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Home Siamese Cat How Affectionate Siamese Cats Really Are

How Affectionate Siamese Cats Really Are

by Pierre

Are Siamese Cats Affectionate?Many people think of cats as these “mean” creatures that only interact with humans when they need food. However, many cat breeds are known to be affectionate towards their human companions—one of them is the Siamese cat.

Siamese cats are very affectionate. They are one of the few cat breeds that actually crave and enjoy human companionship. Siamese cats tend to be loving and trusting of their humans, but often bond with only one person. That said, they are highly prone to separation anxiety and depression when left alone for long periods of time.

Let´s have a look at how they show their affection and what you should know about their separation anxiety.

Which Siamese cat gender is more affectionate?

Generally speaking, Siamese cats are very affectionate and friendly as a breed. However, the majority of Siamese owners say that male Siamese cats tend to be more affectionate than their female counterparts.

Males are more into physical interactions such as cuddles than the females; but of course, the females are just as affectionate as the males in their own ways. It may just be more challenging to win over their affection in the beginning.

On the other hand, there are owners of both male and female Siamese cats that say their female felines are more affectionate, so ultimately, it still boils down to the cats’ individual personalities and how they were brought up.

How do Siamese cats show their affection?

Cats can be very subtle when expressing their affection, which can often be misinterpreted or even overlooked. Unlike dogs, that shower you with sloppy kisses and wagging tails, cats show their love to their human companions in a very restrained manner.

Here are some signs of cat affection that every Siamese cat parent should know.

1. Slow blinking

Cats show their affection with their eyes. If you catch your Siamese cat looking at you with half-closed eyes and blinking slowly, then it’s a surefire sign that your feline friend trusts you and enjoys being with you.

These slow blinks are called “cat kisses”. You can actually reciprocate the affection by doing the same to your cat—stare at your cat with your eyes half-closed and blink very slowly. Who knows, your cat may even respond with more “kisses”.

2. Tail weaving

Just like dogs, cats also convey their emotions through their tails. When combined with body language and other mannerisms, they can communicate a range of emotions from fear and rage to affection and exhilaration.

Siamese cats show their affection by weaving and twirling their tails around the legs of their favorite humans. They also express their affection by resting or physically touching their tails to your body.

3. Cheek rubbing

Siamese cats can express their affection by rubbing their cheeks on your body. Apart from being a sign of affection, cheek rubs also signify an invitation for socializing. It’s like their way of saying “Hey, I like you so much. Can we cuddle?”.

Cats, in general, have numerous scent glands on their cheeks that produce pheromones. Rubbing their cheeks and mingling their scent with their human companions that they are attached to are their ways of marking their “ownership”.

4. Head buntings

Apart from cheek rubbing, head bunting is also another sign of cat affection. Often confused with head butting, head bunting is when a cat taps his or her head against you and rubs his or her cheeks into whatever body part it comes contact to.

As said earlier, transferring their scent to someone else’s body proclaims trust and ownership. The scent produced on their glands is transferred to you as your cat butts you with his or her head—making you a member of their squad.

5. Purring

Just like humans and other pets, cats also express their affection vocally. Siamese cats, in particular, are very vocal cats. They purr, they trill, they chirp—and they all make these sweet sounds to communicate affection and trust.

These sounds of affection are also expressed in unique vocalizations, which are unique to each cat.

Of course, all cats purr, and it can mean a lot of things, but when accompanied by affectionate body language, then it's a surefire sign that your cat is fond of you.

6. Licking

Cats groom other cats close to them by licking their fur—or mutually licking one another—and humans are not exempt from this sign of affection.

Apart from making them feel relaxed, grooming enables them to share their scent to their closest buddies. So, if you notice your Siamese cat licking your skin or even nibbling on your clothing, don’t shoo them away. It’s your cat’s way of saying “I like you”.

7. Following you around

They say owning a Siamese cat is like owning a dog. Siamese cats show their affection by following their human companions everywhere they go—even in the bathroom! A cat that trusts you and enjoys your company will cling to you like glue.

However, it’s also your Siamese cat’s subtle way of telling you that he or she is more important than anything else that you’re doing.Loving Siamese Cat

How do I invite my Siamese cat for a snuggle?

Did you know that you can invite your Siamese cat for a snuggle by pointing your index finger towards your cat’s nose level? It doesn’t really matter whether your cat is close or a few feet away from you.

If your cat obliges, he or she will come closer and boop your finger. Throw in some “cat kisses” to encourage your cat even more.

Siamese Cats and Separation Anxiety

Siamese cats seem to be the ideal cat to own—very affectionate, friendly, quite active, and even in tune with the emotions of their human companions.

However, their clinginess and (sometimes excessively, sometimes obnoxiously) affectionate personality can be a double-edged sword as they have a tendency to demand a lot of attention.

These quintessential people cat can be very needy to the point that they will follow you around the house like a dog.

Just like how some dogs get depressed or turn destructive when left alone for hours, Siamese cats will likewise get anxious and lonely if separated from their human companions for extended periods of time.

These cats love to be the center of attention, so when ignored or kept away from people, they can develop serious emotional and mental issues such as depression and anxiety.

Related Questions

Are Siamese cats noisy cats? Siamese cats are very much into loud vocalizations. They are well known for their distinctive vocal tricks and don't shy away when demanding attention. If you're looking for a quiet cat, then the Siamese might disappoint you. On the other hand, if you want a very talkative cat, then the Siamese may be your perfect match.

Are Siamese cats affectionate to other pets as well? Siamese cats get along pretty well with other cats, and even with dogs—especially when they all grew up together. However, Siamese cats are more likely to prefer being the only cat in the household—they love being the star and the center of attention like that.

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