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Home Ragdoll Cat Are Ragdoll Cats Playful?

Are Ragdoll Cats Playful?

by Dina

Are Ragdoll Cats Playful?Are Ragdolls playful? This is a question that cat-lovers would ask when they are keen to adopt a Ragdoll into their household. After all, it’s important to understand a cat’s personality in order to be well-prepared for living with one.

In short, the answer is a resounding yes. No matter their age, Ragdolls are very kitten-like in their propensity for playfulness. Ragdolls enjoy playing with themselves and their human companions, and it's a great idea to make or purchase some cat toys to keep your Ragdoll stimulated. 

As a result of a Ragdoll's playfulness, future owners of Ragdolls need to be prepared to keep their cats entertained through playtimes. Read on to find out more about the general nature of Ragdoll cats, how their playfulness manifest and the types of games and toys to engage a Ragdoll with.

What are the characteristics of Ragdolls?

Ragdolls are affectionate felines known for their large size, pointed semi-long coat and gorgeous blue eyes. They make the perfect family cats as they are well-adapted for living with all sorts of individuals from young to old.

A human-loving breed of cats, Ragdolls bond easily with the people who care for them. They are keen cuddlers and lap companions with a gentle nature. It is not unusual to see a Ragdoll casually sauntering around the house, following their favorite humans everywhere.

Neither is it unusual to see a Ragdoll rushing to the door to greet someone.

Ragdolls are so-called because they have a tendency to go limp when carried. Their docile nature may cause them to appear as innocent creatures. Don’t mistake them to be boring, though – almost every Ragdoll hides a playful personality that can appear anytime!

How do Ragdolls like to play?

Fret not if you’re averse to an over-active cat who zooms around the house knocking things over; Ragdolls are usually well-behaved and not the most active of cat breeds. They prefer roaming the ground level as opposed to jumping around to higher points.

How, then, are they playful?

Just like dogs, Ragdolls can't resist a game of fetch. They also love playing with all sorts of toys. They are ever-ready to join in with family activities and wouldn’t protest to silly games with the children.

Even though they are large-sized, Ragdolls won’t usually scratch or bite as they play, making them safe companions for playdates with the little ones. Being intelligent cats, Ragdolls can even pick up tricks if you use techniques like positive reinforcements.

All in all, the playful Ragdolls are fun to be around with!

What kind of games can I play with Ragdolls?

Ragdolls are good at entertaining themselves. You are likely to find them goofing around the house and playing with random “toys”. However, a Ragdoll will always appreciate you joining in the fun as they are social animals.

You don’t even need a proper cat toy from the pet store to unleash a Ragdoll’s playful nature.

  • Try smashing a piece of paper and throwing it towards the corner of the room. Your Ragdoll might just be up for retrieving it.
  • Run a piece of clothing over your cat’s body and see if it wants to “catch” the item.
  • You could dangle a piece of ribbon above the Ragdoll and run around with it; chances are, your Ragdoll will start chasing the ribbon. (Just be careful not to let your Ragdoll swallow the ribbon.)
  • Need more ideas? The simple game of hide-and-seek never gets old – just enter a room, stick your head out, look at your cat, then “disappear”. Stick your head out one more time. Your Ragdoll will inch closer and closer towards you.
  • Or, how about reflecting light onto the wall for the Ragdoll to chase? The possibilities are endless!

Get Some Toys And Other Cool Stuff

To keep your Ragdoll constantly entertained with new games, it’s a good idea to see what’s available in the toys section of the pet store. First and foremost, get a toy mouse! Put your Ragdoll’s hunting skills to the test by leaving the toy mouse within sight.

Rattling cat toys are great alternatives if your Ragdoll doesn’t seem bothered by the sight of a toy mouse. The rattling sound may just prove intriguing.

Other simple toys include small soft toys sprinkled with catnips and “fishing poles” (cat wands) where feathers are attached to the end of a rod.

In the age of technology, you could also download cat-friendly apps into your phone or tablet. Let your tech-savvy kitty have some screen time with the gadgets where it’ll be busy batting animated insects, mice or lizards. Best of all, many of these games are free!

If you need more inspiration on cat toys for your Ragdoll, you should definitely read our article on the 15 best toys especially for Ragdoll cats here.

You could also turn a Ragdoll’s living space into a play area. Start by replacing the water bowl with a cat water fountain.

We have created an article on water fountains that will answer all the questions you might have on them. Further, we show you three awesome and inexpensive water fountains that we highly recommend! Read our article here!

Did you know that Ragdolls are fascinated by the sound of running water?

With a cat water fountain, your cat can use their paws to play with water while keeping themselves hydrated.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Ragdolls And Playing

There are also food puzzles where your cat will use its paws to retrieve rewards from hidden chambers within a box. This is a great way to stimulate the cat mentally and to encourage its natural instincts to sniff, scratch and explore.

As Ragdolls are intelligent cats, they might just appreciate puzzles that increase in difficulty.

Your Ragdoll would also be delighted to have a cat tunnel to squeeze through.

Some of these cat tunnels come with dangling toys as a bonus. There are also cat climbing toys such as perches, ramps, and walkways that give the Ragdoll an opportunity to climb.

Don’t get too carried away when building new vertical spots for your cat.

Remember that Ragdolls don’t like to go too high! If you would like to buy a cat tree or such cat climbing toys, ensure that they are sturdy enough to hold a Ragdoll’s heavy body frame.

If you need some help with finding the right cat trees for Ragdoll cats, here are 3 great cat trees that we have reviewed.

With so many game ideas and toys, your Ragdoll will hardly be bored at home.

How often should I play with my Ragdoll?

Well, as much as your cat wants you to!

However, if you can’t keep up with your Ragdoll’s stamina for play, simply set aside twenty to thirty minutes a day. This would keep your Ragdoll mentally healthy and curb potential obesity. It might even help you, the cat owner, to reduce stress!

On top of that, you’d be encouraging bonding between yourself and your furry friend.

What if I don’t have time to play with my Ragdoll?

If you are often busy with work and worry that your Ragdoll is not getting enough play, there’s a simple solution for you: Get your ragdoll a feline companion!

Ragdolls generally get along well with other friendly cats, no matter their breed. Just be patient when introducing the two cats to each other. Special steps should be taken in order to reduce adjustment problems.

Once successful, the duo might just be best friends!

Seriously, if you do not have enough time for your Ragdoll, you need to get a second cat, otherwise your Ragdoll could become depressed and show abnormal behavior which could end bad for you or your furniture.

Here are of our articles we highly recommend to read in that case:

Also known as “puppy cats”, Ragdolls are also good for teaming up with dogs – gentle ones, of course! This is a testament to a Ragdoll’s easy-going nature.

Are you ready for a Ragdoll? If you’ve read the article up to this point, you’re definitely mentally prepared to enjoy the constant company of a Ragdoll. A cat’s playfulness is something that would affect their owners on a day-to-day basis, so it’s a good thing you’re one step ahead!

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