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Home Cat FAQ 3 Reasons Why Sphynx Cats Are So Incredibly Cuddly

3 Reasons Why Sphynx Cats Are So Incredibly Cuddly

by Nevena

are sphynx cats cuddly?With its strange angular features and gaunt expression, the hairless Sphynx is often regarded with weariness and is unfoundedly characterized as creepy or evil. However, the lack of coat doesn’t make a Sphynx any less of a cat, and these felines have loving and affectionate temperaments.

So, are Sphynx cats cuddly? The Sphynx is one of the cuddliest cat breeds you are ever going to find. Because they have a fuzz rather than fur, Sphynx cats are always looking for ways to stay warm. There is no better way for a Sphynx to stay warm than to snuggle in her owner’s arms and to demand a ton of cuddles every day.

In this article, you will learn why do Sphynx cats like to cuddle so much and what are the benefits of snuggling with your cat. Read further to find some tips on how to cuddle your Sphynx in the right way.

Why Do Sphynx Cats Like To Cuddle So Much?

Although best known for its hairless appearance, the Sphynx is also energetic, silly, and a people-oriented cat that likes to show off for attention.

If you never owned a Sphynx, don’t let its dour expression fool you, since this is one of the most affectionate and loving cats you are ever going to meet! Here are a few reasons why the Sphynx is the ultimate cuddle buddy.

1. Lack Of Fur

Although best known as the hairless or bald cat, the Sphynx actually has a very fine short coat of fuzz that gives it a feel of fine suede. However, the coat is so fine that it offers little or no insulation, making the Sphynx always on the lookout for heat sources.

And being such a people-oriented cat, your Sphynx will see you as an ultimate heat provider and will take every chance it gets to cuddle in your arms.

Furthermore, this adorable feline will even sleep in the bed with you and snuggle under the covers to stay warm and cozy!

2. Sense Of Security

When you see an adult Sphynx cuddling know that she is demonstrating a behavior she learned as a kitten.

All kittens cuddle with their mothers to establish a sense of security. Adult cats just repeat what they learned when they were younger.

Basically, your Sphynx is guided by a philosophy to snuggle up with someone who can protect her, and keep her warm and safe while she sleeps.

Early socialization also affects how cuddly a Sphynx will be once she’s an adult. Sphynx kittens who were handled and petted by people from a young age tend to seek out people for cuddling more when they are grown up.

3. Personality

The Sphynx is an affectionate and intelligent cat with a unique sense of humor and tendency to show off for attention. Friendly and loving, this is a loyal breed who will follow you around and take every chance to jump in your lap and cuddle.

Due to its dog-like personality, the Sphynx is obsessed with people and has to be near its owner at all hours of the day. Simply put it, this breed is wired to seek physical contact with its people and is always in the mood for cuddles.Do sphynx cats like to snuggle?

The Benefits Of Cuddling With A Sphynx Cat

Besides being super adorable, there are physical, social, and emotional benefits that you and your Sphynx cat can experience as the result of cuddling time. Note that you can reap rewards from cuddling with any cat and that although fairly unique your Sphynx isn’t the only one with superpowers.

  • Cuddling creates calm: Snuggling with your Sphynx creates a physical reaction in the body that helps you relax and forget about the daily worries.
  • Snuggling boosts your immune system: It may be hard to believe at first, but the closer you are to your cat physically the stronger your immune system will get. This is because you are regularly exposing yourself to cat dander and allergens which can help you deal and prevent seasonal allergies or asthma.
  • Cuddling your cat can be therapeutic: Studies have found that cuddling or petting a cat releases oxytocin, which is the hormone that makes us feel happy and loved.
  • Cats can lower your blood pressure: Scientists discovered that people who own cats are more likely to have a lower blood pressure than those who do not. This is mainly because cats create a calm and relaxing atmosphere and naturally reduce blood pressure in people who are experiencing anxiety or stress.
  • Snuggling with a cat lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke: Recent studies have found that the calming effect of cuddling with a cat can lower your cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Which in turn decreases the risk of heart disease or stroke.
  • Companionship: Although dogs are crowned as the man’s best friend, cats also provide companionship. With your Sphynx by your side, you’ll never feel alone and are less likely to become depressed or suffer from anxiety.

Tips On How To Cuddle A Sphynx Cat

As you can see, cuddling with your Sphynx has numerous health benefits but it is also a great way to show your cat how much you love her. Since this is a very affectionate breed, chances are that your Sphynx will jump all over you and demand cuddles.

But if that didn’t happen just yet, here are some tips on how to snuggle with your cat:

  • You should wash your hands before cuddling with your Sphynx cat to eliminate any potential irritants that could upset her skin
  • Don’t try to sneak up on your cat to snuggle while she is eating or sleeping. Give your Sphynx a chance to come to you when she is in the mood for cuddling
  • Do not go straight for the hug! Spend a few moments petting your Sphynx on the back, under the chin, or behind the ears
  • Once your cat starts purring and she seems ready for more affection you can sweep her in a hug. Gently lift your Sphynx towards your chest by holding her back with one hand and her legs with the other

Related Questions

What does it feel like to pet a hairless cat? The Sphynx isn’t completely hairless and most of them have a soft fuzz all over their bodies. Thus, petting a Sphynx cat feels like touching warm soft leather or fine suede. But, since their skin tends to become greasy, you may end up with an oily residue on your hand if a cat hasn’t been bathed recently.

Do Sphynx cats get fleas? Unfortunately, the lack of fur doesn’t make the Sphynx immune to fleas, and your cat can get them at any time. The only difference is that you will easily see fleas on your Sphynx which will help you to deal with them sooner rather than later. Invest in a good flea treatment to keep your cat flea free.

Can Sphynx cats be left alone? The people-oriented and attention-seeking Sphynx doesn’t like to be left alone and prefers to have company at all times. Two Sphynx are always better than one, and you should seriously consider getting your cat a companion if you have long working hours or travel a lot.

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