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Home Cat FAQ Are Ragdoll Cats Lazy? When To Worry

Are Ragdoll Cats Lazy? When To Worry

by Nevena

Are ragdoll cats lazy?Ragdolls are large and friendly cats that are best known for their ability to go completely limp when picked up. This breed is also known for its docile and friendly personality, rabbit-like silky fur, and gorgeous appearance, but are they truly lazy as people say they are?

So, are Ragdoll cats lazy? The Ragdoll is a relatively lazy cat. Due to their docile and placid temperament and low energy levels, these cats are often idle and love to lie around doing nothing. While Ragdolls aren’t interested in jumping and running like most other cats, they like to be held and are true lap cats.

In this article, we are going to tell you why are Ragdoll cats so lazy and what are the downsides of owning a low energy cat. Read on to find out how to encourage your Ragdoll to be more active and less idle.

Why Are Ragdoll Cats Lazy?

There is nothing wrong with being lazy sometimes, especially if you are a cat. Just imagine how good it would feel to lounge around all day without a care in the world!

Due to their easy-going and relaxed nature, staying idle most of the time is a piece of cake for Ragdoll cats. Here are some main reasons that make the Ragdoll one of the laziest cat breeds:

Laid-back Personality

The Ragdoll is a gentle, intelligent, relaxed, and easy to handle cat with a friendly disposition and tendency to follow its people around the house. Ragdolls have an extremely docile nature and tend to seek physical affection in a dog-like fashion.

Considering how laid-back and unfazed these cats are, it comes a no surprise that they tend to be lazy!

Low Energy Levels

While Ragdolls remain kitten-like playful even in their senior years, chances are that you are never going to see one jumping, climbing, or running around.

These cats are the happiest when on a ground level, or more ideally, lounging in your lap and receiving a belly rub.

Keep in mind, while Ragdolls have low energy levels compared to other cats, that doesn’t mean that they are tired or feeling unwell.

Inactivity and laziness come hand in hand, and being a low energy breed is one of the main reasons why Ragdolls are so slothful most of the time.

Love To Be Held

This breed got the name “Ragdoll” due to their tendency to go completely limp and relaxed when picked up, just like a real rag doll!

Unlike many other cat breeds, the Ragdoll enjoys to be held and carried around and won’t mind staying permanently in your arms.

Carrying a cat like a baby is simply adorable, but it also encourages Ragdolls to remain lazy! In the end, why would your cat waste her energy to move from one sofa to the next when you are there to do all the heavy work for her!Are ragdoll cats active?

Is Being Lazy And Inactive Bad For Ragdolls In The Long Run?

Being lazy and inactive from time to time isn’t a bad thing, but staying that way for a longer period comes with consequences.

Being a large and well-boned cat, the Ragdoll needs to be active and have regular exercise to stay healthy and in good shape. Otherwise, your kitty is at risk of developing certain health problems in the long run.

The most commonly seen issue that is related to laziness is:

  • Obesity: Is on the rise and a real problem for many cats and their owners. As a heavily built but inactive cat, the Ragdoll can pack on the extra pounds easily and become obese before you have time to react.

To make things even more difficult, the silky long coat of Ragdolls serves as a great camouflage and you won’t notice anything strange until you are no longer able to lift your cat without breaking a sweat!

While obesity might not seem like a big deal at first, it is linked with several other health problems and will put your cat’s overall health at risk. So, make sure to keep your Ragdoll’s weight in check and cut the calorie intake if you notice weight gain.

How To Encourage A Ragdoll To Move And Be Less Lazy?

Despite being a lazy fellow and not athletic at all, the Ragdoll likes to play!

Since they aren’t big fans of running and jumping you’ll need to be creative and figure out fun ways to get your cat moving. Your best bet is to use your cat’s playful nature as an advantage.

Here are some fun things you should try:

  • Fetch: Being an extremely docile cat, your Ragdoll can be trained to do a lot of things, including how to fetch and retrieve. Best of all, most Ragdolls like to play fetch, and this can serve as an excellent exercise that will keep your cat in great shape.
  • Walk on a leash: While you should never let your Ragdoll to roam freely outside, taking her out for a walk on a leash is a great way for both of you to have fun. Furthermore, teaching your kitty how to walk on a leash won’t be hard, since Ragdolls are people-pleasers and will do anything just to spend more time with their owners.
  • Catnip toys: The majority of cats react to catnip, and chances are that your Ragdoll will too. The catnip plant sets off chemicals in a cat’s brain provoking an energetic behavior, thus encouraging your cat to play and be more active.
  • Feather teasers: Using a teaser wand is a great way to encourage your Ragdoll to move more and have some fun. While Ragdolls are naturally less inclined to jump, your kitty may surprise you by doing a clumsy leap just to get her paws on the feathers.
  • Play with your cat more: There is no better way to curb your Ragdoll’s laziness than to play with her for at least 30 minutes every day. For a people-oriented and friendly Ragdoll, there is no better motivator to stay active than spending time and playing with her favorite human. So no matter how busy you are, take some time every day to have fun and play with your cat!

Related Questions

Are Ragdoll cats intelligent? Although a bit clumsy and lazy, the Ragdoll is a very smart and intelligent cat. Due to their dog-like personality, docile nature and big brains these cats are very easy to train and can learn a lot of tricks. With a little effort and commitment, your Ragdoll can even learn obedience commands.

Do Ragdolls get lonely? Because of their people-oriented and affectionate nature, Ragdolls need a companion, either furry or human. Compared to other cats, Ragdolls tend to become lonely very easily and shouldn’t be left alone. To prevent loneliness and depression consider getting another cat or a dog.

Are Ragdolls talkative? Ragdolls are generally quiet cats that won’t vocalize or cry a lot. However, they can on occasion meow in a sweet and melodious voice to remind you about a meal or play session. Note, a Ragdoll that is suddenly talkative and meows a lot could have an underlying medical condition.

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