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Home Ragdoll Cat The 3 Best Cat Trees for Ragdoll Cats

The 3 Best Cat Trees for Ragdoll Cats

by Simi

Best Cat Trees For Ragdoll CatsPurchasing the right cat tree is important to the happiness of both you and your cat, so in this post, we will discuss what is important to your Ragdoll cat and how to make the right decision for your situation.

Knowing how to choose the best cat tree for your playful Ragdoll comes down to choosing the right height, supreme sturdiness and balance, and proper amount of room. Because Ragdoll cats are exceptionally large, the best cat trees will be ones that are able to hold all the weight of your big kitty without breaking, wobbling, or leaning. Choosing the right tree will also depend on your specific situation and the personal preferences of your Ragdoll.

So while we are showing you what makes a cat tree perfect for Ragdolls, we will also show you 3 cat trees that we know are perfect for Ragdoll cats.

The Highs and Lows

On the whole, cats have earned a reputation for being avid climbers who absolutely love being perched precariously atop the tallest item they can locate.

Appropriately, many cat trees are designed with a multitude of levels, the highest of which can stretch to the ceiling.

These structures typically take up quite a bit of room, as they need a wide and sturdy base to keep things from tipping and wobbling.

While these tall and towering structures are the “status quo” for most cat breeds, you may have to take a slightly different approach to your purchase for your Ragdoll friend.

Most cat breeds would be more than delighted to come home to a tall and precarious cat tree.

Their natural instincts kick in and have them racing to the top in no time flat. Figuring out the right height of the cat tree for your Ragdoll, however, can be a bit more nuanced than with other breeds.

Pay Attention to Your Cat’s Natural Tendencies

You may not be aware of this quirk, but the truth is that many Ragdolls have no real desire to reach new heights like some of the other cat breeds. In fact, some Ragdolls have been known to actually be afraid of heights altogether.

At the same time, there are plenty of Ragdoll cats who have no problem with heights, so it will ultimately be up to you to make the right call as you get to know your floppy ragdoll kitty.

Start by just observing your cat’s natural tendencies. Pay attention to whether they seek out high perches, or if they seemingly avoid them.

The easiest way to test the waters for your feline friend is to find a piece of furniture in your home that is higher than normal and see how they react to being placed there. This could be a high shelf or top of a tall dresser or cabinet.

Purchase The Cat Tree That Matches the Heights of Your Rest of The Furniture

All of this is not to say that you definitely should not purchase a cat tree with extra height, but rather to help you make an informed decision.

Unlike a lot of other types of cats, most Ragdolls are perfectly content to rest and nap at all the normal levels that you do. This includes the sofa, beds, chairs, and other average height locations.

If this is the case for your kitty, you may consider purchasing a cat tree that matches or mimics the heights of the furniture around your home.

If your cat feels that the tree you purchased is higher than what their comfort level allows, they may not even attempt to use it as you had hoped.

The perk to this is that it leaves your options wide open, tends to be easier on your budget, and takes up less space. Shorter cat trees are less prone to breaking, tipping, and wobbling.

Product Spotlight: MidWest Cat Furniture Scout Woven Rattan/Script

MidWest Cat Furniture Durable, Stylish Cat Trees & Cat Scratching Posts 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Click/ Tap here for more info and customer pictures

In light of this strange preference that is specific to Ragdoll cats, our first highlighted product is simple and pleasing. This is especially true for the Ragdoll cat who does not feel a need to be any higher up than their owners.

The MidWest Cat Furniture Scout-style cat tree stands just 31.5” off the ground. This makes it the ideal height that is tall enough to facilitate stretching and scratching, it's but not too tall that it would make your height-sensitive Ragdoll afraid to be on top of.

At this height, it will feel comparable to the heights of normal household furniture and encourage your Ragdoll to abandon your favorite spot on the couch for its new favorite perch in the comfortably padded cat bed.

The short design is also assembly-friendly and comes with all the necessary tools to put the whole thing together on your own. Modular pieces intuitively assemble right out of the box in just minutes.

Ragdoll’s Favorite Features

This product has all of your Ragdoll cat’s favorite features. For starters, it has a first-level domed cubby. It is the perfect spot for your cat to curl up for a private and relaxing retreat from the outside world.

The dome design means it is perfect for out-of-sight grooming and lounging. Above the domed enclosure, there is a round cat perch. With shallow sides and a comfortable pillow, it is great for an open-air nap in the middle of the day.

Both the dome and the basket are manufactured from naturally woven rattan that is perfect for scratching. In addition, the pillar supports are wrapped completely with durable sisal rope.

To add some fun and cater to your Ragdoll’s playful side, there is also a fuzzy toy ball that dangles from one side of the basket. It is located at just the right height for batting and pawing.

So Many Options to Choose From

While the shortest and simplest version of this tree has the basic dome, cubby topped with the basket bed, and garnished with a dangling ball for play, the modular design allows you to order from a variety of options.

If you have the rare Ragdoll that loves a good climb, you can choose from several multi-level configurations that reach 60” tall from the ground. These may also be the right choice if you have more than one cat, and one of them likes heights.

Multi-level cat trees can accommodate both the daring and the docile felines alike, providing a high perch as an option but with lower-level lounging as well.


  • Sturdy construction and durable materials
  • Facilitates both napping and playing
  • Comes with a 1-year quality guarantee
  • Easy assembly, arrives with all required parts and tools
  • Available in a variety of configurations and prices to meet every need


  • 15” diameter bed and dome may be cramped for especially “fluffy” friends

Get the MidWest Cat Furniture Scout here!

Purrfectly Balanced

Another important factor to consider when shopping around for a cat tree that meets your Ragdoll’s needs is balance and stability. Along with being large, most Ragdolls are heavily built and strong.

This means that it is extremely important that whatever cat tree you get is strong enough and tough enough to match. Ragdoll cats love to throw their entire weight against their cat trees when they stretch, scratch and play.Ragdoll Cats And Cat Trees

Without a sturdy and balanced base, the cat tree can break, wobble, or even fall over during use. If this happens, it will almost certainly lose your cat’s interest.

It may even cause your Ragdoll to become wary and timid around other cat trees at first, due to their bad experience with a different one.

Taking the time upfront to make sure you get a sturdy cat tree is worth the extra effort, especially if it can save your baby from a traumatic, or even dangerous, encounter.

Because of the natural displeasure or fear towards heights that many Ragdolls exhibit, this can be especially critical to a fun and happy experience for your fluffy friend.

The first aspect to examine when trying to determine if the cat tree you are looking at will be sturdy is how it is designed. While there are a ton of different ways to design a steady and sturdy cat tree, all of the best cat trees have a few important features in common:

  • Large, heavily constructed base: if the top end of the cat tree is the same weight or heavier than the base, the risk of it toppling with the added weight of your cat is much higher.
  • Multiple support posts: with cat trees that have more than one level off of the ground, it is a must to have multiple supports. As a general rule, you should see no less than 2 posts to support each main platform. For extra tall structures, the more the merrier!
  • Good length, width, and height ratios: Similar to the problem of being top-heavy, trees that are tall and narrow are much more likely to fall down. A good rule of thumb is that the height of the tree should be no more than three times the smallest base dimension. For example, if the base is 20” square then the height should not exceed 60” tall. This is of course assuming that the base is properly weighted, and platforms properly supported.

Along with a well-designed layout, the best cat trees use strong and durable materials. Even the best design can’t make up for low-quality or weak materials. In general, the better cat trees use the following, proven to work materials:

  • Solid wood or premium, dense particle board: The heaviest and thickest pieces should be in the base and platforms.
  • Engineered plastics or extra-strength compressed cardboard: strong and light plastics/cardboard are common in the support pillars. This is because they provide strength and support but weigh less than other materials.
  • Sisal rope and carpet: great materials for scratching and clawing.

Product Spotlight: FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo UPCT61W

FEANDREA Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts and 2 Plush Condos Cat Furniture for Kittens Light Gray UPCT61W

Click/ Tap here for more info and customer pictures

One of the best examples of a simple, sturdy, and durably constructed cat tree is the Feandrea Cat Tree Condo.

This well-made and relatively affordable product proves that you don’t need to get super fancy to please your Ragdoll Cat. Perfect for multiple cats, this cat tree condo features two cubbies for lounging and is topped with an extra-large and plush napping platform.

The designers at Feandrea know how to keep it simple and successful. With a 3+ inch thick wooden base and staggered, dense cardboard pillars, the structure supports even the most rambunctious play.

They also went the extra mile to make sure that your Ragdoll is safe in even the most unlikely events. On the backside of the cat tree, there is a cord that can be attached directly to the closest wall.

Even in the unlikely event that the structure begins to fall, the safety cord will protect your cat from being crushed.

You’re Getting Premium Materials

To clothe their simple and straightforward design with elegance, Feandrea also uses premium materials for the outer coverings.

Effortlessly holding up to your cat's scratching and clawing, the natural sisal rope coverings on the posts are a favorite for all the greatest cat trees.

For a splash of luxury and fashionable look, the faux fur coverings are a soft, comfortable, and great-looking addition. The outer perimeter of the padded bed on top is also soft and cushioned for added comfort.

These experienced product designers didn’t just have your Ragdoll in mind, they also were thinking of you as the owner.

The big napping perch has a detachable mat that makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Simply remove and launder the mat and put it back in place. It is also easy to assemble, coming with step-by-step instructions that are accompanied by pictures for increased understanding.

The multiple cubbies, two sisal-wrapped posts, and large top platform are also perfect for a multi-cat household.

Cats and kittens alike can play together without running out of room or worrying about tipping the structure over.

The team at Feandrea is so confident in the product they have to offer that they even offer a 30-month warranty with the purchase.


  • Professional, simple, and reliable design for maximum stability
  • High-quality construction materials
  • Luxurious and aesthetically pleasing look
  • Anti-toppling safety cord
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Large and comfortable top perch
  • Removable and washable mat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fairly priced


  • The detachable mat can be removed by playful cats (not just you)
  • Without steps or a ladder, the top level can be difficult to reach for older or disabled cats, as the only way to reach it is to jump about 18” up from the first platform

Get the FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo here.

Wiggle Room

Another important factor to consider when making a cat tree purchase for your lovely Ragdoll cat is how big the tree is and how much room there is to play around.

On the whole, Ragdoll cats are curious and playful and will continue to exhibit their kitten-like behavior well into adulthood. For this reason, it is important to consider not only the size and space of your cat tree but also the variety and available activities.

It is smart to make sure that your cat tree has enough room for your situation. This is particularly true when you have more than one cat that may want to use the cat tree at the same time.

As a general rule, make sure there is at least one activity or location on your tree for each cat that you have. This ensures that they can play together without getting crowded out.Ragdoll Kitten Comfortable

Multiple Scratching Surfaces Is an Advantage

It is also preferable to purchase a cat tree that has multiple scratching surfaces, places to nap, and toys or activities. This keeps your cuddly kitties from becoming bored or indifferent to the structure.

While Ragdolls will certainly not complain about a tree that serves strictly as a nap space, they will get the most out of your purchase if you get one that caters to a variety of their moods and interests.

This can take on many different forms, in countless unique combinations of the following items:

  • Posts and walls covered with scratching materials, such as carpet or sisal rope
  • Platforms and levels for jumping on and climbing
  • Comfortable hammocks or perches for a cat nap
  • Ropes for climbing and swinging
  • Balance beams or bridges for walking
  • Stairs and ladders for climbing
  • Toy balls, feathers, mice, or other items dangling from strings or springs
  • Cozy holes and cubbies for privacy

The size of the tree, as well as the quantity and type of activities that are available, will depend on the number of cats you have and their individual tastes and interests.

If your Ragdoll cat or cats are like the majority, then you are probably fine to have one of each of these activities. Ragdolls are typically laid back, so they will be pleased with whatever toys are in front of them.

If you have more particular cats, you may need to think a little harder.

For instance, if you have two cats who both like to take cozy cat naps, consider a cat tree that has two spots for napping. This same general rule applies to all aspects of the tree.

If you have more than 3 or 4 cats, you may need to seriously consider buying more than one tree in order to meet all their preferences.

Product Spotlight: Yaheetech 59” Multi-Level Cat Tree Activity Center

SONGMICS 59 Multi-Level Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, Plush Perches, Hammock and Condo, Activity Centre

Click/ Tap here for more info and customer pictures

In the world of cat trees that are built to hold large felines, such as Ragdolls, the Soncmics 59” Multi-Level Cat Tree Activity Centre is hard to top.

With its comfortable and luxurious look and coordinated color scheme, it’s about as close to the Hilton of cats as you could get.

Built for a party, it can easily handle as many as four different cats with ease. With approximately a 24” X 21” footprint and a height of 59”, there is more than enough room to go around for several cats to have a good time.

In addition to the usual sharpening and climbing of a cat tree, it provides the following amenities:

  • Comfortable swinging hammock for rock-a-bye Ragdoll time
  • Three large platforms for the jumping and climbing of multiple cats at the same time
  • Two oversized and luxurious plush napping nests
  • Extra-large box-shaped cubby for cozy privacy
  • A heavy-duty hanging rope for swinging and climbing
  • Two fluffy toy balls hanging from strings for playing and pouncing
  • A total of ten support pillars wrapped in natural sisal rope for scratching and clawing

The wide base of the tree combined with quality materials and professional design makes for a sturdy structure that is safe from tipping or falling during use.

All the pieces and tools come ready to be assembled using the included instructions. In the off chance that something out of the ordinary were to happen, that causes the tree to tip, you can rely on the built-in safety cord.

The cord attaches directly to the nearest wall or other sturdy object in order to prevent the tree from falling on your cat if it does get pushed over.

If after your purchase you run into issues and are not satisfied with the product you received, each purchase is backed by a 30-month warranty.


  • Large size, spacious areas, and sturdy construction are ideal for multiple large cats
  • Smoky gray and white color combination looks great with any décor
  • Includes anti-falling cord and hardware
  • Oversized hammock, cubby, and napping beds
  • Raised edges on napping beds that serve as your cat’s pillow
  • Easy to assemble, with all hardware and tools included
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, 30-month warranty coverage


  • Takes up a relatively large amount of room
  • A little more expensive than purchasing a “normal” cat tree

Get the Yaheteech 59” Multi-Level Cat Tree Activity Center here!


Now that we have explored all the different things you need to consider when purchasing a cat tree for your Ragdoll cat, you can make an informed purchase that will please both you and your cuddly companion for years to come.

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