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Home Savannah Cat Here Is How Loyal Savannah Cats Are

Here Is How Loyal Savannah Cats Are

by Pierre

Are savannah cats loyal?If you hang around a Savannah cat long enough, you may begin to notice how loving they are to their family and this will cause you to ask, “Are Savannah Cats loyal,” and the answer is yes.

Are Savannah Cats Loyal? Savannahs are known for having the looks of a beautiful exotic Serval cat, but the personality of a dog. We all know dogs are incredibly loyal creatures and the Savannah is just like this – they absolutely love their immediate family members and but tend to be a bit cautious with strangers.  

This is the quick and easy answer to your question of the Savannah’s loyalty. But to know more, keep on reading.

Understanding the Breed Levels In Terms Of Loyalty

The breed level of the Savannah plays a role in the personality you will get. Let’s take a moment to briefly talk about these breed levels.

The F1 Savannah is the wildest of Savannahs with one parent having been a Serval. They are a bit antisocial when it comes to kids and strangers. They are smart and tend to bond with about two people.

The F2 Savannah is a very social kitty and like to socialize with their immediate family. They don’t mind kids, either. They love to play and are high energy cats. They don’t mind saying “hello” to visitors at your home.

The F3 Savannah is trademarked as being extremely bonded with their family and will socialize with strangers who come over to your home. They are very athletic in nature as all Savannahs are, and love to play. Their personality shines and they are great for families.

The F4 and F5 Savannahs are very smart, social and love to be around people. They are beautiful and great for families as their personality is friendly. As with other Savannahs, they are high energy and need lots of play time.

What Makes Them Loyal?

As we mentioned earlier, Savannahs have the personality of a dog in some ways. Their loyalty comes from proper socialization-do make sure if you plan on adopting a Savannah from a breeder you ask about socialization.

Most breeders do a great job with this, but it is better to see how the cats are socialized before you pay the high price associated with these beautiful cats.

The Savannah actually seeks out social interaction, depending on their breed level. For the F1, socializing with their primary owners might be enough.

For the F3, F4 and F5, playing with the family and going for a walk as a group might be their preferred way of socializing and demonstrating their loyalty.

(Yes, these cats enjoy going for walks on a lead-it’s a great way to socialize your Savannah and strengthen your bond also).

The breed level of the Savannah also demonstrates loyalty in the presence of strangers. F1s, for instance, might take a high perch to observe a stranger as they visit with you in your home.

This particular breed level is very cautious around strangers, just like a loyal dog might be as a means of protecting their owners.

Have a look at the Savannah cat below waking up her favorite human!

Savannah Cat: A Breed Like No Other

Loyalty is just one amazing trait of the Savannah cat. By taking a look at some of the other aspects of Savannah cats, we can come to a better understanding of these cats’ delightful personalities.

Firstly, Savannahs make wonderful friends that can provide many years of happiness and companionship to their owners. Their lifespan may range anywhere from 12 to 20 years, provided owners keep up with regular vet visits and care for them properly.

Next, their energy level is arguably the highest of all breeds of domestic cats. Owners around the world take joy in playing with their Savannah in ways that they simply cannot do with other cats.

These joyful activities lead to a greater bond and thus greater loyalty among Savannahs and their owners.

For instance, Savannah cats of all breed levels actually enjoy playing in water. A Savannah cat playing outdoors with their family on a hot summer day in a children’s pool is a big send up from a regular domestic shorthair cat, who usually stay far away from water!

They Love to Play

Playing with your Savannah will not only be a requirement but a great activity that helps them grow attached to you. These cats are known for being amazing jumpers as well as fast runners.

They often tire out other pets in the household and can be found exploring, climbing or poking around during all hours of the day.

Most of these cats do not fit the stereotype of the cat that naps all day long-so those looking for a feline who can sit calmly in your lap should look elsewhere!

Walking and Bonding

Savannahs also love putting on a comfortable harness and going outside for a walk. Walking with your Savannah is a great way to establish and strengthen your bond, plus provide your cat with much needed exercise.

The act of exploring your local park, neighborhood or even a nearby forest together is fun for your cat and you.

Savannahs are very intelligent, and you can teach them to walk around on a lead just as you might do for a dog.

Because the neck of a Savannah is not like that of a dog, opt for a cat safe harness instead of a collared leash. Pain resulting from pulling on a leash or strangulation can result if the correct harness is not used.

The key is to start slowly with your Savannah and go for short walks, gradually leading up to longer jaunts. You might even have to practice the act of putting the harness on and taking it off again just to get your cat used to it.

And lastly, don’t ever let your Savannah out to play without supervision or their harness on. They can run very fast-35 MPH-and may jump heights up to 8 feet, much higher than some fences.Are savannah cats loyal to their owners?

Related Questions

Are Savannah Cats Protective?

Yes, Savannah cats are very loyal and attached to their owners. They may become very wary of strangers that come over, so proper socialization of your Savannah cat is recommended. This should be done during the kitten stages for best results.

Are Savannah Cats dangerous?

Most Savannah cat pets do not have much wild DNA, so they are not dangerous to their owners. In terms of their safety level, they are closer to a standard domestic cat than a wild cat. Every Savannah is different, and your cat’s personality will be unique.

Are Savannah cats loving?

Savannah cats are very loving. They can be very outgoing in terms of personality and are very smart. These cats learn new skills very quickly. They love to walk around on a leash, and this is a great bonding activity for owners of Savannahs and their cats.


Yes, Savannah cats are absolutely loyal and will enjoy spending time with you as their owner. Their personality has so many unique and wonderful aspects to it that have delighted and amazed owners and cat lovers around the world.

They are truly a breed like no other-between their size, wild nature and energy level they are truly in a class of their own.

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