Are Ragdoll Cats Good for First-Time Owners?

Are Ragdoll Cats Good For First-Time Owners?Ragdoll cats get their name because when you pick them up, they go limp, like a ragdoll. They’re also – hands down – one of the most beautiful cat breeds around, but do they make great pets for people who have never had a cat before? Let´s find out!

Are Ragdoll cats good for first-time cat owners? Yes! They make excellent pets for even the most inexperienced cat owner. They’re patient, docile, playful, and gentle, and they’re great with small children and other pets. Plus, you can even train them to do tricks, much like a dog!

You might be thinking, “where do I sign up?!” However, determining whether a Ragdoll is the cat for you (or your family) is just the beginning. There’s a lot to consider before jumping on the Ragdoll bandwagon, like where to find your purrfect new family member or what you’ll need to welcome her home.

What makes Ragdoll cats perfect for first-time cat owners?

From their unconditional love of people to their playful, docile demeanors, Ragdolls are one of the best cats for anyone who has never had a cat.

For starters, their personalities are unlike anything you’ve probably seen before.

They’re loving, friendly, easy-going, playful, and a little mischievous, but the best part is that they love their human companions unconditionally.

You can often find a Ragdoll following her owner around the house or lying in his or her lap. They think you are the most amazing creation (except maybe food). For this reason alone, they make excellent pets for first-time owners, but that’s not the only reason.

Ragdolls are also extremely docile and don’t seem to mind other pets.

They get along with both dogs and cats, making them ideal for multi-pet homes. Some cats tend to get territorial, but not Ragdolls.

They’re happy to share their space and toys (with proper introductions of course). Even when confronted, they usually won’t engage in a fight. In fact, they’re so friendly, they often won’t even keep the mice away, so if you’re looking for a mouser, a Ragdoll isn’t for you.

Though they’re docile, they also love to play.

They go after feather teasers and toss around catnip toys like any other cat, but one trait that sets them apart is their love of fetching. Throw a small toy mouse, and chances are, she’ll bring it right back to you.

This dog-like characteristic is usually why first-time cat owners opt for a Ragdoll.

If one of the things holding you back from getting a cat is being woken up at all hours of the night, a Ragdoll is perfect for you! They’re very low maintenance and barely make a noise.

They usually only meow when they want attention or if it’s getting close to dinner time. This means no 2 a.m. wake-up calls because the food dish is empty.

If that isn’t enough to win over your heart, consider this: Ragdolls can learn tricks just like a dog! They’re impressively smart and treat motivated, which is why they learn tricks so easily.

You can train your cat to shake, roll over, or even walk on a leash.

As you can see, Ragdolls are essentially the perfect cat for any first-time owner, but a few questions still remain.

Where do you find a Ragdoll cat?

Now that you’ve decided a Ragdoll is the perfect cat for you, you’re probably wondering where you can get one. The good news is that you have several options.

If you want to eventually show your Ragdoll cat, you’ll need to get your kitty from a breeder. A good place to start is checking with The International Cat Association.

Just make sure that whichever breeder you choose is responsible. This means that the breeder breeds cats intentionally and safely.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the conditions in which the cats are kept.

Of course, make sure you read reviews on the breeder and keep an eye out for any red flags. If you’re buying from a breeder, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $1,000 and up.

If you don’t care about things like pedigrees and official paperwork and just want a furry friend, you can choose to get one from a rescue.

The only differences are that rescue cats don’t come with paperwork, maybe a mixed breed, and are much more affordable than their documented, purebred counterparts.

Simply search for local Ragdoll rescues in your area, and you will, no doubt, find your furrrever friend!Is A Ragdoll Cat For You?

Should I get more than one Ragdoll?

Because Ragdolls are extremely social creatures, they require constant companionship. So if you work a full-time job or are away from home for extended periods of time, I would highly recommend getting a second cat.

Having a friend for your kitty helps her stay happy and healthy.

Though it’s wise to adopt two Ragdolls at the same time, it’s certainly not a requirement. There are many other cat breeds that have similar personalities and would make a great companion for both you and your Ragdoll, including:

  • Birman
  • Maine Coon
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • Scottish Fold
  • Burmese

If you plan to get a Ragdoll, you should definitely read why Ragdolls need a companion here!

What do I need for my new cat(s)?

Now that you’ve decided to get a cat (or two), you will have to get your kitty everything she needs to live a healthy, happy life. Here’s what you’ll need:

Litter Box
You’ll need one per cat, plus one extra. This helps prevent litter box issues down the road. Also, make sure the box is big enough to accommodate your cat.

Because of their long fur, low-dust, low-tracking litter is a great option

Food & Water Dishes
Ceramic and metal dishes are best as some cats are allergic to plastic dishes.

A feather teaser, laser pointer, and small toys she can bat around are perfect. If you want her to play fetch, make sure you pick up some small balls or mice.

Scratching Post
Putting a scathing post in every room helps keep kitty’s claws off your furniture. This is more important than you might think now as a cat´s claws should be used each and every day. We created an article on the 3 best Scratching posts for Ragdoll cats that will explain why every cat owner should have one. Read it here!

Ragdolls have long, thick fur that will need to be brushed regularly, so be sure to pick out a brush that’s designed for long-haired cats.

You should not neglect a Ragdoll cat’s grooming requirements. Doing so can lead to hygiene problems and health problems. Our Ragdoll cat Grooming Guide will show you what you need to do on a regular basis. Read it here!

Despite the fact that your Ragdoll will probably prefer to lounge in your lap, she’ll need a place to snooze while you’re away.

Cat Tree
Though Ragdolls prefer to be close to the ground, consider giving your kitty a cat tree for lounging, scratching, and playing.

Cat trees can be quite expensive and you wanna make sure that you get a good quality cat tree so that you don´t have to spend money twice. To help you, we have created an article on the 3 best cat trees for Ragdoll cats. Read it here!

Even if your cat is leash trained, a carrier is always the safest way to transport your cat whether you’re taking her to the vet or bringing her with you on a road trip.

Food boredom is a struggle many cat owners face. Giving your cat a mix of soft and hard food can help prevent your cat from pushing away her food dish. Plus, soft food gives your Ragdoll a little extra hydration.

Food is another topic that most Ragdoll owners struggle with. The wrong food can cause diarrhea, bad teeth and other health problems in your Ragdoll cat. Of course, as a proud Ragdoll cat owner, that is not what you want. Let us help you with that! Read our huge Ragdoll Cat Food Guide here!

Related Questions

Are Ragdoll cats affectionate? Yes, extraordinarily so! Many people think cats are standoffish and only want your attention on their terms, but Ragdolls are different. With a Ragdoll, you’ll always have a friend by your side.

Learn here how affectionate they really are!

Are Ragdoll cats destructive? Because they are generally low maintenance and calm, they usually do not scratch up your furniture or curtains. They can be easily trained to use the scratching post – just make sure you have one in every room.

What is the lifespan of a Ragdoll? Though Ragdolls can live up to nearly 20 years of age, they typically live 9-15 years. The length and quality of a Ragdoll’s life depend on genetics and the quality of care, including regular dental cleanings, vet check-ups, and proper nutrition.

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