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Home Bengal Cat The 7 Best Litter Boxes For Bengal Cats

The 7 Best Litter Boxes For Bengal Cats

by Pierre

Best Litter Boxes for Bengal CatsPicking out the best litter box for your Bengal cat can be a big job. After all, there are plenty of options. However, we’ve laid out everything you should know so that you can make the best choice for your cat’s good health.

In this article, we will take you through different litter boxes that your pet will love.

Top entry, high-side, hooded, and sifting litter boxes are all on our list.

This means we not only look at the functionality of the litter box but also the reactions and reviews of pet owners like us and yourself. Ideally, Bengal cats need litter boxes that are clean, spacious, and have enough litter for burying waste, keeping with the Bengals’ fastidious nature.

Before we show you the 7 litter boxes we picked, here is what you should look out for when choosing a litter box.

Choosing the Litter Box: What Makes Them Stand Out?

When you are shopping around for a litter box for your Bengal cat, it is important to understand what makes one appropriate for your cat’s individual needs.

To understand this fully, there are a few key features that the litter box should include for maximum sanitation and health of both the cat and the owner.

This is especially critical for Bengal cats so that their urinary and kidney health stays at its absolute best. Having the best litter box and keeping it clean will keep your Bengal cat from getting sick and causing you more worry down the road.


Female Bengal cats weigh about 8-12 lbs., and males weigh about 10-15 lbs. This can vary from cat to cat, so do not fear if your cat is outside of these parameters. The point, however, is that not all cats are of the same uniform size, so not all litter boxes should be, either.

Bigger cats need a bigger litter box. If you do not accommodate their size, they may end up feeling claustrophobic or cramped and eliminate their waste outside of the litter box.

Other Things to Think About:

  • Can I house the litter box comfortably in my living area?
  • Recommended guidelines are one litter box per cat plus one more. Do I have the room?


Certainly, function is more important than form when it comes to choosing a litter box. However, if it is important to you, you may want to think about what your cat’s litter box looks like, especially if it will go in a high-traffic area of your house.

Many pet owners prefer modern styles that have rounded edges and neutral colors as they blend in with the background and do not look as unappealing as traditional litter boxes.

There also exist such options as “hidden” boxes, which can be enclosed in a side table or other furniture to keep them out of sight.

Other Things To Think About:

  • Is the style I like okay for my cat’s good health?
  • Can the litter box be modified to fit my cat’s needs-e.g. Can I lay down tile if needed or soft litter inside the box?
  • Can this box fit where I want it to go?


Be sure to also think of the height of your litter box. Generally speaking, litter boxes that feature sides of five to seven inches will be suitable for your Bengal cat. However, think of your own cat’s habits and personality.

If he or she tends to kick up litter while they cover their waste, or misses the litter box due to poor aim, choose one that features extra-high sides so you’re not stuck cleaning up a mess every time your cat needs to use the bathroom.

Other Things to Think About:

  • Can my cat climb in and out of the higher-side box?
  • Is my cat the sort to worry about the smell of the litter box if enclosed?
  • Can my large cat maneuver inside the box comfortably?

How to find the right litter box for a bengal catWhat Should I Avoid When Searching Litter Boxes?

We have had a quick look at what makes a litter box ideal for your Bengal cat, but what makes a litter box, not a good idea?

This one is a tough issue to tackle because every cat is different, and you will hear many different opinions from many different pet owners.

For example, some owners argue that their cat needs his or her privacy and should have a covered box. Others reason that the smell of a covered becomes unpleasant and therefore unbearable for the feline, making it unsafe and unsanitary.

Our goal is to show you some of the main flaws with litter box manufacturing so you can steer clear of them.

Too Small Boxes

Unfortunately, the majority of litter boxes you can pick up in your local big box store or chain pet store are simply too small. They certainly are nice for those of us who want to keep our litter boxes out of sight, but they are not very cat-friendly.

Most cats do not fit comfortably in the cramped boxes, and it’s hard for them to turn around completely.

Some will hang their bottoms over the backs of the litter box and then eliminate their waste, in an attempt to make themselves more comfortable. Some even do their business next to the litter box instead of in it.

Covered/Enclosed Boxes

Earlier, we extolled the virtues of covered boxes for privacy and no worries about the prospect of urine and feces on the floor. It may also keep more litter in the pan and keep out odors that you and your family members/guests find unpleasant.

In some of these boxes, your cat can enter from the top, and in others, a swinging door lets them in from the side. The cat simply pushes through the flap and goes inside to use the bathroom.

This is a very special and situational litter box. If your Bengal cat is the only cat in the home and has no fear of other cats or pets sneaking up on them as they relieve themselves, this may be fine for your cat.

However, by and large, covered litter boxes are not the favorite for most cats.

Cats do not like to be in places where they can be trapped. One cat behaviorist argues that even if there are no extra threats, such as other pets, instinct will still win. Cats, the behaviorist argues, do not need privacy, but they like to see if any threats are coming and escape them.

Furthermore, the smell of these boxes is hard on cats’ acute senses of smell. To put it into human terms, imagine using a porta-john that has not been cleaned or emptied.Which litter boxes do bengal cats like to use?

Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Self-cleaning litter box. Sounds pretty nice, right? The work is all done for you. Easy peasy.
Think again.

These boxes have to be washed periodically just like every other litter box. It can be easy to get lazy when you don't need to scoop daily. Odors build up in these boxes, and this is not easy as these are electronics that have to be taken apart and put back together again.

There are small rakes and other small components that easily become clogged up and are difficult to get clean. The fancier your automatic litter box, the more you have to clean and the more you have to take apart.

Besides, jumpier cats may not like the way the machine sounds when it moves.

Different Types of Litter Boxes for Bengal Cats

In this section, we will discuss good-quality litter boxes for Bengal cats.

For Cats of All Ages

When your Bengal is a kitten, you may feel tempted to buy him or her a smaller litter box so they feel comfortable going in there.

Plus, it’s easier to crawl over, right? Do not underestimate your Bengal cat’s intelligence. They will easily be able to get into a large litter box, and it is better that you get them used to a large box right away.

The benefits are numerous:

  1. The kitten grows so fast anyway that you will not need to replace the box
  2. The kitten will have plenty of room to use the bathroom
  3. If you have concerns about box height or a kitten with limited mobility, you can use a piece of plywood or a small box as a ramp or step.

It is advised to avoid clumping litter when it comes to kittens. If they eat it, the litter can clump in their gut. Unscented litter is also a better idea for young kittens, as the scent can become too overpowering for a kitten and they may go to the bathroom elsewhere.

Nose and eye irritation problems can occur if your Bengal is prone to respiratory issues due to an overpowering scent.

Be sure you put your kitten’s litter box in a quiet area away from their food and water bowls. This makes going to the bathroom a safe and comfortable experience for the cat.

1. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box, 23 x 18.5 x 11 inches

Click/ Tap Here For More Images!

The Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box covers all the basics. It has high sides that will prevent litter from scattering all over the place, and two grips on the side for an easy time lifting it up and pouring it out.

You can easily clean this litter box. Scooping daily waste is easy with this model, and it is easily cleaned by hand, too. You can use a garden hose or your garage’s utility sink, for instance, to clean this out.

It’s large enough to comfortably let your cats turn around, paw and cover their waste, and perch upon the sides as some Bengals are inclined to do.

Your Bengal will like being able to see what is around them, but they can also have a great place to do their business safely and comfortably. Measurements are 23 x 18.5 inches.

The sole color available for this box is black, which makes it fit well in just about any setting you can imagine. Whether you have it in a hallway or in a basement, the litter box does not look so utilitarian; rather it blends into the background.

We will be reviewing a few Nature’s Miracle products in the forthcoming featured products, as we believe they are great at what they do. Their products stand the test of time and are also up to regular wear and tear.


  • 15 inches height near the back is great for cats who tend to urinate upwards.
  • 5.5-inch opening from the ground cats can get in and out easily.
  • Great for large cats.


  • Some users felt the opening was too low.
  • One user felt the plastic was thin.
  • Only one color is available.

2. Nature’s Miracle Advanced High Sided Corner Litter Box

Nature's Miracle Advanced High Sided Corner Litter Box (P-5913)

Click/ Tap Here For More Images!

This is the litter box that many of us would consider a great feat of engineering, yet it is so simple and practical in its design. It’s even got a little bit of flair about it, considering the designers mixed glitter in with the high-quality plastics that make up this litter pan.

This great 26 by 23 by 10-inch pan provides cats with a nice high-sided box to go to the bathroom, and also lets the owners fill up with enough litter so your Bengal can comfortably cover their waste.

The pan is also constructed of great high-quality plastic that is antimicrobial and odor-blocking. This makes for an all-around more pleasant experience for everybody, especially your cat.

The cool corner design makes it an ideal choice for smaller spaces like studio apartments or efficiencies. Perhaps best of all, the surface is non-stick so you can rest assured you do not have to dig waste products off the walls. You can clean the pan using a simple garden hose.

The tough plastic has a lip over the sides, so when it’s time to pick it up and dump out the old litter, it’s easy to do so. And, there is an easy-pour spout built right onto the pan, so out goes the old litter with relative ease.

Users with large cats, namely the Maine Coon, reported this was a great litter box for their big boys and girls. So, if your Bengal is on the bigger side, this may be the box for him or her.

You can get the Nature’s Miracle Advanced High-Sided Corner Litter Box here!


  • Deep and high-sided to prevent litter scatter.
  • Graphite color matches all decors.
  • Unique corner design to save space.


  • Some users reported urine still sprayed over the edges with larger cats.
  • Some reported their cats scratched off the anti-stick coating.
  • Rounded edges make cleaning a bit difficult.

3. Petmate Rimmed Cat Litter Box

Click image to open expanded view5 VIDEOSPetmate Rimmed Cat Litter Box with High Sides and Microban

Click/ Tap Here For More Images!

For those of you who were really in love with the idea of having an enclosed box but now are aware of the risks that they pose, the Petmate Rimmed Cat Open Top Litter Box is a nice medium that satisfies everybody’s need for a safe place to do their business.

Cats will enjoy the ability to peer over the sides so they can see who is around but also have that bit of privacy if they so desire. Owners will like that smells and other odors do not get trapped in there, irritating your Bengal cat’s nose.

And, you can enjoy less litter scattered all over the place.

The box comes in a variety of sizes, but of course, we recommend the biggest size available to ensure maximum comfort for your cat.

The shell can be removed easily for cleaning, and it is constructed of the highest quality materials and is built to serve you and your pet for years.

The opening is lower, so all cats will get in and out easily. Cats who like to urinate on the edge of their box will like this high-sided pan.

When it comes time to scoop the waste, the opening is large enough for human hands to get in while using a scooper. However, the bowl-shaped design does make it hard to scrape up some waste products.


  • Great for smaller cats.
  • Allows odors to ventilate.
  • Prevents litter scatter.


  • One user stated it was too small for her 22 lb. Maine Coon.
  • Bowl shape design limits space inside of the box.
  • Shape inside can make cleaning a bit difficult.

4. PetFusion BetterBox Litter Box

PetFusion Large Litter Box (the BetterBox).

Click/ Tap Here For More Images!

The PetFusion BetterBox Litter Box is simple in its design, and yet oh-so effective. It’s made of durable plastic and has smooth, pleasing edges that surprisingly fit pretty decently into corners and tight spaces.

It features a great non-stick coating that will ensure waste materials do not stick to the side. You can also take it outside and use a common garden hose to clean it out when it’s time to really tidy it up.

The litter pan features a nice open design so cats can go to the bathroom and keep an eye on everything around them. The company that manufactures this great litter box has also created a non-stick cat box scooper, so that’s a bonus!

The nice high walls will keep litter in, and your cat will feel great about how much litter there is to cover their waste.

If you have a cat with limited mobility or shorter legs, the lowered opening will make it easy and comfortable for your cat to use the bathroom.


  • Great for cats who like to urinate toward the side of the box, as nothing sticks.
  • One user, who claimed to be a veterinarian, recommended using this box.
  • Perfect for big cats who need ample space to do their business.


  • Some users complained the non-stick coating wore off.
  • No alternate colors are available for this litter box.
  • Comes in only one size.

5. Arm & Hammer PetMate Large Sifting Litter Pan

Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan

Click/ Tap Here For More Images!

If you prefer not to scoop the waste your Bengal cat produces, this may be the solution for you. Waste is pulled up using the sifting pan, made for a very easy cleanup. No scooping is required on your part.

The Arm & Hammer PetMate Large Sifting Litter Pan is constructed of antimicrobial plastic that keeps your litter fresher longer. In this manner, stain and odor-causing bacteria are also discouraged from growing on the pan.

The box is very durable in its construction, featuring a reinforced bottom. Pet owners can lift up the pan and not worry about it even when it is filled with heavy and used litter that must be disposed of – there is no fear of the box “bottoming out”.

The pan sides are of a mid-range height, so cats can easily get in and out. Pet owners will have to deal with some litter scatter, but the ease of cleanup is a huge convenience in and of itself. This particular pan works exceptionally well for those who prefer their cats to use pine-based litters.


  • Eliminates the need for scooping waste.
  • Great for pine or cedar-based cat litter.
  • Arm & Hammer is a trusted brand with many years’ of experience.


  • Smaller fecal bits will fall through the holes and need to be scooped.
  • Litter can stick to the sifter and will need to be picked off.
  • One user stated her Bengal liked to sit on the side of a litter box to go – and this was too small.

6. iPrimio Ultimate Stainless-Steel XL Litter Box

iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box - Never Absorbs Odor, Stains, or Rusts - No Residue Build Up - Easy Cleaning Litterbox Designed by Cat Owners (1 Pan)

Click/ Tap Here For More Images!

If you need a litter pan that will not crumble under pressure, this is the one to purchase. It can withstand plenty of use and abuse thanks to its steel construction.

It will never rust, even in the event your litter box is in a place with water present (a basement or a garage, for instance), and some cats love firm and metal textures. This will be a great product for cats who may have eliminated tile floors, for instance.

The big size makes it a comfortable place for your cat to use the bathroom. It has a six-inch depth, easy to fill with litter to a depth that cats feel comfortable getting into. They can easily cover their waste and feel clean.

The edges are not high, so cats who are older or have mobility issues can get in and out. They too will love the big open space they can use for elimination. The top is not covered, so cats can look around and see everything as they go.

This non-stick-coated litter box will keep solids from sticking to the sides. It is also easy to clean up and will not require you to clean it aggressively. A standard garden hose will get this clean.

The product is made in the USA of quality stainless steel and looks slick in any setting.

You can get the iPrimio Ultimate Stainless-Steel XL Litter Box here!


  • Absorbs no odors or residues.
  • One user reported using it with success with her 25lb Bengal.
  • Extra-large in size.


  • May feel cold to the touch for some cats.
  • Sides are not as high as some other litter pans.
  • Some users reported their box arrived dented.

7. Petmate Litter Pan

Petmate Litter Pan

Click/ Tap Here For More Images!

This Petmate Litter Pan will help keep Bengal cat owners’ floors free of litter scatter. This is a classically designed pan that will do the job at a no-nonsense price. Cats will wholeheartedly enjoy using it and you will appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the pan’s design.

The base on this litter pan is wide, so litter scatter is minimized. You can place the pan in a variety of positions-horizontally, diagonally, or even in the middle of a floor if appropriate.

The pan is constructed of heavy and quality recycled plastic, keeping liquids and solids inside the pan with zero leakage. Pet owners can use this without fear on their hardwood floors.

The pan is offered in four sizes to accommodate any cat, but we do recommend going as big as you can for maximum comfort for your cat.

The sides of the litter pan are made to grip so that when it is time to empty the litter box completely, this can be done easily and efficiently.

The top is open, and cats will feel safe and secure using the pan. They will have enough room to go in and out of the pan as well as cover their waste with ease. The pan comes in two neutral colors to suit all decor schemes.


  • Easy entry for most cats.
  • Open design so cats can see everything around them.
  • Great for larger cats.


  • One user reported orange stickers came stuck to the box.
  • Some users reported waste got stuck in the curved edges of the box.
  • Curved edges made it hard to put into corners.

Why You Should Take Care in Choosing a Litter Box

Based on everything we have seen so far; one might feel overwhelmed about choosing a litter box for their beloved Bengal. It’s really nothing to be afraid of.

The real thing you have to do is make sure you pay close attention to how your Bengal relieves himself and then choose a litter box based on those parameters.

The first thing to consider is your space. What is the biggest box you can comfortably fit in your apartment or house?

The bigger the box, the better, as cats want a place they can move. As long as it is big enough for your cat to turn around and deep enough to provide them ample digging space, it will be fine.

Here are the basic considerations:

  • If you have a cat with arthritis or other mobility issues – or a kitten – you may wish to get a box that is super low in the front, like 3-5 inches.
  • If you have a cat who sprays, or kicks when eliminating, choose a box that has really tall sides-think 8-12 inches. Don’t forget to consider an opening for the cat to get in and out easily.
  • For every other cat, a pan with sides of 5-7 inches will be just fine.

After this, consider the cost. What can you afford? Our featured products range from inexpensive all the way to very expensive. However, they are all of great quality and have plenty of favorable reviews from pet parents like yourself, making them great for everybody.


With the many great litter boxes out there, the most important thing you can do for your Bengal is to be educated about the different litter pans and choose the right one for your feline family member.

Consider what your cat does during elimination and choose a pan based on that. Doing this will make sure that visits to the bathroom are healthy, productive, and easy to handle for both the cat and the owner.

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