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Home Siamese Cat Are Siamese Cats Good with Dogs?

Are Siamese Cats Good with Dogs?

by DeAndra

Are Siamese Cats Good With Dogs?The Siamese Cat is known for its beautiful looks and friendly nature towards their human, but does that friendliness extend to dogs?

Are Siamese Cats good with dogs? They are good with dogs, other cats, and children. The Siamese is an active breed, so having a playful dog around can help to take out some of that energy. The only precaution is introducing the two together. 

While the talkative Siamese Cat is good with dogs, the owner needs to question the doggo that they have, and it's temperament. A slow introduction is necessary to gauge how your new Siamese and old friend will interact with each other. Understanding for both your dog and the typical personality of the Siamese cat will help, along with some accessories for your new kitty get out of the way for a while.

Temperament of your dog

Depending on the size of your K-9 even non-aggressive puppies can cause harm to a cat brought into your home. While they might not intend it, one hardy pounce might be life and death for your feline.

So it is essential to understand your dog's temperament and their overall aggressiveness to ensure that everyone in the household is happy and healthy for years to come.

Think about how your dog reacts when something small comes around or while on a walk?

  • Do they treat these interactions with active curiosity and happiness or do they react to this contact with aggression or territorial behaviors?
  • How do they treat guests in your home or small children?
  • When another animal wants your affection do they react badly or do they accept it?

Before you even think about bringing a new addition, consider if your other companion's background is suited for a new animal.  If your doggy is more on the territorial or aggressive side, either through their history or breed, consider whether bringing in a smaller pet is a good idea.

Besides putting an animal in danger, it will also cause undue stress on your dog by having an unfamiliar animal in the household, along with the pressure that you will have trying to keep two different homes for the both of them.

If you have no fears about your dog's behavior towards a smaller animal, then the next sections will help you get them both acquainted with one another.Siamese Cats Are Good With Other Pets

The personality of the Siamese

The Siamese cat is an ancient breed loved due to its good looks and personality. Anyone that has a Siamese will tell you that they are very talkative. You will know when you have done wrong or when the food bowl is half full. 

A common misconception, especially true for this breed, is that cats like to be alone and have minimal regard for their humans. It's just not true, which is double for the Siamese breed.

They tend to get very lonely when their person is away for periods. Having a dog with a Siamese cat is the perfect solution for their loneliness for times when you are away.

The Siamese if you please is also vastly intelligent which equals out to them being a highly active little kitty. They will scurry about the house finding every nook and cranny that they possibly can.

They will even learn from you and your dog, just by observation of your habits. Either good, bad or neutral. Prepare to wonder who is opening all of the cabinets doors at 2 am with this kitty. They need to figure out how you did it.

The Siamese themselves can be quite territorial and aggressive. They bond heavily with their human of choice in the household and will not be pleased with another entity that brings attention away from them.

Just make sure that plenty of attention is given to them, while not neglecting any of the other fur babies that you might have. If you have multiple animals in the house then playing with them as a group will create a faster bond between them.

Wanna learn more? Here are 20 facts about Siamese cats!

Accessories needed for the cat living with a dog

Cats as a whole tend to have a more sensitive nature than their larger friends. While your dog might think of what they are doing as play, it will affect your cat differently and stress them out.

It's important to have ways for your cat to get away from your dog in case they are experiencing stress, or if there is aggression taking place. Some of the most common cat accessories will do just fine to give them a sense of peace in their home.

They include:

  • Cat tower
  • Cat shelves
  • Cat door to another room

A Cat tower is the most obvious choice due to many different options available and if you live in an apartment – fewer holes in your walls. Look for one that is sturdy enough to take puppy influence and tall enough for your feline to get away from it all. 

Cat Shelves are great if you can put them up in your current living situation. You are giving both entertainment and a place safe enough away from stress or harm.

If you are not able to put up the traditional shelves and you have extra room, you can always make your own with a sturdy tall bookshelf. One that they can jump to the top of to be away, it will also provide an excellent spot for all of their toys to be stored.

Probably the safest way to go is with a Cat door to room in the house. Cat doors are only an option for those who can make permanent changes to their home, but it could be a life and stress saver for the cat of the house.How To Introduce your dog to a siamese cat

How to introduce a new cat into your space

If you are sure that your dog has the right temperament for a kitty addition, then it is time to introduce them to one another. Depending on both animals this might be a short phase or something that lasts several months. 

The goal of the process is for your Siamese to become antiquated with everything one step at a time. If you already have a Siamese cat and want to introduce a dog to the household these steps also apply.

The key is for you to be patient and cautious for both of your pets. 

First, your new Siamese needs to become acquitted with their living arrangements. This process will begin in one room of your house since there is another animal.

Make sure to put all of their toys, scratching post, or cat tower in this room. Even though they are separated, it is essential that you bond with your new Siamese. Visit them as often as you can.

Then the first introduction. Just as a precaution hold your dogs collar around their neck. The collar hold will enable you to pull them back if they do act out. Quickly let them get a look at each other, or smell. Then take your cat back to their room.

Pay attention to both of their reactions. Were they hostile to one another or did they seem merely curious? That will be your indicator on how to proceed next.

If they were hostile, then keep doing the quick introduction, while holding your dog by the collar. Build up time that the two spend together based on the reactions that you observe.

When you feel that they are starting to get along transition to holding your dog by a leash during these meetings. The leash hold will give your dog more room to get to know the new addition, but also provide control if anything goes wrong.

If they seemed fine with the process, then you can advance the intros until they are living in the same space.

The primary goal here, however, is to ensure both are safe and happy in the same household. 

Related Questions:

Are Siamese Cats more aggressive? The Siamese is a territorial cat that bonds deeply with their owners and the people in the household. They will feel jealousy for others whom they feel are getting more attention than they are. Make sure to give them lots of love and play to temper these feelings. Just don't neglect your other animals to do so.

Are Siamese Cats good house pets? They are one of the best lap cats there is. They love nothing more than being around their human whether that be sleeping on the couch with you or play sessions. If you still want your kitty to have some outside time they are one of the best breeds of cat to train walking on a lease.

Do Siamese Cats talk a lot? Yes, they do — quite a bit. For the most part cat vocalizations are intended for humans rather than other animals. Since the Siamese is human-oriented breed, they have developed that trait over the years. Great for the absent-minded owner, because this is a breed that will let you know their needs.

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