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Home Cat FAQ Are Persian Cats Loyal? It Depends On You!

Are Persian Cats Loyal? It Depends On You!

by Kamini

Are persian cats loyal?Persian cats have an angry face and quite aloof nature. But they are the friendliest of the breed of cats. They are cuddly and would stay put in your lap for hours. Even looking at your cuddly Persian cat, you might be suspicious of their loyalty. So, are Persian cats loyal to their owners?

Yes, every cat is loyal to their owner, be it Persian or Bengal. Since their brains are wired to be suspicious of contact, they are not easy to impress. Their pledge of alliance to you is quite subtle and introverted. Hence, it is quite common to misunderstand their idea of loyalty.

Why do we have an overwhelming doubt over our cat’s loyalty? You can blame the media’s misrepresentation of cats that fuels this suspicion. They are generally pitted against the display of loyalty of dogs. But can science defend their stance and prove that they are indeed loyal to us?

Understanding Your Cat’s Aloofness

Cats have always preferred solitude to company. They only need a mate during the heat and they are back with their independent ways right after.

Female cats are protective mothers till it’s time to wean off their young. The young ones also start on their journey filled with solitude.

It is quite unnatural for them to depend on others. When you don’t have to depend on others, there is no question or place for loyalty.

Cats have been domesticated thousands of years later than dogs. They are still new to the idea of having a master. The truth of the matter is that they serve no master.

While they do love solitude, they are quite appreciative of a loyal company. They will always see you and treat you as equal.

Their sense of security doesn’t revolve around your validation. This is one reason for their aloofness.

Loyalty Is A By-Product Of Being Treated Equally

Once your Persian cat does realize that you are not here to harm them or curve them into obedience, they are fiercely loyal.

They will rub their scent on you and everything you own, they will be very vocal about being pet, fed, and for playtime. They will also lay by your side and intently gaze into your soul.

They need to feel secure about you and your intentions with them. Then only you can enjoy these gems of affection from them.

While cats are independent players in their lives, they never forget kindness. If you have been kind to them, they will remember you.

The kinder your approach every time you interact with them, the more possessive they feel about you. Even to the point that they can get worried about you when you don’t show up every night at 8 p.m. They know your routine too well to be insecure.How loyal are persian cats?

The Difference Between A Cat’s And A Dog’s Idea Of Loyalty

Loyalty is a subjective term and one can often get confused when you compare a dog’s display of loyalty with that of cats.

Since dogs are very overt and expressive with their display of affection, such suspicion doesn’t stand a chance. But that’s not the same with cats. They will show you love when they feel like.

This stems from how both of their brains are wired.

Dogs are pack animals. They are wired to be social and to follow the leader of the pack. When you adopt them, they consider you the leader of the pack and they become more submissive to you.

Their act of submission is what loyalty means to them. Dogs have this instinctive feeling of affection for us and feel calm. This is why they just trust you in an instant.

Cats are suspicious first and they test you before they pledge alliance to you. They are loyal to you till the time you are loyal to them. Show them cruelty and you will lose their respect for you.

It is more like our relationship with other humans. Some like being served and some like to serve. Some will not leave you even if you are bad with them and some will cut off contact with the first indication of unkindness.

How To Make A Cat Loyal To You

Cats, be it Persian or a regular tomcat, will always treat you as its equal. Till the time you are not expecting them to be a slave to your every command, you should feel secure.

If you have a newly adopted Persian cat, these steps will help you look more trustable to a cat.

1. Do not treat them harshly

Yes, they are naughty to a fault and they can be unresponsive to your call, but nothing should amount to you hurting them. Be stern and warn them, but do not hurt them. You have to be a little patient while teaching them.

Since they don’t like displeasing their friend (you), they might start to learn.

2. Call them calmly

Do not show aggression towards them or it gets harder for them to trust you. Call them calmly and invite them for a cuddle. If they do not come running to you, do not lose heart. But when they do, shower your affection for them. This counts as positive reinforcement.

3. Take care of their routine

Cats are very particular about their routine and cleanliness. An emotionally disturbed cat may look disheveled and unkempt. But normally, they are very particular about what they eat and when they eat. Keep their litter box clean routinely and make sure they eat on time.

4. Play with them

They love to hunt and chase things. Get toy mouse and toy fish-rods with baits to keep them running and chasing. They bond through playing and eating so make sure you treat them well too.

Slowly and steadily, you will make your Persian cat come across loyal to you. Have faith and try again every day!

A research group at the University of Lincoln has found that cats do not fret or find for reassurance from humans when they are in an unknown place, unlike dogs. But they will always come back to you and find you because they love you. This is a choice that they will make once you earn their trust.

Related Questions

Do Persian cats love their owners? Yes, if you treat them right, they will love you and will stick by your side. They are social in nature and one of the friendliest cats. It is quite possible that you will love to be around a Persian cat because of its easy-going, calm, and friendly nature.

Which of the cat breeds are loyal? Most of the cats are loyal by nature if you prove yourself worthy to them. But Siamese, Sphynx, Persian, Tonkinese, Burmese, Oriental Cats, Abyssinian, and American Shorthair cats are known to be more fiercely loyal and expressive.

Do cats remember their owners? Cats have 200 times more strong long-term memory than dogs. This is why they remember people they like or dislike. If you have been kind to them, they will always remember you. But if you have been cruel to them, they will always remember that as well.

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