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Home Cat FAQ Why Sphynx Cats Are Not Really Lap Cats

Why Sphynx Cats Are Not Really Lap Cats

by Katrina

Are sphynx cats lap cats?Are you looking for a cat that can stay put for a long time? Do you want a lounging buddy while you are binge-watching on Netflix? You might be considering getting a sphynx cat due to its extremely friendly nature, but are they lap cats?

Sphynx cats are not lap cats. They tend to sit and even sleep on your lap for long periods of time, but they are still very active and energetic cats. They love to play and show off to their owners. Further, they want to pretty much get stimulated by everything around them.

This does not necessarily mean that they will not settle down. In due time, once their energy is used up, they will sit still for a while. But be ready for their newfound energy once they are fully charged from a nap.

In this article, we are going to discuss certain activities that sphynx cats like to do. Also, we are going to talk about some tips and tricks that can help your sphynx cat to be a bit mellow. Are you ready to learn the fun things that you can do with your naked buddy? Then, read on!

The Personality of Sphynx Cats

Let us go over some of the general traits of the sphynx cat which show that they are not lap cats. Keep in mind that the personality of your Sphynx cat may vary based on how you get along with them, their training, and also their environment.


It is not always that you come across a cat breed that can get along well with children more so dogs. However, in the case of the sphynx cat, they love interacting with people as well as other cats and dogs.

If you have a larger dog, you do not have to worry if your sphynx will end up hating them as you might even be surprised that your labrador is playing “chase the ball” with your sphynx.

On the other hand, they also love bonding with children just as long as your children will not grab and drop them. Also, since they love to show off, your toddler will be entertained for hours while watching your sphynx do all kinds of things.


“Stand-offish” Ew, what is that? – Your sphynx cat might say that.

Based on a study by Asselineau and Abitbol about affectionate cat breeds, Sphynx cats are declared as the most affectionate one. Therefore, they would love to follow you around, just so they can get your attention.

They will also cuddle against you and even beg you to pet or hold them. Not only that, but they will also cuddle with your dog and children. They have such a warm nature that they make for great therapy pets.are sphynx cats lap cats?

Constant Need For Companionship

This goes hand in hand with being affectionate. With that said, it is not enough for a sphynx cat to just be noticed or petted for some time. They really demand your full-on attention which means you have to set aside time for playful activities.

This also means that they are very clingy and that they cannot be left alone for a long time. Yes, they can entertain themselves for a few hours, but after a while, they will wonder where their hoomans are. An untrained sphynx cat can develop separation anxiety due to this.

Love For Talking

What is unique about sphynx cats is that they are very vocal. They are one of those cat breeds that can talk back to their owners and actually have a flowing conversation with them.

We are not only talking about meows, but also chirps, purrs, and many more. You can bet that with anything that your sphynx does, it is accompanied by cat talk. Further, when something is up with them, you will know as they have mastered the art of whining.


If you thought that cats flying from one counter to another can only be seen in movies, you are wrong. Sphynx cats can do those if they ran out of things to do. Therefore, you should provide them with lots of enriching activities where they can exhaust their energy.

They can chase around a rolling cat toy for hours and still not be tired. On the downside, if you have a docile dog, he might end up getting annoyed with your sphynx as he will keep on egging him to play.

Further, this does not bode well for newborn babies as your sphynx might jump in his or her crib.


Sphynx cats have a sense of self so they are aware of the things that they need and want. They are also naturally curious about the things around them and will often call the attention of their owners when they find a thing that is foreign to them.

What is so funny is that they have goofy humor which does not go well with their sour expression. Imagine a sphynx cat bobbing his head to hip hop with that evil stare. This goes to show that looks do not mean anything, well at least for sphynx cats, right?

Can Sphynx Cats Be Lap Cats?

This is a bit unheard of as they are really active, energetic, and playful. But there are also certain calm traits that a sphynx cat has where you can get as much “lounging time” as possible. Take a look at the following.

Need For Heat

It is during winter or the cold months that a sphynx cat tends to lay low for a bit. This simply means that they can stay put for two hours or more because they are concentrating on maintaining the heat in their body.

Even though they are branded as hairless cats, they still have a fine but short fuzz of hair which is not ideal when exposed in cold temperatures. Therefore, when it is too cold for them, they tend to just snuggle up in their cat bed or igloo.

This is the rare time when you can see your sphynx lie in front of the fireplace to sleep or take a nap. This is also the time when they just want to chill next to you or even sleep beside your laptop while you are doing some work.

More than that, it is during this time where their access to sunlight is limited. Therefore, when the sun is at its highest peak, they will try to get all the sunlight that they need by lying close to windows and just lounge there.

It is only when they have their heat fix that they will be all wild again.do sphynx cats like to sit on a lap?

Intuitiveness For The Sick

When we say sick, we are referring to you, the owner. As we have mentioned before, sphynx cats are very intelligent so they have this intuition when someone in the household is sick or even feeling down.

It is during this time, that they will not even bother you with play, instead, they will just lay close to you.

In such a case where you are sick (hopefully, nothing serious) but let us say you are down with the flu and you need to take a break off work, you sphynx cat will gladly cuddle with you while you do a movie marathon.

You might even be surprised that he is trying to pet you as if saying “Get well soon hooman…so you can play with me again.”

Tips And Tricks

As the energy of sphynx cats knows no boundaries, it can be a bit of trouble especially if it is already time to settle down. In other cases, when you have guests around, you do not need a sphynx flying all over the place, right? Here are some tricks that you can do.

  • Designate a playing schedule so that your sphynx cat will know that, that is the only time where they can be wild with their toys.
  • Wear them out before bedtime.
  • Practice positive reinforcement training where they will get rewarded when they calm down for a bit.
  • Always talk to your cat so that their mind can be stimulated and this will prevent them from opting to run around the house.

Related Questions

Are sphynx cats cuddly? Yes, they are. They will let you hold, carry, hug, and cuddle them as they are very affectionate. In fact, if you have not held them for a long time, they will even demand that you cuddle them. Cuddling them gives them extra warmth which they love.

How long can you leave a sphynx cat alone? It is fine to leave them alone for at least two to four hours. However, if they are left alone longer than that, they will get restless as they are very social cats that yearn for companionship. It is best that they have other cats or even dogs with them.

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