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Home Cat FAQ Are Water Fountains Really Safe For Cats?

Are Water Fountains Really Safe For Cats?

by Rachel

Are Water Fountains Safe For Cats?Technology for cats has come a long way. You can find everything from kitty cams to automated litter boxes, and cat water fountains have grabbed the attention of cat owners. With positive reviews comes skepticism. Can my cat get an electric shock from its water fountain? Will it get water in its nose? Before you buy, you want to make sure these products are safe for your cat.

Are water fountains really safe for cats? Yes, water fountains are safe for your cats as long as you purchase a quality product and it is maintained with care. These products make a great addition to any household with felines.

If you believe this product is perfect for your furry friend, then continue reading to learn more about cat water fountains and keeping them safe for your cat to use.

The benefit of having a water fountain for your cat

If safety isn’t enough to sway you, it’s time to take a look at the benefit of purchasing a water fountain for your cat.

In the wild, cats are careful when it comes to choosing drinking water. Stagnant water (not unlike your cat’s regular water bowl) is unfit to drink. If the water is stagnant, there is a good chance it will taste bad and harbor harmful bacteria.

On the other hand, running water, like from a stream, means the water will be oxygenated, fresh, and safe to drink. Indoor cats still maintain these instincts. It is no wonder why many cats opt for running water as opposed to a bowl of still water.

Also, cats have trouble identifying still water. It is common for cats to paw at their water bowls before taking a drink. This is because cats have issues identifying the depth of water in their bowls. It is much easier for a cat to see running water, plus it helps that cats can hear moving water.

If you notice your cat turning its nose up at standard water bowls to drink from leaky faucets, toilet bowls, or bathtubs, a cat water fountain may be your cat’s new favorite gadget.

Water fountains your cat will love

If you do a quick search of cat water fountains, the results can be overwhelming. With so many options, it can be difficult to know if you are choosing the best product for your cat. Listed below are 3 great fountains that are safe and loved by many cats across the world.

Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain

Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain

Click/ Tap Here For More Images

The Catit flower fountain is an overwhelmingly popular product that is cost-effective and safe for cats. It offers 3 different water flow settings to satisfy the most finicky of drinkers. This product is easy to maintain. It disassembles in just a few pieces and is easy to wash by hand with gentle soap and water.

The long-lasting filters that come with this fountain work hard to ensure your cat is drinking the best water. The filter works to stop magnesium and calcium buildup from tap water. These chemicals are known to cause urinary tract issues in cats.

In addition, the filter helps remove chlorine, bacteria, and any debris from entering your cat’s drinking water.

Customers love how quiet this product is. It is also ergonomically designed for your cat’s comfort. Get the Catit Flower Fountain here – it´s great!

VinDox Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

VinDox 360 Ceramic Cat Fountain, 2.1L Pet Drinking Fountain for Cats and Dogs

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If you are looking for high quality, this is the product for you. It is more expensive compared to other cat water fountains, but it is worth it. The pump comes with a 3-year warranty so you can have peace of mind.

The IPettie fountain is made of high-temperature porcelain. Pet owners often prefer ceramic to plastic products because it is easier to clean, is not porous like plastic, and never retains an odor.

The pump on this product is whisper quiet. Also, the pump has an auto shut-off feature if the water level is too low. This means no additional strain on the pump which will prolong the life of this water fountain.

The filter for this product uses both a nano-active ceramic biolith filter and activated charcoal foam. These two features work to purify water, reduce bacteria, and trap hair and dirt. This means your cat’s water will be clean and tasty. Learn more about the VinDox Ceramic Water Fountain here.

Drinkwell 360 Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Multi-Pet Stainless Steel Dog and Cat Fountain, Filtered Water, 128 oz. Water Capacity

Click/ Tap Here For More Images

The Drinkwell 360 fountain also runs a bit more expensive when compared to other fountains, but it is safe and loved by many pet owners.

The unique design holds 128 ounces of water. The shape of the product also allows for multiple pets to drink from the fountain at the same time. This water fountain is perfect for a household with multiple cats.

This product uses a charcoal filter to provide your pets with clean, fresh water. Also, it is easy to assemble and since it is made from stainless steel, you can wash it right in the dishwasher. To learn more about the Drinkwell 360 fountain, click here.

How to maintain your water fountain

One of the best features of good-quality water fountains is that they require very little maintenance. There is still a small amount of work on an owner’s end when it comes to keeping your cat’s water fountain sanitary.

It is recommended to clean your fountain every 2-4 weeks. Disassemble the fountain and separate the filter and electrical pieces from all other parts. The filter should be rinsed clean with mild soap and water.

If the filter has changeable parts such as removable charcoal filters, check the cleanliness and replace them if need be.

Any plastic or stainless steel parts may be dishwasher safe, but check the instructions that come with your product. If not, all parts are easy to wash by hand. If you notice hard water spots, they can easily be removed with a cat-friendly solution of white distilled vinegar and baking soda.

Some water fountains have small spaces that are difficult to reach by hand alone. A toothbrush is a perfect tool for accessing those hard-to-reach spaces.Should I Get A Water Fountain For My Cat?

Why your cat may not like its water fountain

It’s disappointing to see your cat avoid a fountain it used to use all the time. Or perhaps it is brand new and you just can’t seem to get your cat to try it out. Listed below are some common reasons as to why your cat is steering clear of its water fountain.

  • It’s too noisy. If your water fountain makes loud noises, odds are your cat is afraid of it. Opt for a product that has a quiet motor and no heavy water crashing.
  • It splashes. Poorly constructed water fountains can splash all over. Some fountains are even known to shoot water out of the bowl. If your cat gets more water on her than in her mouth, she will probably avoid it.
  • It’s dirty. Cats are very sensitive to taste. If your fountain is past due for a cleaning, your cat may not drink from it. Also, if the product is brand new and not cleaned well enough, it could have an odor that will repel your cat.
  • It’s in a bad location. Location is important when it comes to your cat's water source. Never put your cat’s fountain next to its food bowl or litter box since it can easily be contaminated.

Other ways to keep your cat hydrated

Cats require an ounce of water per pound to be properly hydrated. A cat water fountain is an excellent tool for helping your cat meet this goal, but it is not your only tool. Listed below are some tips to help keep your cat hydrated.

  • Give your cat plenty of options. Have multiple sources of water available for your cat. Try to leave water bowls in all the areas your cat loves the most.
  • Feed your cat canned food. Adding wet food to your cat’s diet is an easy way to ensure your cat is staying hydrated. Wet food has a high water content and cats can’t resist the appeal of a soft, tasty meal.
  • Treat your cat with broth. The broth is a delicious and sneaky way to get your cat to drink more. It can be added to wet or dry food or consumed on its own. You can purchase broth for your cat at any pet store. If you are feeling creative, you can make your own broth by covering chicken bones with water and simmering for at least two hours. It keeps fresh in the fridge for one week.

Related Questions

Are cat fountains worth it? Yes, cat fountains are worth it. It is an excellent way to keep your cat hydrated since it is inclined to like running water.

Why is there foam in my cat’s water fountain? If you notice a small amount of bubbling near the spout, that is normal considering it is running water. If you notice a film or foamy top covering the water though, it likely means the cat fountain is dirty. Always thoroughly clean your water fountain with dish soap and warm water.

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