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Home Sphynx Cat The 5 Best Shampoos For Sphynx Cats

The 5 Best Shampoos For Sphynx Cats

by Rachel

Best Shampoos For Sphynx catsPart of a sphynx cat’s appeal is its adorable bare, wrinkly body. This breed is appealing to those who don’t want cat hair covering every surface of their home. But, because these cats are bald, it does not mean your not so furry friend will be low maintenance.

Since sphynx cats are hairless, they require baths to keep their skin healthy and hygiene in check. But before you start to run that faucet, you’ll need some quality cat shampoo.

Continue on to get a look at the 5 best shampoos available for your hairless friend. Also listed below are some tips on sphynx hygiene and how to keep your cat looking and feeling like a million dollars.

Burt's Bees for Cats Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Shea Butter and Honey

Burt's Bees for Cats Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Shea Butter and Honey Best Shampoo for All Cats and Kittens with Sensitive Skin

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This trusted brand is sure to keep your Sphynx cat clean and happy. It is made from 99.7% natural ingredients so you can have peace of mind that you aren’t using harsh chemicals on your pet’s delicate skin.

It is made from high-quality ingredients and contains no artificial coloring, unnatural fragrances, or essential oils. It is also sulfate free.

This hypoallergenic formula is designed to cleanse your cat’s skin without drying it out. In fact, it conditions the skin leaving your cat feeling soft.

The ingredient list is relatively short with few difficult to pronounce ingredients. There are also familiar ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, and honey.

People who have purchased this product say it works wonders on cats with dry skin and greatly reduced the amount of dander in just a couple of uses. Additionally, consumers loved that this shampoo was nearly fragrance-free, leaving cats smelling clean but not perfumed.

You can get Burt's Bees Shampoo here!


  • It is inexpensive
  • It’s a trusted brand
  • It’s derived from natural ingredients
  • Great for cats with dry skin


  • The shampoo doesn’t create much lather
  • It is not heavy duty so it won’t remove any bad odors from your cat
  • The packaging is delicate

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

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If you want a quality shampoo for your sphynx that is also ethical, then look no further than Earthbath brand products. This highly rated brand has several different shampoo options for your pet, and each one is great for sensitive skin.

The hypoallergenic fragrance-free shampoo is perfect for a sphynx who needs a no bells and whistles kind of bath. The oatmeal and almond formula with a vanilla almond scent cleanses your cat while leaving them smelling divine.

The Mediterranean magic shampoo is designed for felines that have an odor that has to go.

All shampoos from Earthbound are cruelty-free and 100% natural. Additionally, it is completely biodegradable.

It is also easy on the wallet. A 16-ounce bottle ranges from 8 to 15 dollars a bottle depending on which formula best suits your cat’s needs.

You can get the Earthbath Shampoo for your cat here!


  • It’s an all natural product
  • It’s highly rated
  • It smells great
  • You can purchase different formulas depending on your cat’s needs.


  • It doesn’t create much lather
  • The smell doesn’t last as long as other products

Espree for Kittens Shampoo

Espree for Kittens

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This natural shampoo is designed for delicate kitten skin, which makes it an excellent option for cats with sensitive skin needs, like Sphynx cats.

This natural formula is designed to clean your cat without stripping the skin of its lubricating oils. It has a very short ingredient list consisting of water, coconut based cleanser, aloe vera, panthenol, jojoba, and nourishing vitamins.

The coconut oil, which is not commonly found in other cat shampoos, gently dissolves dirt and excess oils from your Sphynx cat’s skin. In addition, jojoba hydrates your cat’s skin without irritation or pore clogging.

The aloe vera, which soothes any irritation or dry skin, is 100% organically grown.

Espree for Kittens leaves your cat with a light baby powder fragrance that customers absolutely love.

This shampoo is inexpensive, perfect for Sphynx cats, and we highly recommend it! Get Espree Shampoo here!


  • It’s derived from all natural ingredients
  • It has a short ingredient list with nothing impossible to pronounce
  • It’s highly rated
  • It’s perfect for cats prone to skin irritation


  • Some customers disliked the baby powder scent

Pro Pet Works All Natural Oatmeal Shampoo Plus Conditioner

Pro Pet Works All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo + Conditioner for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals-Hypoallergenic and Soap Free Blend with Aloe for Allergies & Sensitive Skin- 17oz

Click/Tap here for more images!

This vet approved product is not only great for sphynx cats, but works well for all dogs, cat breeds, and various small animals. If you have a diverse group of pets at home, this is great for the whole animal family.

It contains all organic ingredients sourced from the USA including aloe vera and almond oil. These ingredients are not only soothing and hydrating but leave your pet with a wonderful scent. It is also free of sulfates, harmful chemicals, added colors, and added fragrances.

Pro Pet Works All Natural Shampoo works wonders for cats that have food, grass or flea allergies. (Sphynx cats can get fleas)

As an added bonus, this product is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. The product is 100% biodegradable. The packaging is made completely of recycled materials.

You can feel confident that you are giving your pet a quality product while leaving a positive impact on the planet. Get the Pro Pet Works Shampoo here!


  • It’s a best selling product that’s highly rated
  • It’s natural and cruelty-free
  • It’s great for all animals
  • Excellent at cleansing pets’ skin


  • Some customers didn’t like the scent
  • Some customers said it wasn’t moisturizing enough

How do I pick the right shampoo for my Sphynx?

You can feel confident purchasing any of the above shampoos for your hairless feline friend. All the products listed above are high-quality customer favorites. But each shampoo serves a slightly different function from one another.

It is up to you to determine what factors are most important when it comes to settling on a final product. Listed below are some factors that will help you determine which product will best suit your needs.

Skin type

Skin type is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a shampoo. If your cat’s skin is on the dry side, your best bet is a product that contains soothing ingredients such as oatmeal, or aloe vera.

If your cat has oily skin, it is best to choose a product that focuses on cleaning ingredients, such as coconut oil and honey. You can also go with a hypoallergenic formula for the kitties with extra sensitive skin.


Sphynx are known for being curious and mischievous critters. If your cat’s hobbies include exploring dirty, dusty places such as basements, garages, and under furniture, you should opt for a shampoo that will leave your cat fully cleansed.

If your sphynx prefers to nap on fresh comforters and dust free window sills, a mild shampoo will work just fine.


While no brand on this list is particularly expensive, cost is always a factor, especially since sphynx cats need frequent baths. You can still purchase a high-quality shampoo for well under $10. While more expensive brands cost about double.


Your sphynx will not care what they smell like, but you will. Shampoo scents run the spectrum from delicious honey to fresh baby powder. There are always scent free options to those who are sensitive to smells.Shampoos for Sphynx cats with sensitive skin

Why does my Sphynx need a bath?

Sphynx may look low maintenance due to their lack of hair, but the truth is quite the opposite. Approximately, every 3 to 4 weeks, your hairless friend will need a bath. Self-grooming is simply not enough to keep these fur-free babies clean.

Normally, a cat’s fur helps to draw dirt and oil away from the skin. The hair is then shed, meaning the dirt is left behind on the hair shafts. Since sphynx cats have no hair, the dirt and oil build up on the skin and have nowhere to go.

This leads to your cat’s skin becoming oily and dirty. If not cared for, your sphynx can begin to smell and have skin discoloration.

Additionally, since sphynx do not have a protective layer of fur, their skin is exposed to everything they encounter. Dirt particles from basements, under beds, and dusty window sills will stick to the oils on your cat’s skin.

How should I properly bathe my Sphynx?

To make bath time as easy as can be, you’ll want to bathe your sphynx properly. Listed below are some helpful hints on how to give your cat a stress-free bath.

Before you get your cat in the bathroom and close the door, you’ll want to make sure you’ve set up a relaxing environment to help keep your sphynx calm.

Turn off TVs or loud radios. Additionally, let other members in your household know you are about to bathe your Sphynx.

Ask them to refrain from yelling, running, and slamming doors.

Fill a cleaned bathtub or large tub with a couple of inches of water. You want to make sure the water is warm. Water that is too cold can damage your Sphynx cat’s delicate skin. Water that is too hot can be uncomfortable and burn your cat.

It’s also best to fill up the tub before you bring your cat into the room. The sound of running water and the long wait could make your sphynx anxious.

It is also recommended to place a towel at the bottom of the tub to prevent your cat from sliding along the smooth surface.

Next, place your cat into the tub. Lower your cat into the water paws first so they can become acclimated to the water.

Once your cat is in the tub, you can gently wet it all over except for its head. Follow by working cat shampoo into a lather. Soap your cat all over, paying special attention to the parts of its body that gets the dirtiest, including the stomach, legs, and feet.

Now that your cat is soaped up and scrubbed, you can rinse it off. Pour warm water over the soapy areas until all residue is gone. Be careful to make sure all the soap is gone. If any soap remains, it can cause irritation or clog your Sphynx cat’s pores.

After the body is clean, wash your cat’s head using the same method as used for its body. Be careful not to get any soap or water into your cat’s eyes. Using a soft washcloth can greatly help in reducing debris from getting into their eyes, nose, and ears.

Finally, take your sphynx out of the tub and dry it with a soft towel. Make sure your cat is completely dried off. They can become too cold due to remaining moisture on the skin.

What if my Sphynx hates bath time?

Sphynx are often fond of water. You can find countless videos of this breed happily splashing away in a bathtub. However, not all sphynx will love taking a dip in the water. However, there are steps you can take to help give your water-shy cat a better bathing experience.

Fill the tub neck high. Surprisingly, some sphynx find the submergence into water to be more comforting than just a few inches.

Give your cat a distraction. Perhaps your sphynx only needs a distraction. Try placing a floating toy in the bathwater to keep your cat focused on something else.

Call in for backup. You may have to get another person to help you if your cat does not want to stay in the bath. Having another person can home in handy for keeping your cat in the tub while you soap and rinse it.

Use a warm, soapy washcloth only. It may get a bit messy, but if your cat is terrified of getting into the tub, you can use a wet washcloth instead.

Don’t give up. It may be discouraging to do something your cat abhors, but always keep in mind you are doing what’s best for your cat’s health and hygiene.

Give a reward after. Always be sure to give lots of love and attention to your cat after a bath. It’s not a pleasant experience, so reward your cat with treats and plenty of pets.

What other grooming habits are necessary for my Sphynx?

Baths are a major part of keeping your sphynx clean, but not the only part. Listed below are additional ways in which your cat needs grooming.


The inside of your cat’s ears can become dirtier than you may think. It is a good idea to clean them out a few times a month. You can spray ear wash into your cat’s ear. They will shake their heads to rid the solution from their ears which is normal behavior.

To fully clean, gently swab a q-tip along all the folds of the ear that you can see. Never stick the q-tip into the ear canal as it could cause pain and damage the inner ear.


Sphynx don’t have eyelashes, which means it is more difficult for these cats to keep dirt from getting into its eyes. If you notice your cat has build-up in the corners of its eyes, you can clean it.

Take a warm, damp washcloth and carefully wipe away any dirt from its eyes starting from the outer corner working your way to the inner corner.


Sphynx cats also need their nails to be in top shape. A scratching post is a necessity for nail grooming. Cats use scratching posts to clean dirt from their nails to dull their nails, and to remove nail sheaths.

You can also carefully clip the tips of your cat’s nails if they become too sharp. This will help prevent ingrown nails and hinder bloodshed if your Sphynx is not a fan of bath time.


Because sphynx cats are prone to oily skin, they can fall victim to acne or blackheads. Always inspect your cat’s skin to make sure there are no black or red bumps or any irritation.

If you notice clogged pores on your sphynx, you can gently exfoliate the problem area with a washcloth during bath time. Afterward, take a cotton ball with diluted witch hazel and dab on the affected area.

If you want to learn more about what you need to take care of a Sphynx cat, here are 11 essential things you are going to need for that!

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