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Home Sphynx Cat Are Sphynx Cats Affectionate? Here Is The Truth

Are Sphynx Cats Affectionate? Here Is The Truth

by DeAndra

Are Sphynx Cats Affectionate?The Sphynx is a unique figure in the cat world that can influence unfounded opinions about its temperament and overall loving nature.

Are Sphynx cats affectionate? The Sphynx is consistently named as one of the most loving and devoted cat breeds. They bond deeply with their chosen human being to the point where some owners will wonder why their kitty is following them around all the time.

Most assumptions of them are that it is a mean-spirited cat, because typically in the animal world fur equates to cuddly niceness. The Sphynx cat proves the adage not to judge a book by its cover.

Read further to understand the personality of this unique kitty, its history, and how to take care of this baby so that you can have them in your family for years.

Sphynx Personality

Not only is the Sphynx cat loving, they teeter on the overly affectionate side. Following you were ever you go in the home, right next to you. Even when you go to bed they will be right there, so be prepared to realize that it isn't just your bed anymore.

In the cold months due to their lack of fur, they will snuggle under your covers. Once it is warmer, they will be right next to you, or on top of you even if you sleep on your side.

Unlike the hissing spitfire that Rachel adopts in that one Friends episode, the sphynx is one of the most affectionate cats out there.

Pet owners report that the Sphynx has a well-developed sense of humor, mostly to get your attention if you have looked away even for a second.

If opening doors or goofily rolling around on the floor don't garner your attention, then they will loudly proclaim that they need affection now either by meowing for it or by jumping into your lap where ever you are.

You know the memes about cats sitting on a keyboard or on top of your book, fully expect this from the Sphynx.

Don’t be surprised if the silly weirdo uses their tongue to inspect their environment. It is just an extension of how they explore their world.

The Sphynx cat is an extrovert amongst a sea of introverts in the cat world. While they will be entirely dedicated to you, this affection will extend to everyone that you allow in your home.

That geniality continues to children, animals, and adults. The Sphynx is not snobby with their affections as long as they are getting a good bit of that attention.

For people who are not home often or do not like clingy animals, the Sphynx is not a good cat for you. They will want to be by your side at all times, there to even greet you at the door as soon as you come home.

Therapy animal

Due to their open and friendly nature, the Sphynx is consistently named as an excellent therapy animal option for both illness and emotional support. The main characteristics wanted in support animals are affectionate, open to people, and easygoing.

While the Sphynx can be a talker, it is mostly for your attention rather than overly particular nature.

In particular, they make magnificent emotional support animals because of their tendency to want to be around their human at all times. Providing their owner with emotional support by cuddles, lap time and even comfort while in bed.

If the owner is having issues with emotional availability, they are not a standoffish kitten. If you don’t know how to state that you need comfort the Sphynx will be right there anyway. They will use their paw to get attention if the owner doesn't understand how.

For owners who have issues with social anxiety, the Sphynx is an extroverted friend who is always there to greet people and create a talking point.

The Sphynx is even used in hospitals of both the human and animal variety. Children's cancer wards use the Sphynx cat as a way to show that bald can be beautiful while also allowing children to gain comfort with this loving kitty.

A famous Sphynx cat by the name of Raisin supports animals at a veterinarian hospital by laying next to and greeting animals coming in for procedures and appointments.

Something to keep in mind for the Sphynx as a therapy animal, while their personalities are loving, they do need more maintenance than a typical furry kitten.

Due to their lack of fur, they will have to have regular bathing and sometimes even daily maintenance to remove the oil from their skin that a normal cat's fur would absorb.

If you have issues with movement that would prevent you from weekly bathing this kitty despite its loving nature might not be the right therapy animal for you.

If you are fixed on a Sphynx as your therapy animal and can afford it, then a simple solution is to take them to the groomer if you are physically able to.Sphynx Cat As Therapy Animal

When affectionate turns to clingy

The main narrative is that cats are super standoffish and don't really need a human around unless it is for food. If you have a cat, you know that that is not even close to the case.

For cats that are very affectionate, it can feel like you have accidentally received a dog in cat form (they even get along great with dogs!). But there comes to the point where a cat can be too loving to the point where they get clingy.

If your Sphynx has come to the point where you have to pick them up to get to the food or they, have not so slightly taken over your life with demanding behavior don't fear there are ways to provide a little bit of independence for them and some relief for you from servitude.

Here are some rules to go by:

  • Keep a schedule
  • Do not reward demanding behavior
  • Allow them to do things on their own
  • Building relationships with others in the household
  • Fun time

Keeping a schedule will give your Sphynx stability in its life and make it aware of when events occur. When you feed your cat at 7 am every morning they will chill with waking you up at 5 when they think they should be feed.

If they are demanding Sphynx make sure not to reward unruly behavior to have peace. They have to learn how to come to you for the things that they want, instead of crying out whenever they need you and you rushing into the room to pay attention to them.

Get to know the tones of their meows, are they painful, melancholy, or needy?

Allow them to do things on their own. I know I know, but your kitty can most likely get up on the table alone for food. They can also get off of the bed when they need to.

Baring medical issues your cat has the capability; they just really really like it when you do it for them. Allow them the space to do it on their own.

The thing to keep in mind is your cat might be lonely while you are gone, that is why they stay so close to you throughout everything.

If you are the one that mostly takes care of your Sphynx, then they will look to you for everything in the household, and you will be the one that they make into a servant.

Spread the duties around instead of being the only one who takes care of everything. If you live alone having a companion for your Sphynx will help – this is very important! Read more on that here.

Fun time could be anything. From playing with your kitty to get them too tired to demand a lot to providing interactive toys that will let them use their intelligence.

Even setting up a bird feeder outside the window so that can watch all of the birds they can't mess with. In the end, they will be a worn-out kitty that wants to rest on your lap.

Related questions:

Are Sphynx cats Healthy? The Sphinx is not known for any health issues besides what a typical cat would encounter. At the beginning of their history due to the limited number of breeding options, there were a few issues that have been since bred out. Just make sure to take care of their skin.

Are hairless cats good pets? Hairless cats, the Sphynx, in particular, are affectionate and playful. They are consistently named as one of the most loving breeds of cats out there. The word good depends on the level of effort that you want to take part in because due to the lack of fur, they need more frequent care than a typical cat.

Are Sphynx cats dangerous? Not at all. They are an affectionate lap cat that loves everyone that they come in contact with. That includes other animals. Creating danger for them, not the other way around. The assumption that the Sphynx is dangerous is based on its unusual appearance, with no basis in fact.

Read here how well they get along with other cats!

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