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Home Maine Coon 20 Facts That Show How Incredibly Friendly Maine Coons Are

20 Facts That Show How Incredibly Friendly Maine Coons Are

by Simi

Are Maine Coons Friendly?It is pretty common knowledge that Maine Coons are one of the friendliest and most likable cat breeds in the world. Touted as the “dogs of the cat world,” they possess a unique combination of cat-like behavior with a dog-like temperament.

For those who have owned a Maine Coon, the following outline that showcases a Maine Coons friendly tendencies will not come as a surprise. Read on to discover our 20 facts that emphasize the friendliness factor of this furry feline!

1. An Office Companion

Almost as if they know how bad you really wanted to be working (wink wink!), Maine Coons love to accompany you at your desk. Not that it takes a whole lot to distract most of us from working, but the Maine Coon really goes the extra mile on this front.

This big kitty is not shy about disrupting the drone of your workday. From walking in front of the computer screen to pouncing on the keyboard, they will creatively hinder your productivity with ease!

2. Gives Good Morning Greetings

As any best friend is prone to do, your Maine Coon is sure to deliver that good morning vibe, enthusiastically and on time.

Since they are not particularly proficient with the newest in technological advancement, they won’t be shooting you a text either.

You can count on this wake-up call to be in the flesh, up close and personal. Every morning like clockwork you’ll become accustomed to attention-getters like:

  • A brush of wiry whiskers from your cat’s nose
  • The lick of a coarse tongue across your forehead
  • Purring and pawing (not necessarily in that order!)

3. Book Buddy

We can neither confirm nor deny the comprehensive reading skills of your Maine Coon, but we do know one thing: he/she thoroughly enjoys a good book break.

No matter what kind of books you are into, expect that your large kitty will enjoy it just as much, if not more than you do!

Reading together will serve to strengthen the bond you have, just make sure you have enough room to enjoy each other’s company comfortable. A spot on your lap or a double wide lazy boy will do just fine!

4. Loves Head Bumps and Nose Rubs

When you are going about your normal, everyday business, your cat will make sure you don’t forget about the most important part of your day: them!

As you walk by or sit around, they absolutely love to give your leg a good bump with their head or rub up on you with their nose and whiskers. This affectionate gesture is driven by a desire of your cat to leave its scent on those who are important and loved.

Friendly Maine Coon

Pierre´s Maine Coon, Maze, On His Desk


5. Welcomes You Home

If you are like a lot of us, you have the unfortunate duty of working outside your home and leaving your family and fur babies at home while you are away.

However, they didn’t coin the phrase “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” for no reason! Whenever you do arrive back home, get ready for an excited barrage of greetings including:

  • Purring and trilling
  • Head rubbing and body bumping against your legs
  • Brushing whiskers and arching their back into your petting hand

6. A TV Tagalong

You may not be aware of this, but your Maine Coon can be just as fond of your television set as you are.

Just flip on your favorite show and prepare for an evening of binge-watching with your best feline friend. They make a great and cuddly movie night companion. Also read: 7 Things That Prove How Cuddly Maine Coons Are!

Perhaps the best part of all is that they won’t even fight for dominion over the remote control! However, they will insist on having the best seat in the house, which includes your lap or chest. (Also read: Are Maine Coons Lap Cats?)

7. Dog Whisperer

Not only are they known for exhibiting similar traits and tendencies as a puppy, but they are even extremely tolerant of dogs as a part of the family.

Unlike most other breeds of cats, Maine Coons don’t often go on the defensive around their canine companions.

Although the exact reason is not known, some theorize that their large size gives them a dose of confidence and keeps them from feeling threatened the way other cats might. Who says you have to be a cat OR dog person?!

8. Kid Friendly Feline

Consistent with their friendly attitude and caring nature, these cat companions are absolutely wonderful for children as well.

Their laid back and content attitude mean that they can keep their cool and handle the sometimes rough and unintended play of small children.

They are extremely gentle and are not likely to lash out, scratch, or play too rough when confronted with kids. This is a great benefit in kid-heavy households. In situations where other cats would tend to become defensive or aggressive, a Maine Coon responds with grace and patience in the face of:

  • Being carried around
  • Being tripped on
  • Rough play

9. Great with Other Animals

Just as they are naturally wonderful around dogs and small children, Maine Coons can get along great with just about any other member of the animal kingdom.

They are independent and confident, which makes them easy-going and more or less apathetic in regard to the presence of other pets.

If your other animal family members are up for it, they will even make a great playmate. They absolutely thrive on fun-loving and playful banter and are gentle enough to restrain themselves so as not to unintentionally harm other creatures.

10. Food Fight Free

What’s the ultimate test of a pet’s temperament? It’s behavior and attitude towards food and water, particularly how they react when they perceive a threat to these beloved resources.

It is common with other cats and dogs to react with “food aggression” that causes them to be extremely protective, even resorting to threatening behavior or sometimes violence.

With most Maine Coons, this does not become an issue. To make sure your cat does not develop an issue, make sure they do not need to compete for food. This can be as simple as having separate dishes and locations for each pet’s food.

11. Loves Leash Walking

It may seem a bit strange to think of a proud and majestic Maine Coon strutting its stuff at the end of your leash, but this is actually quite common. Even though it is not a required activity, you may choose to walk your Maine Coon for the following reasons:

  • Great form of exercise for both of you, especially if it is a strictly indoor pet
  • They can accompany the family on trips to the park or the beach
  • A change of scenery and excitement for your cat

12. Can Learn to “Go Fetch!”

Hand in hand with walking your cat like a dog, many Maine Coons also enjoy the classic game of playing fetch.

While many cats are apt at chasing or playing with objects such as balls, strings, sticks, and the like, few cats are likely to return the object to you once thrown. Maine Coons seem to have this instinct naturally and catch on rapidly to this entertaining play.

Maine Coons With Other Animals

13. The Talkative Type

One characteristic of many best friends is that you feel comfortable having a casual conversation with them and may even sit and talk for hours about everything (or nothing!). The Maine Coon is no exception!

They love to chatter, albeit in the language of purring, trilling, and other cat noises. Interestingly though, they typically refrain from the “meow” sound that is so closely associated with cats in general. (This article shows you why Maine Coons trill!)

14. Sharing the Spoils

You may have heard the phrase “spoils of war” at some point in time, which refers to the acquisition and distribution of a defeated enemy’s belongings by the victors. All members of the victorious group benefited from such spoils.

In the mind of your Maine Coon, you are perhaps akin to the battle commander. Anytime your gentle predator catches its enemy, such as a snake or mouse, you have the distinct privilege of getting a share of the prize!

15. Is a Real Life “Feline Follower”

If you keep up on the modern means of social interaction, you have heard of the term “followers” to describe people that take an active interest in your online activity across various social media platforms.

By contrast, your Maine Coon is an original, real-life “follower.” Fond of being ever in your presence, they will constantly seek out your affection, and you'll often find them right on your heels as you go through your day.

16. Is Always Ready for Nap Time!

Needing to take some time in the middle of the day to rest and recharge? No problem! Maine Coons are always down for a great midday nap session. This is one area where the blending of dog and cat characteristics is very evident.

While the high-energy affection of a dog often keeps you from experiencing an impromptu nap when you get home from work, your Maine Coon is happy to participate inactively!

17. Enjoys Belly Rubbing

In another instance of behavior that mirrors actions that are more common among canine companions, Maine Coons enjoy the infamous belly rub.

If you are not sure if your fuzzy friend is fond of this, don't worry because it will be obvious if they are. If they fall to their side and roll over as you pet them, that's your hint to go for the gut!

After all, why should they strain to reach “the spot” when you are perfectly suited to reach it for them?!

18. Is Friendly at Bath Time

For most house pets, bath time is terrifying and unpleasant. If you have ever tried to bathe a typical cat, you know that it can be a dangerous endeavor.

Given the large size of the Maine Coon, you may be thinking that a bubble bath could turn to a blood bath in an instant. You'll be happy to hear that this is not the case!

Their gentle manner and kind personality do not change just because you put them in the tub. In fact, many Maine Coons are actually fond of water and are even known to be skilled swimmers.

19. Keen on Providing Comfort

Typical of many pets, Maine Coons also have an uncanny ability to catch onto and interpret human behavioral clues.

You may have noticed that when you are in a bad mood, your cat seems to pick up on this and know how you are feeling.

When they notice you are down, it is common for them to attempt to comfort you and improve your mood through a variety of actions. Common comforting behaviors include:

  • Extra purring
  • Soft trilling sounds
  • Rubbing their snout and whiskers on you

20. Loves Company

While some animals are focused on protecting their domain from outsiders and are less than friendly when dealing with visitors to your home, Maine Coons are a naturally good host to company.

Rather than become defensive and aggressive, or disappearing to a hiding spot until outsiders vacate the premises, they can often be found greeting everyone as they come in.

They absolutely love to “make the rounds” and ensure that each and every guest is happy and has been attended to. This frees you up to provide the delicious and mouth-watering snacks! Put some hustle in your step now, chop, chop!

They can be protective, too. However, in a very “Maine Coon way”. Read more on that here!


For all these reasons and more, you can understand why Maine Coons have earned their reputation as a friendly and fun-loving feline.

I may be biased but owning Maine Coon is truly like picking the best qualities from typical house cats and merging them with your favorite dog qualities.

If you are looking for an incredibly friendly companion that loves and appreciates your presence, take the chance on a Maine Coon and discover the lifelong friendship they have to offer.

I am confident that it is a decision you and your family will cherish for years to come!

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