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Home Cat FAQ Are Persian Cats Shy? This Breed Is Not For Everyone!

Are Persian Cats Shy? This Breed Is Not For Everyone!

by Katrina

Are persian cats shy?Are Persian cats shy? This question has been asked for a long time and frankly, the answers are mixed. With that being the case, it can be really confusing as these cats are known for their good temperament and sweet nature. How will you know if the behavior of your cat is normal?

Persian cats are generally shy. They do not thrive in an environment where kids will bother them or in a busy household. Moreover, they love to keep to themselves and will only bond with the person they trust the most. Even then, there is a limit on how long they will let you interact with them.

What is so interesting is that you might not even notice that a Persian is shy. They have learned how to maintain that balance of feigning ignorance and utter love for their owners. Which is why in this article, we are going to discuss why Persian cats are shy and ways on how to deal with it.

Are you excited to learn some of the secrets of your Persian cat? Then keep on reading!

Why Are Persian Cats Shy?

In order for you to have a deeper understanding of the shyness of Persian cats, let us first go on a trip to where they were first bred. Persian cats are one of the oldest breed of cats since they originated from old age Mesopotamia. Up until 1871, they are well-loved breeds for how “royal” they carry themselves.

In fact, Queen Victoria is very fond of Persians that even in the Victoria era, having one can make anyone view you as a celebrity. Why is that? Persian cats are regal yet sweet cats. They demand respect and anyone who does not meet that demand will surely be ignored by this breed.

As you can see, it is deep within the breed to be relatively shy due to their docile nature. Not only that, they are deliberately trying to be shy. Fascinating is it not?

They are sweet, quiet, and reserved. One might even mistake them as being ornaments in a house as they love to lounge in just one spot where they cannot be bothered.

Are Persian Cats Affectionate Even Though They Are Shy?

They are affectionate but they also have the tendency to discriminate. They usually gravitate towards one or two people who they trust the most. Therefore, if you have visitors, you may notice that your Persian cat cannot be found in his usual lounging area.

More than that, if a stranger tries to hold your cat, he will turn away or even back up so that he will not be touched by people he deems unworthy.

On the other hand, if you have children, your cat will let them pet her (if they are gentle) but once he feels that petting time is over, he will simply stand up and go to a different part of the house.why is my persian cat so shy?

What Is A Persian Cat's Lifestyle?

In a nutshell, think of your Persian cat as a king or a queen. They need to given their basic needs and at the very least they demand little attention. Most importantly, they want to be admired and they want to be exposed to other people who will admire them from a distance.

You will know that you are the “chosen one” of your cat when he deliberately sits on your lap and demands for you to pet him. In the presence of children, he will appreciate it if they can gently brush his hair. Is it possible for your kids to play in a room with a Persian cat?

Indeed it is possible! We have all seen movies where Persian cats join tea parties of children and this can also be applied in real life. Persian cats are perfect in this scenario as they will love the calm atmosphere and will most likely remain seated on his designated seat.

He will also calmly listen to the gentle banter of your children while quietly and elegantly eating his treat. It can even go as far as taking your cat in a baby buggy and walking around a quiet neighborhood.

However, if strangers approach the buggy and attempt to hold your cat, he will not be happy about it.

How Will I Know If There Is Something Wrong?

Given that they are shy, you might be wondering about how to tell if your Persian cat needs something. You need not worry as we mentioned earlier, they are like kings and queens, so they will surely let you know if they need something.

They will express this with the use of their expressive eyes. Not only that, but they will also voice out what they need from you with a musical, pleasant, and soft voice. Truly, Persian cats are the embodiment of being royals.

For example, if your cat is hungry, he might sit near his food bowl and call out to you. If he wants to be held, he will automatically jump on your lap.

Further, as Persian cats need daily grooming due to them having long and majestic hair, your cat will let you know if he needs to be brushed.

A lot of Persian cat owners have observed that when they need relief from the tangles of their hair, they will constantly brush against your leg while swaying their tail gracefully.

How To Deal With A Shy Persian Cat?

So now you know that the shyness of your Persian cat is normal, what should you do about it? Nothing really. You just have to understand to respect their space and that respect will return to you in tenfold. You just have to make sure that their basic needs are provided for.

If you have a new Persian cat, give it time to trust you by providing her basic needs and also giving her a designated quiet place. She will eventually come around and will let you pet her. When she backs away, do not chase after her or prevent her from leaving, just let her be.

Doing so builds trust between the two of you. The same goes for when your cat will be exposed to a new environment or strangers. Make sure to tell people not to bother your cat and of course, never expose your cat to environments that she is not ready for.

A good example is taking your cat to your garden or backyard. Persian cats are not outdoor cats so the sounds and smells of the outside world will overwhelm them. They might feel tense and you will notice that she will just settle in a dark and shaded area of your backyard.

As far as interacting with children, make it a point to tell your children to always be gentle with your cat. They should never grab her or carry her whenever they like.

When it comes to petting her, they should only to do so if she asks them to pet her by climbing on their lap or lying beside them.

Related Questions

Will my Persian cat get along with a dog? It depends on the personality of your dog. If your dog is hyperactive and forces your cat to play with him, then your cat will feel anxious. On the other hand, if you have a lap dog, your cat will most likely get along with him.

Is it okay to leave my Persian cat alone when I go to work? Yes, Persian cats are the perfect breed to be left alone in the house. They will not destroy your furniture or make a mess. They will just lounge in their favorite spot and calmly wait for you to come home.

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