, too. Consider the kangaroo. They have extra joints as well as long foot/ankle bones. For cats, you also notice their hind legs are longer and built especially well for jumping.

The muscles of the cat are also a force to be reckoned with. The strong muscles of the rear legs are also great at producing the force needed for supreme performance in jumps.

These muscles are far superior to humans when it comes to jumping, hence why they out-jump us humans like it’s nothing.Can persian cats jump as high as other cat breeds?

There Are Actually Two Parts to a Cat’s Jump

You, as the owner, have likely seen your Persian partake in these phases, but never knew what to call it. The first part is called the “prep phase” in which the cat winds up her muscles like a coil or spring.

The second phase is known as the “launch” where your cat imitates the Falcon Heavy and shoots off, releasing the built-up energy.

Persian cats make their amazing leaps by making use of all muscle fibres when they make their jump. In comparison, a human use less than half their muscle in their legs when they make a jump.

Cats also have a higher rate of what is known as “fast twitch” muscles in their legs, creating a more explosive burst of power from those leg muscles.

Persians, and other cats, make use of their tails when they are jumping. The tails are made of muscle and is important in balancing the cat whilst making their jump.

Now that we know how they do it, we have to know: Why do Persians jump?

Cats Jump Because It Is Hard-Wired for Them to Do So

Cats like to be up high because it gives them a great vantage point while they are up high. Like a big cat hunting in the jungle, being up on top of a cupboard or refrigerator gives them a great way to see all the activity in the household.

Be sure to watch your Persian closely. Some cats may jump up because they are trying to avoid a situation that makes them nervous or scared.

Some may jump and hide in corners because they are hiding an injury, a natural way to keep from being attacked by predators.

If your Persian is jumping in spots where she should not be going, such as dangerous shelves that are unstable, try placing double-sided tape on that surface. Cats do not like the feeling of stickiness on their paws, and this is a safe way to discourage this behavior.

Related Questions

Can Persian Cats Jump?  

Yes, Persian cats can jump. They should not be allowed to roam freely outdoors, however. They are not exactly the best breed to be outdoor cats. Their coats, for instance, require lots of maintenance.

Can All Cats Jump High?

Cats enjoy leaping and hunting, just like the big cats in the jungle. Most domesticated cats can jump 6 times their length. An agile, one-foot cat can jump six feet.

Are Persian Cats Hyper?

Persians can actually be quite lazy; they are non-hyperactive. They are sometimes known for being “divas” and this is actually truthful! They are happy just to relax but should be encouraged to get some exercise. This calm cat breed is high maintenance, also.


Next time you are around your Persian or any other cat, watch them closely. Chances are they will eventually make a huge jump that will surprise you.

This is truly an amazing natural talent that each and every cat enjoys, even if they tend to be a breed not exactly known for being very active or athletic.

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