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Home Scottish Folds Are Scottish Fold Cats Affectionate?

Are Scottish Fold Cats Affectionate?

by Pierre

Are Scottish Fold Cats Affectionate?I love Scottish Fold cats because of their folding ears that bend the ears forward and downwards which make them very lovable. But I was a little worried about how affectionate the breed is so I decided to look research how loving they can really be.

So, are Scottish Fold cats affectionate? Yes, they are. They love to be around their owners and will participate in whatever you are doing. They are best suited for a large household with kids and lots of fun activities that they can take part in. However, they will still thrive in a single person’s home.

Most people looking for a cat companion want a breed that they can spend time with without too much maintenance. There are many things to consider when settling for a Scottish Fold Cat as your household pet.

Why the Scottish Fold Cat has an Affectionate Disposition

This breed is adaptable to any home environment since it really loves company whether human or fellow pets. The genes of the Scottish Fold cat give it a sweet disposition which is not aggressive and very accommodating.

The breed is outgoing and playful in nature, and this loving nature continues to grow as it receives more love and affection.

Socialization also plays a significant role in the affectionate nature of the Scottish Fold cat. Since this breed is a domestic cat, it will have its kittens in a household of people.

Generally, the initial weeks after birth are crucial to how affectionately a kitten responds to family members. The kittens will develop a loving disposition towards the people who care for it, play with it and are gentle when handling it.

This affection is easily transferred to other humans or pets should it change households because the cat has been nurtured into an affectionate pet and it tends to associate people or certain pets with love and affection.

A factor that has an influence on the “amount” of affection a Scottish fold cat shows is the amount of one on one time they spend with their owners. These cats are not aloof and will quickly join the fray when it is playtime.

The more they feel loved, the more they lavish affection on their owner or caregiver.

In fact, the Scottish Fold cat equates your catering to its needs like providing food (read our food guide for Scottish Folds here), shelter, and warmth like a mother’s love. In return, it headbutts you to show love and appreciation, and when you think about it, these reactions are very human nature like.

It Can Get Too Much

Unfortunately, your Scottish Fold cat becoming overly affectionate compared to normal may mean it is not at its healthiest. Emotional distress and illnesses may cause your cat to seek out more time with you as a way to let you know it doesn´t feel very happy.

The additional need for affection is because your cat knows you love it and will alleviate its pain.

It is crucial to know and understand your cat in order to be able to catch this particular type of attention seeking affection. Some Scottish Folds will come to your bed and give you a stare or lick the afflicted area when on the lap or in your presence.How loving are Scottish folds?

The Scottish Fold Cat Affection Versus Other Breeds

The Scottish fold cat is an excellent breed, but most cat owners like to compare breeds before settling for the one that they favor the most. Here is how the Scottish fold breed compares to other well known affectionate breeds

The Scottish Fold Versus The Ragdoll

Both breeds love to show affection to their owners. They will meet you at the door or climb onto your lap for a scratch when you are relaxing on the sofa.

The difference is that Scottish Folds are less vocal and not overly demanding of attention. Also, this article will show you whether or not they are true lap cats.

Ragdoll cats are known for their talkative nature which can be a put off for owners who prefer a cat with a mild temperament. The Scottish Fold is affectionate with a calm gentle demeanor.

The Scottish Fold versus the Abyssinian

Just like the Scottish Fold has the signature trait of folded ears the Abyssinian has its own signature trait: it loves to sit in high up places.

However, both breeds are super playful and child-friendly.

The Abyssinian breed is also well loved for its intelligence, but when it comes to being generally affectionate, the Abyssinian can be a bit reserved and retreats to its high lofty place as opposed to the Scottish Fold which is happy to curl up on your lap.

The Scottish Fold versus the Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is largely considered the comedic act of the feline family. Like the Scottish Fold, it has a distinctive look that draws a second glance with its big bat-like ears and oval, egg-shaped face.

Its looks rival the owlish looks of the Scottish fold, but both breeds are very friendly and affectionate. However, the Cornish Rex takes is to another level with antics and tricks that can be off-putting if you like your cat with a mild temperament.

The Cornish Rex cat loves the attention of other pets making it an ideal pet for a home with multiple pets as opposed to a single person’s dwelling.

How does the Scottish Fold Cat Show Affection?

Well, the Scottish Fold Cat follows the rules of “typical cat showing human affection.” Here is what you can expect.


This is where your cat literally head butts you on the chin or forehead. When it does so, it leaves its scent on you and marks you as its buddy. You officially belong to your cat whenever it does that, but it also shows it loves you.

It may decide to rub its cheek against you instead of head butting you. It is doing the same thing with a cheek rub: leaving its scent on you while showing affection.


Like other cats, the Scottish Fold cat has the art of purring down. When your cat is content or just happy to be next to you, it will let through a deep resonating purr followed by a few slow blinks.

The purr always happens when you have your Scottish fold on your lap and you are stroking it.


Remember when we said the Scottish Fold cat equates your love and care to a mother’s love you cat may take to kneading you after a meal to show its affection.

Kneading is done by kittens while they are nursing and as adults, it is done to their favorite person or pet. The cat will paw you with retracted claws so you basically only feel the soft part of the paw.

Related Questions

Are domestic cats affectionate?
The vast majority of domestic cats are friendly with some breeds being more affectionate because of their naturally warm temperaments. Domestic cats are generally very intelligent, adaptable with the ability to love multiple people and pets simultaneously.

Why do some Scottish Fold cats have folded ears?
These cats have a mutated gene that causes the cartilage in their ears to fold forward and down almost lying flat on top of the head. Unfortunately, this gene can also cause congenital osteodystrophy, a bone abnormality in the cats.

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