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Home Personality Is The Ragdoll Cat A Loyal Pet?

Is The Ragdoll Cat A Loyal Pet?

by Prachi

Are Ragdoll Cats Loyal?Ragdoll cat is arguably one of the most adorable looking cat breeds. But if you want to know how the cat is as a pet, here’s all you need.

Are Ragdoll cats loyal? Yes, Ragdoll cats are one of the most loyal cat breeds known. They are known to form a strong bond with people whom they live with. They like being close to people they like and will also follow people around the house. In fact, their loyalty is likened to pet dogs!

Ragdoll cats are arguably one of the prettiest cat breeds. They are characterized by their angelic faces and piercing blue eyes. If you are looking for a cat that can become a companion for you, a Ragdoll cat is the best option for you.

Cats from this breed will quickly recognize the people who take care of them. They are quick to bond with humans as well as other pets in the house.

These cats are best kept indoors and they can be the perfect pets for people who love to spend time with their pets. Below are some characteristics of Ragdolls which set them apart from other cat breeds.

Why are Ragdoll cats dog-like?

Ragdoll cats love their humans

Ragdoll cats are often said to be more like dogs, and with good reason too! While usually, other cats wouldn’t move from their vantage points no matter whether you leave or come back, Ragdoll Cats are known to come and greet their owners at the door.

They also tend to follow the people they love around the house. It’s just too adorable how some Ragdolls go from room to room just to be with the people they love.

And they also take an active interest in all the things you do. You can see them watch you intently with those piercing blue eyes as you go about doing the chores around the house.

Ragdoll Cats are intelligent pets. They quickly learn your routine as they follow you around. And they are talkers, too! So, you can expect them to voice their concerns if they catch you doing something out of the ordinary.

But, of course, Ragdolls have such sweet, quiet voices, that you will love it!

So, basically, you can expect to see a Ragdoll as a pet who is genuinely happy to be with you. Their enthusiasm to see you after a brief absence is quite dog-like and they appreciate all the love that you can shower them with.How loyal are ragdoll cats?

Ragdoll cats need your attention

Cats are usually known for being aloof to the presence of humans and can only care for so much petting. But Ragdoll cats are different. They crave companionship and attention from humans.

They are extremely lovable pets who love to be in your company. While this does not mean that they cannot be left on their own at all, they do like it when people they know and love are around them.

Thus, they are best suited for homes where people aren’t absent for long periods of time.

They are often referred to as lap cats. A well-known trait of Ragdolls is that they become floppy when someone picks them up and are content to be held and carried around.

However, remember that each cat is different. Some like to be held in their owners’ arms or to sit on their laps, some are content just sitting down beside their owners. They often curl up at your feet and appreciate you scratching and petting them.

They might also love snuggling up to you as you sleep and rub their adorable heads against you to display their affection. Also, just like dogs, some Ragdoll cats love to roll on their backs as you scratch their bellies.

If they feel they are not getting the attention they are used to, Ragdolls might call you out in their soft voices or they might even touch you with their paws to get you to pet them. All you need is to pay attention to what your cat needs and how she vocalizes what she wants.

Ragdoll cats can be trained

Cats have a mind of their own and will not usually take to training well. However, Ragdoll is one breed of cats whom you can actually train. They are highly intelligent animals and can be taught simple tricks.

They can be trained to come to you when you call their name. They can also be trained to follow simple instructions such as sitting, following you, etc. And, they can be taught to walk on a leash. This comes in very handy if you want to take your cat out on a short walk.

Ragdoll cats are good for families

These loyal cats can easily adjust with other pets in the house, including dogs. In fact, they usually get along quite well with dogs. They can even adjust with other cats, small pets such as hamsters, fish, birds, etc.

Thus, if you already have pets in the house and want to add another beautiful member, a Ragdoll cat could be just the pet you need.

Ragdoll cats are quite suited to families with kids in the house. Ragdolls are quiet, docile, and harmless.

They are a good option if you have kids in the house. They are good-tempered and calm animals and usually don’t scratch or bite unless they are provoked too much. Thus, they are safe around young kids, too, and won't hurt family members they recognize.

However, it is best to teach young kids to not pull the cats’ ears or tails or generally cause any trouble.are ragdolls loyal or selfish?

But, Ragdoll cats need you to protect them

Even though Ragdolls are bigger in size as compared to some of the other breeds of cats, they are basically docile creatures. It is said that they lack the instinct to fight when they sense danger or even when they are attacked. They cannot defend themselves against predators.

They won’t even put up a fight with other cats to protect their territory. Thus, they are best suited for an indoor environment. They cannot be left to roam around outside on their own.

If at all they are to be taken outside the house, they should be let out in a safe, secure, fenced area with someone present to supervise their activities and keep them away from danger.

For walks, it is best to take them out on a leash to keep them near you and safe. Otherwise, they can be carried in the arms from one safe place to another.

In conclusion

Ragdoll cats are beautiful pets that can truly win you over. Intuitive and intelligent, they make for lovable companions. However, know that each cat comes with its own unique personality.

Hence, you need to be attentive to what your pet likes so that you are able to provide it with a safe and conducive environment to be the adorable pets that they are.

Related Questions

Do Ragdoll cats get more affectionate with age? Yes, to some extent. As Ragdolls mature, they tend to become more affectionate towards their owners. Thus you will see that grown-up cats have stronger bonds with their owners as compared to kittens. However, since all cats are different, this cannot be guaranteed.

Are Ragdoll cats very vocal? Yes, Ragdoll cats are quite vocal even if they have soft voices. They can vocalize their needs such as being hungry, in pain, or simply wanting your attention. But since they meow in such a quiet way, you always need to pay attention to other cues from your pet to know what they need.

Do Ragdolls shed a lot of hair? Not really. Ragdoll cats have long hair, but they do not shed too much. They have a soft, thick fur, but do not have an undercoat. Hence, they do not shed as much hair as any other cat would with the same quality of fur.

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