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Home Scottish Folds Are Scottish Fold Cats Lap Cats?

Are Scottish Fold Cats Lap Cats?

by Pierre

Are Scottish Fold Cats Lap CatsYou may wonder if Scottish fold cats are as cuddly as they are cute. Surely, nothing would be better than adopting one of these bizarre cats and having them fall asleep right in your lap. But before you search, you may want to know if they are keen on snuggling up to you.

Are Scottish folds lap cats? For the most part, yes Scottish folds can be lap cats. However, they will not sit in any old human lap that they see. Scottish folds are known for building strong bonds with their caretakers and may even favor one person above them all. These are the laps they will sit on. They will not cozy up to the laps of strangers any time soon.

So you want your Scottish fold to snooze in your lap? Good news! You can do this if you approach it the right way. Below are helpful hints that will turn your Scottish fold into a lap cat.

Tips for helping your Scottish fold become a lap cat

The number one tool is socialization. It’s best to start when they are kittens but the same rules can also work for adult Scottish folds as well. It’s best to handle your cat frequently so it can recognize you as their human.

Environmental circumstances are also crucial. If your Scottish fold is going to sit in your lap, it’s most likely going to be when they are most comfortable. Sit somewhere they enjoy sitting like in bed or on a cozy chair.

As well, limit noise and anything that could be a distraction.

Further, you want to make your lap enticing. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to do this.

  • Be calm. Scottish folds love to be comfortable, so make your lap the most relaxing spot in the house. Move slowly, and speak to your cat in a pleasant tone. They appreciate it more than you think.
  • Place a fuzzy blanket on your lap. Scottish folds enjoy snuggling up to a soft blanket. Some can’t resist getting their paws on one. If you are lucky, you may get your cat to knead the blanket while lying in your lap. It’s as if they are giving you a massage!
  • Bribe them. Scottish folds find it hard to say no to treats. You can leave some in your lap to bring kitty closer. If your Scottish fold is already in your lap, then make sure to keep treats nearby. They will link physical contact with tasty snacks.

Remember, always use positive reinforcement when your Scottish fold is in your lap to keep them coming back for more. Give your cat a gentle brushing if it’s something it enjoys. Some scratches by the ears or under the chin will also work.

Additionally, playing with your Scottish fold’s favorite toys is a foolproof way to give positive reinforcement.

It’s also important to note that your Scottish fold should make the first move. Cats are at their best when they feel in control of their environment.

It will not only make your cat more likely to come to your lap but also help build up trust between both of you.Cuddly Scottish Fold

What to avoid when helping your Scottish fold become a lap cat

Scottish folds are extremely smart. They are also receptive to human behavior. If you act in a way they don’t like, they won’t become the lap cat you want them to be. Always be aware of your actions as a human. Remember they don’t think the way we do.

Listed below are some tips as to what you should avoid when your Scottish fold is acclimating to you.

  • Don’t stare directly at your Scottish fold. Cats take staring as a sign of aggression. If they are looking at you with wide eyes, it could mean they are feeling threatened. If you catch your Scottish fold behaving this way, drop your gaze to show you are not a threat.
  • Never hit or be forceful. Never, and I can’t stress this enough, never discipline your cat. Cat’s don’t have bad behavior, only natural behavior. So if you think they are being spiteful, they are not. Being rough with your Scottish fold will not only confuse them but scare them. They will want to be as far from your lap as possible.
  • Avoid loud noises. If your Scottish fold is unsure of cozying up on your lap, you want to show them your lap can be a relaxing space. Don't shout, laugh loudly, or make excessive noise. It may send your cat running to find someplace quiet.

Maybe you notice your Scottish fold taking an interest in snuggling up to you but is seemingly skittish. There are also behaviors to avoid when you see your Scottish fold first learning to love your lap.

  • Don’t interact if you are in a bad mood. Scottish folds have a sixth sense for these kinds of things. If you’re feeling angry or nervous, you’ll pass this onto your feline friend. Instead, it’s best to save snuggling time when you are feeling happy and relaxed.
  • Don't use this time for things they hate. Most Scottish folds are not fond of having their nails clipped. Or their teeth brushed. Or having the goop cleaned from the corners of their eyes. Make your lap a safe haven, not a torture chamber.

Other breeds that make excellent lap cats

Turning a Scottish fold into a lap cat doesn’t have to be for experienced cat owners only. However, if you don’t feel up to the task, consider another breed that’s more eager to cuddle up to humans.

  • Ragdolls. They basically go limp in your arms.
  • Bombays. These black beauties will call any lap home.
  • Sphynx. They not only love affection but also want your body heat.
  • Persians. The poster child of lap cats.
  • Tonkinese. They not only love to nap on your lap but also love to sit on your shoulders.

Related Questions

What is the price of a Scottish fold? If you are looking for a Scottish fold kitten with a coveted triple fold, be prepared to spend around $1500. Double and single folds cost slightly less, but can still set you back close to $1000. While the cost of purchasing a Scottish fold may be higher than other breeds, remember they are low maintenance when it comes to grooming.

What is a Scottish fold personality like? Scottish folds are a highly intelligent breed of cat. These sweet-natured beauties enjoy human attention and can become attached to their humans. They are reasonably playful and love to nap. Overall, they are easy to care for and make a great addition to any family.

What types of ears can a Scottish fold have? Scottish fold ears are small and have rounded tops. They can have one of three different types of ear folds. A single fold is loose and does not fold to the head. A double fold will lightly brush against the head. A triple fold, which is most desired, will lie flat against the head of the cat.

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