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Home Sphynx Cat Are Sphynx Cats Nocturnal? Get Your Sphynx To Sleep

Are Sphynx Cats Nocturnal? Get Your Sphynx To Sleep

by Katrina

Are sphynx cats nocturnal?You might be reading this now as your sphynx cat is not letting you get enough sleep. Also, you might have tried different tactics on how to teach your naked buddy to sleep at the same time as you, but of course your eyebags are proof that whatever it is that you are doing is not working.

So does this mean that Sphynx cats are nocturnal?

Sphynx cats are not nocturnal. They just seem like it since they are almost always awake at night. The culprit is their never-ending energy. It is not that they cannot sleep at night, they are just too active to think about sleeping. The key is making sure that they are tired when it is bedtime.

As you can see, you have a lot of work cut out for you, just to ensure that you and your sphynx cat get enough and quality sleep. If you think that it is impossible, think again as all you need to do is to change some of your habits.

So keep on reading to figure out how to finally make your seemingly nocturnal sphynx cat, sleep at night!

Sphynx Cats Are Not Nocturnal

Yes, you read that right, they are definitely not nocturnal. So why is it that they do not let you sleep at night? Blame it on their energy. You can think of it as any other baby who has trouble sleeping at night as they are being fuzzy.

They have this pent-up energy that is clawing its way out for some sort of release.

The same goes for your sphynx cat. When your whole household is ready to turn in for the night, yet, he is still not tired, he might stay put for a while or play with his toys, but once that bores him, well you know the drill— he will jump on your sleeping head, meow directly to your ear, scratch your pillow, and many more.

This definitely poses a problem especially if you are so tired to correct his behavior that you just end up yelling at him. This, in turn, is not a good way to address the problem. In fact, he will not understand why you are yelling at him.

This is what is going through his mind as you yell at him, “My hooman is upset with me, I have to bother him more to make him love me.”

Needless to say, he will not stop bothering you even though you yell at him or push him away. Do not even think of locking him in a room or his pet cage as the noises that he will make in order to get your attention to release him will definitely bother you more.why is my sphynx cat awake at night?

Sphynx Cats Are Crepuscular

Sphynx cats, much like most cats are crepuscular. This simply means that they are most active during dusk and dawn. This is due to their natural instincts since it is between these times that the vision of small prey like birds and rodents are not the most effective.

This is also the reason why cats in the wild come out at around seven or eight at night as well as two or four in the morning. In short, they are awake at this time in order to hunt for food.

On the other hand, a house cat will be awake at these times to eat or drink from their food bowls. On the off chance that you have not filled their bowls, they will then bother you to feed them. After eating or drinking, they will go back to sleep.

Now, how does this apply to your Sphynx cat? Well, he might be awake at seven or eight at night to eat or drink, but then, he will not go back to sleep. For him, it is already playtime.

How To Make Your Sphynx Cat Sleep At Night?

You have now arrived at the part where you can finally get a good night's sleep. But we are warning you, it comes with a lot of hard work. “It is so easy to have a sphynx cat!” said no one ever.

Trust us when we say that the process might be a long and hard one, but all will be worth it as both you and your sphynx cat will be sleeping soundly during the night, which means more fun times during the day.

1. Tire Him/ Her Out

We have already established that your Sphynx cat is just bursting with energy the moment he wakes up until the time you retire for bed. So it is best to have some quality physical playtime with him. You can play fetch with him as sphynx cats are known for being able to do so.

The constant running around and the receiving of affection will not only spend his energy, but he will also feel content. You can also use a laser pointer to make him run around. Basically, just do physical activity with him an hour before you go to bed.

2. Establish A Routine

Sphynx cats love routine and they actually learn how to consistently follow it. Therefore, you should train him to know when it is feeding time, playtime, cuddling time, alone time, and finally sleeping time.

Keep in mind that sphynx cats love to show off to their owners as well as receive lots of attention. So once you designate a time for them to do these things, by the time you head off to bed, he will respect your space as he knows his mission for the day is done.

3. Maximize Cuddle Time

Sphynx cats love to cuddle with their owners. In fact, they might be bothering you while you are sleeping just because they missed you. Therefore, when you get home from work, set aside time to hang out with him. Yes, even though you are dead tired.

You can be working on your laptop while cuddling him on your lap, or just watching in Netflix snuggled with him.

Giving your sphynx cat lots of love will show him that he does not need to cause a ruckus just to get your attention because he knows that even though you are sleeping, you will give him lots of cuddles when you wake up.

4. Leave Snacks

It is not best to leave a full-blown meal in their pet bowl at night. Remember, Sphynx cats have a high metabolism so they will practically eat all of it. The result is, they will associate that time as their official feeding time.

When this happens, this disrupts their schedule as they think that it is the start of the new day due to having a full meal. So a good trick is to just leave some snacks at night, which will satisfy his cravings for food.

5. Establish Your Sleeping Space

Sphynx cats have the tendency to invade the personal space of their owners as they love to seek out your attention. However, this should not be tolerated when it is already disrupting your sleeping time.

So here comes the heartbreaking part; close your bedroom door and when your sphynx cat meows at night, just let him be.

Of course, before doing so, make sure that he has his own space to sleep and also provide for some of his basic needs. The sad thing about this is that he might keep on meowing at you for several hours.

But the more that you give him attention when he does this, the more he will think that what he is doing is okay.

So ready your earplugs as you will be in for a couple of rough nights of constant meowing. Eventually, he will learn that he cannot get what he wants for meowing constantly when that door is closed.

Just do not forget to give him lots of affection in the morning, to assure him that both of you are in good terms.

Related Questions

How long can you leave a sphynx cat alone? You can leave them alone for at least four to eight hours as they will find ways to entertain themselves, especially if there are other cats or dogs present. But, you cannot leave them alone for more than a day, as they seek attention from their owners.

Do Sphynx cats meow a lot? Yes, they meow a lot and they have this raspy voice. They demand a lot of attention from their owners and they do not hesitate to vocalize this need. They will also, chirp, purr, and sing. Lastly, they can also talk back to their owners.

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