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Home Siamese Cat The 3 Absolute Best Brushes For Siamese Cats

The 3 Absolute Best Brushes For Siamese Cats

by Pierre

Best Brushes For Siamese CatsHave you ever made a purchase that simply flopped when you were looking for a great product for your Siamese cat? To be more specific, did you ever buy a brush that your poor kitty did not like? Are you in the market for a brush that will keep your cat’s hair looking lovely and tangle-free?

If so, stay with us. You’re in the right spot!

Knowing how to choose a great brush for your Siamese comes down to the brush’s materials, the comfort of the handle for the user, and how it makes your cats feel when they are getting brushed.

Due to the short-haired nature of the Siamese, you will want to choose a brush that is designed for cats with short hair. Brushes not designed for short hair simply won’t deliver the results you and your cat seek!

Know Your Brushes

The first thing to look for when you choose a brush for your Siamese is the bristle type. Siamese are shorthairs, so they do not necessarily need a pin brush. Those are more helpful for the long-haired breeds.

Bristle Brushes

Siamese will do well with a bristle brush, which is great for cats with short, sleek fur. The soft bristles feel good on a cat’s skin and make the fur very nice and shiny.

boar bristle cat brush

Slicker Brushes

Slicker brushes are nice too. However, pet owners must be very careful not to scratch the skin of their cat with its metal tongs. It is suitable for all hair types. It helps to spread the natural oils of the skin through the coat, promoting a shiny look.

If your Siamese sheds a lot, this is a great choice.

Slicker Cat Brush

Double-Sided Brushes

Double-sided brushes are fine for almost all cat-hair coat types. The pins on one side will help if a tangle does happen in your cat’s fur, and the bristles on the other will promote that lovely shiny coat we mentioned earlier.

It’s a great twofer!

Double sided pin and bristle brush

Be sure that you take a look at all kinds of brushes to see what your cat will like. You know her best!

1. Featured Product: Burt's Bees 2-in-1 Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush

Burt's Bees for Pets Cat 2-in-1 Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Cats

Click / Tap Here for More Images

This is a handsome and lovely brush with two sides.

You get a nice wooden handle to hold onto whilst the task is completed, and then you can also look forward to the handy pins on one side to get those pesky tangles out, plus the nice bristle brush side to make sure the coat stays shiny and healthy.

The brush does a great job of removing loose hairs. Snags and tangles will be no match for this tool, and you will get rid of any trapped dirt or dander, too.

The brush is healthy in more ways than just one-it promotes the circulation of the blood and your pet will just love how it feels.

The Wooden Handle Is Ergonomic in Nature

Whether you decide to hold it underhanded or overhanded, you and your cat will remain comfortable and happy during the grooming process.

One user indicated her cat loved the feeling of the soft side of the brush on her head as well as her body. The user even stated their cat raked their teeth on the pin side, enjoying the feeling.

Users also stated the brush handle was nice and light, making for a pleasurable and easy brushing experience.


  • Great warranty and refund policy
  • Dual-sided brush so pets with long or short hair can stay clean and neat.
  • Sturdy construction and a beautiful finish for the handle of the brush.


  • Quality problems (Extremely rare)

Get the 2-in-1 Burts Bees Cat Brush here.

Construction of the Brush

The next thing you should think about when you purchase a nice brush for your special Siamese is the ergonomic qualities as well as the overall construction of the brush.

After all, some cats may not enjoy being brushed, even though it is part of good cat care and must be done. Therefore, you want a brush that can withstand a wiggly or unruly cat.

Good Materials

If you have a very sensitive pet who needs a nice soft way of brushing, consider something unconventional like a curry brush. Often, we associate these with horses, but they can be good for cats too.

Curry brush with rubber bristles

Click / Tap Here for More Images

Your hand will slip right inside the handle on the back, so it’s almost like petting your Siamese instead of brushing them. The silicone construction of modern curry brushes will remove old hair easily and your cat will feel great.

Ingrained Bristles

Some cheap hair brushes we humans use have bristle cushions that pop out at the first tangle in our hair. The same goes for cheap pet brushes. Try to find a brush that has a glued-in or built-in set of bristles.

Otherwise, every little tangle or snag will have you trying to put that brush cushion back inside, and one frustrated Siamese who probably wants to get back to living life (or may try to eat the brush bristles).

Curved Handle/Grip Handle

Any good pet brush will have a soft gel or rubber handle that is easy to grip and very comfortable to hold. Otherwise, it should have a curved handle, so your hands stay comfortable. This is critical so your pet and you feel good, and very important if you have multiple cats to comb!

2. Featured Product: Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush with Loop Handle

Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush with Loop Handle

Click/ Tap Here For More Images

Got a sensitive kitty who perhaps doesn’t do well with either bristle brushes or pin brushes? Does she love to be pet, but hates grooming time? This may be the brush for you both.

It is made of soft rubber, so there are no hard bristles rubbing on the skin. The nature of the rubber naturally attracts old hairs, so they still leave your cat looking lovely and fresh. And the easy-grip handle keeps the brush right on your hand.

It is almost like petting your cat instead of brushing her but with all the same great results.

It’s red in color, so you won’t ever lose this thing. And, if a cat does bite the brush, you don’t have to worry about metal in her mouth poking her or causing any kind of injury. It’s just soft rubber after all.

Another Great Tool That Promotes Soap Suds

Should you need to wash your Siamese in the tub if she gets dirty, this is another great tool as it promotes soap suds. It’s ideal for shorthairs as it is not recommended for use on matted and tangled fur.

And if you need to clean this brush, it’s as simple as cleaning it with the garden hose or even in a utility sink with some soap and water.

Some users even stated that this brush helped save their vacuum cleaners-they indicated they were finding a lot less fur when it came time to clean out the vacuum filter and rollers.

All in all, this is a wonderful brush that naturally pulls away old fur. Your Siamese will love the feeling of being pet and getting clean, and you will love the fact that it feels more like petting and bonding with your cat than a grooming task.

Plus, hundreds of pet owners have left glowing reviews about this curry brush, so buy with confidence.


  • Soft rubber, easy to grip, nice to hold
  • Rubber naturally attracts cat hair with ease
  • Siamese who do not like brushes may respond better


  • Not for use on tangled or matted fur

Especially great for Siamese cats that don´t like to be brushed. Get the Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush here!

Brush Vs. Deshedder

Another important thing to look for when you shop for a brush for your Siamese is a brush vs. a de-shedder tool.

Siamese cats shed but no more or less than other cats. Therefore, it is important to have a de-shedding tool, but only when they are undergoing the molting process in spring and fall when their coats for those respective seasons are growing in.

You will need the de-shedder during this molting period to keep fur at bay, but a brush is needed year-round for good health and grooming. So, make sure you get the right tools!

De-shedders keep your Siamese healthy and free of hairballs. Plus, your vacuum cleaners and clothing stay clean. It is easy to buy the de-shedder in place of a brush as they are often sold in the same places in pet stores both online and in physical locations.

3. Featured Product: Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Click/ Tap Here For More Images!

This cool purple brush is just right for getting all those tangles and mats out of your cat’s fur. It will gently remove all the loose hairs and get rid of dander at the same time. It will help get rid of any dirt that’s trapped in the coat as well.

The bristles are fine and tough and will make your pet feel great while not scratching their skin.

It is also very easy to clean. Once you are finished brushing your Siamese, you can just click the button that is on the handle, and the bristles will retract. Simply position the brush over your trash can and let it fall right inside.

That way, it will be ready for your next brushing session or the next cat right away.

Promotes Good Blood Circulation

This brush also promotes good circulation of the blood and feels almost like a massage for your cat. She will love the feeling of being brushed, and you will love how shiny and healthy her coat looks once all is said and done.

The process of grooming will be a fun one, too. The handle is comfortable to grip, so humans need not worry about hand cramps. But the best part is the thousands of positive reviews from pet owners who have the same goal in mind to keep their cats looking clean and healthy.


  • Great for long or short hair cats
  • Easier to clean than other wire-bristle brushes
  • Helps keep cat’s hairballs at bay


  • The brush feels pretty big

We highly recommend the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. It is inexpensive and loved and highly rated by thousands of people (and kitties).

Importance of Brushing

So with all this talk of brushing and caring for your Siamese’s fur, you may be wondering, “Why does this matter so much?”

There are plenty of reasons that brushing your cat is a big deal and must be completed. For starters, it reduces the amount of shedding you have to deal with.

Good brushing will reduce the cat hair found on clothing, furniture, and blankets around your home.

You will also bond with your cat when you brush. Petting a cat is like hugging a friend. Many cats enjoy the way it feels and will look forward to sitting in your lap while the brush cleans them.

It helps to lessen hairballs. Nobody likes cleaning them up or hearing your poor kitty retch trying to get them out. Good, habitual brushing may reduce these hairballs.

And of course, the natural oils of your cat’s skin and coat will be spread around. These oils are what keep the coat shiny and free of any irritants. So, promote these oils by giving your Siamese a good brush regularly!

Final Words

We hope this guide on the best brushes for your Siamese cat has helped you narrow down a few great choices for your pet’s health and well-being. After all, brushing is a necessary part of pet ownership, so why not make it great? These tools make it easy. Happy brushing!

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